Thursday, 25 August 2016


Missed the bus for the hike, so went w/family to look for shroomies. I took the macro lens with me, just to doodle, getting slowly and surely back into photography. I am at that PTSD low again, where I feel like an absolutely worst photographer, uninspired, lame, fake and pretentious.. I'll crawl out of it a better pro, like I always do, but in the meanwhile... Shroomies :D

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

#Copenhagen pickies, which all seem to be of buildings and statues :D

Okay, I know I haven't been updating you, blog, nearly as much as you deserve, my faithful friend, but you know what they say: sometimes there's too much life going on for ink. Or I'm just being lazy :P
Yesterday the three hot chicks and I offed for a short road-trip to Ikea, where General gave me a humble budget to waste on things that will bring soul to my future kitchen. Mostly crates, jars and railings with hooks. After I paid it all and still had 40 bucks to burn, I additionally bought a cute retro sieve and a trio of home-grown spices you plant and water and supposedly grow. Normally any plant I ever tried to work with died after a few days, but perhaps these will survive long enough to become weed.
Regarding literature, Drej is doing most of writing between us – she is working on her adult urban fiction and I am slowly, if surely, adding to the pile of draft notes that is the third chapter of Goose, which is still in idle running. But neither the General's thesis nor any substantial writing of Goose has commenced since my return, nor will they, I reckon, until the kitchen is finished, as I cannot hold two of such large concepts in my wee pea brain simultaneously.
Education-wise, I continue to build upon my latest passion – political philosophy – but socially I hang out with friends and family and pets. My parent’s dog is sick a bit, though she’s a fighter and seems to be sailing a little smoother lately, despite ill odds. Fingers crossed – she’s a great dog. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Like every year, General gave me a plethora of excellent gifts: the new kitchen, a Warcraft expansion, and a waffle maker. When I finish this entry and take the dog down to the yard to pee, that’s what I’m gonna test run – waffles for dinner. Had vegan noodles for lunch, but they were not too good. The cook’s heart was not in it.
Literature-wise, I have finished, against my principles, the Reader on 6.27. I have a problem with romance novels that feature randomly-looking men but supremely beautiful women, because it means that if the girl was average looking, the passion built upon an idea of her wouldn’t come through. If Daisy Buchannan wasn’t beautiful, or if the chick from Time Traveller’s Wife wasn’t Botticelli beautiful, and if the toilet-cleaner of Reader on 6.27 wasn’t beautiful, there would be no book. Flawed, average looking men, but awesomely gorgeous women, forgiven for all their shortcomings? Not really art imitating life, is it? What are the odds, in Reality, of some lonely guy finding some smart babe’s notes and upon doxing her, she’s a) of the right age, b) single, c) skinny and cute, d) not crazy and e) impressed by a stalker.
Still have the new Bryson, Woman on a Bus and Ava Gardner’s biography to read through at least halfway, before I get enough and dig through another lot. In a month’s time the ship will bring me two new cases of material. Happy birthday to me.
I’ve watched through two amazing first seasons of TV shows: Mr. Robot and Stranger things. One is very dark and makes you extremely paranoid, but it’s also very sad and depressing. Like watching hacker version of House. The other is an homage to 80’s horror and fantasy, like watching Alien, Firestarter, Stand by me, Silent Hill, Under the skin, Faculty, It, Super 8, Nochnoy Dozor, Legend, ET, Walking dead, Predator and Shining AT THE SAME TIME... While tripping. Listening to Tangerine dream. In a shed in the woods at night.
On the 80’s wave ride, I also watched a nice movie, Sing Street, which ends surprisingly on a positive note. Am looking forward to Kubo, which should come to the theaters on Thursday.
Am making #Copenhagen pickies, but the more I make them, the more I notice that for a portraitist, I am remarkably uninterested in humans sometimes. Can’t wait for drobTinka’s calendar shoot. Or Ema’s ‘dancers in the city in the rain’ shoot, whichever comes first. Feels weird to keep Mark away from color and faces. Feels like I’m walking around with one of my eyes under a patch. 

Sensory depravation tank scene in Stranger Things - homage to actual physics

Friday, 19 August 2016

Don't remember which cruise Gatxo belonged to,

but here are some pickies of it. I didn't like it much, which will probably show in the works. No real reason. Just didn't get it.

I think this is a statue of land defeating water or the patron godling of the port and trade city defeating the onslaught of the ocean god. It was cool, though. Naked hot men in petty conflict is always monumental in the long run.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

... and finally LYSEKIL (which concludes the Maiden Mystery Cruise.)

... And it wasn't so much the village itself, but the three stops around it - a petroglyphs location and museum, a village all about Ingrid Bergman and a tiny wooden bay town of Fjallbacka :)

It's pronounced like a cut between Loos-esh-schul. Lucy's school in German. ;)