Thursday, 30 November 2017

Last time I piss off the General while he's holding a shaver :D

Bye bye my long, beautiful, lush red hair ... :D

Which is not to say I don't look just as scary and crazy as ever :D

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Winters and monsters and forests oh my :D

Low winter sun ...

A monster? Or a mask?

Friday, 24 November 2017

Another fire ---

What is going on with that fucking skyscraper opposite of my house? Last week all of their trash bins melted from a dumpster fire, making a mess of the neighbour's facade, tonight again there is smoke in the air and four Florians parked just on my corner. I fucking hate it when alarm sirens stop just at the corner of my street. 
Got to give it to the firefighters, they ran in and by the time we could see which window was going orange, they already had the situation under control, no panic, no evacuation needed, hardly any smoke. They're a soothing force to have on your side. I just wish things in this town stopped catching fire. :/

General's line of the week

"I am not snoring. I am dreaming of being a motorcycle."

Saturday, 18 November 2017

A beautiful spy from another era ...

Amalia Felician

The face and the body
The fire and the charcoal
The story and the style
Answer this riddle.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Coffees and impro comedies ... (three days in the capitol)

Three days in the capitol went by like a blitz. I arrived late Monday and talked some with the professor, before she offed around midnight to take the similar trip to Rome as we did while I was still in that school – with lots of catacombs, Etruscan sites and Hadrian’s Villa in it …
                The plan was to draw the Des-in-Hell story in nine panels, but I only got as far as two sketches with two extra drawings for prezzies and a bucket-full of upcoming holiday cards for friends and family. I made three letters and envelopes from scrap material for G and wrote him sexy recounts of our going-away sex (we’ve still not been cleared, so we have to improvise all sorts and it’s awesome..), with some descriptions of that day’s coffee dates and overall mood and weather impressions, as befitting love letters.
                My headphones tore on the train, so come Tuesday, I went to find some new ones, and was picked up by an old acquaintance that’s just had a baby girl. We relocated to the confluence park kiosk cafe and talked about babies mostly. She complained everyone is asking he when will she marry the baby daddy and me being me of course said fuck that – knowing her I asked instead when will she leave the guy and be a single mom with a good allowance. As I always do, I warned her not to assimilate into someone else’s world too direly – living up to their expectations, abandoning most of whom they are as a person. I never got over it when it happened to me, so I know how shitty the feeling you realize you are everybody’s else’s everything and none of your own self.
                The second coffee date joined us, a woman from a former drumming band, legend in her own right. We had lunch in a near-by school cafeteria, a school I used to go to over weekends while I was still studying to become a pastry chef. She invited me to come shoot an impro comedy show Thursday night. We then had cocoa in the adjacent botanical garden, where there were still bits of snow patched lazing about.
                The third date was a young boy, my former barista, and appropriately we had espresso in a posh coffee place – the kind where they stab you in the neck if you ask for latte or decaf. He walked me home. In a kinky need to flirt, I texted him afterwards how it would have been a movie-like ending if I’d had asked him up for a night cap; he agreed.
                The two espresso’s I drank took effect at 4 in the morning, at which point I woke up and had to draw possessed. Passing out again at 7am I had a long dream about one of my models, having her birthday in her parents’ huge secluded modern house. Long, detailed, realistic stoream.
                On Wednesday – a day I reserved for drawing and got nowhere – it was so cute as another teen mentioned first he’s been invited to a Japanese ambassador’s dinner party and I offered small sexual favours and to clean his apartment for a month to be his plus one. He remarked he’s considered me the perfect person to deflower him. I backtracked a bit, saying to call me when he turns legal and we talked about bondage fetish. In truth I’ve always wanted to exercise the art of rope bondage, but the General doesn’t trust me enough. (Man is much cleverer than he looks, mwuahaha.)
                While at professor’s I found a book – she says to pick a book I’d like for my belated birthday prez – that completely blew me away – a book of poems by Ko Un ‘I’m writing in the air’… it’s a translated anthology in both languages. The translations are perfect. Koreans despair in a different way than Slavs, we are more aggressive in our melancholy… I’ve photographed some of the poems from her book and have been reading them to everyone who isn’t able to run away from me since.
                Thursday, I finished the pasta I tend to make for myself and eat every day, napping somewhat, aware that I may come home late and not get enough sleep at night. I went out to meet with three more people – a handsome young musician, the barista again and Ema, whom I have not seen in too long and is more radiant every time I see her. We hanged until time came for me to find the impro venue, my barista as plus 1. We watched the drummer woman and her ensemble rock improvisational comedy, involving the audience. It was hilarious. Some people feel amazingly calm on stage. I never had that. I don’t even feel comfortable in the audience :D
                On my way home I saw the pack of coypus again, feasting on corn someone frequently tosses off the river bank sidewalk, and they were adorable as ever. They are exceptionally lovely rodents, especially these who are completely calm around humans.
                Rode the train back home on Friday, and jumped on the sleeping General before changing and offing to my doctor’s appointment. There was a mix-up in the schedule and they claimed I was supposed to have come yesterday, but they fit me in anyway. In truth I showered and shaved neatly (well, symmetrically at least) for nothing – the OBGYN didn’t examine me at all; she only read the biopsy results, asked if there’s been any sign of complication and cleared me. I went home and REALLY jumped the General (he paid me back for all my misbehaving and now can no longer sit properly), now that the ban on fun times has finally been lifted. I mean, after I dragged him out for breakfast and to the pharmacy for a foot fungus cream. Yes, I have a foot fungus. Just the one. How the fuck did I manage to contract it I have no idea. My feet would be the last things that ever get in contact with anything in winter season. Ah, well. Keeping socks on for sex…. I heard it was a big thing in the 19th century. :P
                Tired and sleepy still. We were supposed to go hunting tomorrow, but it’s drizzling. I still have a bunch of projects to wrap up; will do that instead. Good to be home. Cold and noisy, but sooo homey. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Stranger things :P

