Sunday, 30 January 2011

Doggies on tarok day :)))

Tarok day :D



Heart is a hungry vampire....

Translating the 'Heart' is going a lot faster than I anticipated. I did what mum said - didn't go word for word, but just sort of summarized the point and the mood and I skipped all the deep end mind-streams, keeping the story simply narrated and described. it's only been ten pages and its time to play some Warcraft to calm down, but I daresay this may yet happen somehow. If parts get too boring, I could just skip entire 'days' and work on the cool bits, but i should also keep in mind, that is is meant to be an adventure comedy... The turn 'hearsay' took, depressing lonely and hopeless towards the end, caught me of guard. Sure, it described a depressing time for me, but come on. I must believe myself when I say: enough with the rucking angst. It's the easiest thing in the world to write! Put some innovative muscle into your prose: these creatures are meant to be chirpy and delightful to eat!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Done with the third book, off to the editors... So now I find myself at a bit of a predicament. Do I say 'enough is enough', or do I keep riding this odd, sensationally warm wave of literary productivity I've caught, quite unprepared?... Dunno. But I do know this - if I do chose to continue, I'll skip right over the 'Bard and go straight into translating the 'Heart. That should make for a slightly more massive project than these last, as I would have to write everything anew, but while the works are out of my reach, and it's too cold and gloomy to do much else, it feels like the proper February assignment. No idea if this country's demographic would go for a girly adventure in space, but you never know. Mayhap it's time someone finds out...
            Other real world projects pending, I find myself in the world physical shape I've ever been. Just walking pains me. I take it the treatment is working? All I have now is looking forward to another year or so of feeling like this :P The media commission is turning me off, though. They can't seem to appear serious and I am waaay too over half-hearted commissions to insist.
            But the flat is coming along nicely and I am making my Binky pancakes for supper. All is well in the world ;)

Friday, 28 January 2011

Bored. Mucking around with the macro :p

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Just another one of those coffee-outs that shift the worlds.... :))

 Barky on the old throne. How do you NOT love that curl on her chest, where five different ridges meet?!

...And the fuel.

New shows update...

A torrent of new shows has hit the ... well, torrents. Some of them promising, others dumb and probably some cool ones I'll overlook while trying to comb through the dumb ones.  miss Walking Dead soooo badly :,(((
             I checked out some old ones too - namely White Collar and Caprica. Not much to cling on. The lead actor in White Collar - the agent, played by Tim DeKay, is possibly worth the bother (his wife is nice, though it is difficult to look at Tiffani Thiessen for too long without thinking of childhood dentist appointments.), reminding me so nicely of Ted Raimi, whom of course you have to love. Caprica is just dull. I don't like Eric Stoltz much lately, he seems to be even more bloodless than Michael J. Fox and M. J. Fox is terminally ill. Granted, it has Paula Malcomson, which I couldn't get enough of in Deadwood and bits of Sasha Roiz (who is, incidentally, in the latest House)... By God what a good looking man!
            There are several new medical and legal shows, some taking place in the tropics  (though most look like they've been shot in some Miami villa garden) and some I hadn't bothered to even check yet, as they all cast only 22-year-old underwear models and occasional 28-year old underwear model who is supposed to be the veteran unlikable smart-ass, eventually the main love interest of the show. Thanks, but no thanks. It's one thing to sample Lindt chocolate after you've just been through a forest for a month, it's another if you've spent twenty years working in a Lindt chocolate factory. 
            However, badly lacking in intelligence and coherence, I have to say what it messes up, Harry's Law makes up for with Kathy Bates, who is beyond adorable in this latest David E. Kelly whatever. It's not like we need another legal drama (Boston Legal and The Good Wife quite make the fill, thanks), but Kathy Bates is never enough.Also, I hope Fringe ends soon, because it is becoming impossible to watch.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Interesting day today, historically...
     Lady Anne married Henry VIII, not the best of ideas;
     Idi Amin seized power, also not the best of ideas;
     and this chick called Nellie Bly got back from circumnavigating the world. Looking into her Wiki bio, she sounds like my new best friend.
Gods it's good to know so many cool people exist (at any given time)  :D

Monday, 24 January 2011

I realized today what the whole 'son, tree, book' deal is about. I was listening to a song about a night like this in a thousand years' time... and it hit me. People like me, we stand no chance of being around in that time. We are simply not big enough. (So it's probably a good idea to feel big while you're here and now). A book, a tree, a kid, though... They may stand a chance. Me, I am partial to daughters, but it's the principle of the thing.

Under construction #2 and the bouncing schintillae... :P

Pegi on the prowl....

Some cats are simply snowball frankensteins :D
Had learned the hard way that killing rare mobs in Cata only produces a crystal tear - a gray item meant for making the slayer feel bad for killing a good rare hunter's pet. Well, it worked. I didn't know it's not like before, when you get cool stuff and ach! ... :(  It had not been the best day. The worst of it by far was the moment, and I am still suffering for it now, was when the general was flailing around a bit of a plastic hose, super lightweight, threatening Barky with it in jest and I mocked him, saying 'like that would really feel anything if you smacked her with it.'.. And he said 'Oh, do you want to find out?' and I said 'Bring it, buster', putting out my bum to be smacked. It was unexpected, just how friggin much that thing hurt!!!?? I danced around the room like a headless chicken for about ten minutes, crying and yelping and no amount of blowing cool breath onto the bum made it any less damn burning... That'll teach me to provoke unnecessary violence :P

I have added another thing onto my wish list, although not fur this year just yet... But eventually. It's called Bastion. I'll explain it when the time comes.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Most of the time Pascal looks like a big furry fury :D Starbark is still torn between wanting to go for the throat and wanting to dry-hump her playmates. I especially love it when she looks at what's going on with that 'do we bite or do we run' expression :D (Second pic, for example.)