Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I am likely to be sporting an interesting bruise on the arcade of my right eye tomorrow, because of course there will never be a day that I don't manage to maim myself while shooting. We had a bad fight with the General on the subject, because he was afraid I will seriously damage my eye, but he simply does not get it: in that position, I DO get badly hurt, but I also hit the bullseye. If I move away, sit safely and focus more on the stability of the barrel (so as it will not hit me so hard), I only hit well. Anyone can hit well.

Some day I certainly will practice more. When I learn how to make my own bullets. And get us a better scope. Untill then i wear by idiot bruises proudly :P

Oh, and the autumn certainly seems to be just around the corner... have really mixed feelings about that.

Haha, found this really funny comment on the latest True Blood episode on Tv.Com (by Lily Sparks)

Speaking of treats, I was kissing my fingertips like a happy chef when Tommy decided to curl up and die. Sam and Alcide, hilariously, were totally supportive of that decision. In a world where there are magickal and medical ways to heal a fatal wound, Alcide and Sam decided to let Tommy bleed out on a pool table. Well done, bros! 


I really hope Alcide and Sam become a two-man task force and start cleanin' up Shreveport, because that visual contrast is too delightful.

LoL. :D 

And I loved the MTV Music Awards picture commentary found next to it:;button;

Lines such as .. "Back to you, hooker banshee," are really kind of exatly what I would be thinking, if I watched this sort of Hell. Odd, how right School of Rock's teacher was, when he said the Man stroke back at Rock'n'Roll by inventing MTV.... Scary. 

It's 1:44 am, by the way. My head is about to fall off, but in five minutes, the General is getting up to go to work. I edited about 40 pictures for that party the other weekend, watching the fifth season of Dexter. It appeared fitting.In five hours my first jogging session in about fifteen years will occur. It's as fucked as I am prepared to get myself to feel on a wednesday :P