Friday, 10 November 2017

Shooting drobTinka's 2018 calendar today :D #rawgoodies

Nomm nomm nomm ...

(Here are some extras/promo images...)

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

I’m contemplating drawing a short story – aroused by the desire to update my picture book draft – about something terrible, really…. Actually quite a horrific happenstance. It would be about a golden boy going into a dark maze to look for his father – a story about Des and Morph, obvioustly – and he would continue to be torn to bits until, finally finding his father, he would be but a golden speck of dust left. This dust would be bright enough for dad to find his way out of the black maze again. It’s a story most grotesque, but I can make it appear beautiful. I’m sure I can. Question is … do I want to?


Friday, 3 November 2017


Offed to see a mono-show by a guy I know, it wasn't half bad. Drej saw it before and recommended it; it's a bout a foundling on a trans-Atlantic passenger boat, who kinda gets adopted by the boat and becomes a piano player. He lives on the ship and has all kinds of adventures, up until the moment they decommission it with dynamite. I liked the play-off he has with a self-proclaimed inventor of jazz; that is a good story. The actor told it well. 
    Bits I didn't like were bad words and some poorly translated words - and from time to time I felt like G watching a war movie: I kept thinking the person who wrote this script never actually saw a boat or spoke to a seaman and was counting on the audience not to have the experience, either. But other than that, it was a neat show. 

Made a gentle attempt at post-op sex. It’s been 3 weeks, I am to be abstinent for 6. We only did some small, careful stuff, very very reserved, super pedestrian. Poor G kept telling me this was torture, because he really is not the type to hold back and be gentle in bed. Still, 'twas good. We kissed and touched a lot – it takes lots for me to concentrate, for me not to think about the scabs and scars, to breathe properly ... The best part was we had all morning to ourselves, so after the first round, we just passed out (it was something like nine or ten in the morning) and napped, all warm and super lazy, sharing a blanket in bright daylight, until we woke up and had one more round. It helps, this approach, this methodical, deliberate pacing. I can sense getting my libido back, slowly, insistently. If I am halfway back then indeed this is well progressed.

In other good news: Blizzcon announced the next expansion. Always a small climax there..

Thursday, 2 November 2017

A time traveller..