Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Dawgies and churches and storms oh my! ..... :P

Our country is just SO overrun with churches :S

Castle. Nice castle. >.<
I had a delightful walk again - this time the clouds and the sun were doing their polka dance again. I'm getting closer to where I want to be with my photography - it is of course the matter of the light, obviously. And I made my first attempt at tortillas! :D It was actually really good. Mixed veggies and minced meat and 5 year old spices and pre-made corn pancake thingies... And ketchup and flour... Real good. After my pancake-noodles-in 'instant' soup plus pancakes for desert, this is my second almost lunch :D Go me!

Geez, you think there's gonna be a storm?

And the dawgies :D Such delight. I called Tara to come pose like Emi did and she ran straight into the lense giving me a nigh black eye :p

Because the outside is dreary, because Piček comes home from work at 6am and  then needs to catch up on his sleep, because I refuse to work in the holiday season - and one can't play WoW all day every day no matter hom much fun the new instances are - due to Maintenance.. I am determined to a) lose weight b) walk around a bit more and c) tame my camera ALL IN ONE GO! Continously driven by Zemotion's ability to take such fucking stunning shots of EVERYTHING she takes shots of, I know some of it is the camera, but most of it is the photographer, which is I, therefore I am. Mwuah. Okay. Sugar deprivation is starting to get to my brain. Take away the chocolate and it's not my boobs or butt that diminish, it's my gray matter. Or at least that bit that keeps one mentally stabile. The hypo's talamus thingie? :p

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dungeons and Balta

Yesterday has been a very interesting day. Although I am having nightmares about dad's health, I find sleep very comforting and cushy - perhaps because Piček is home and we can sleep a bit, get up, sleep a bit again when we feel like it, get up again.. We went to bed at 2am today and at 7 I am already up. It's Sunday and the warm spell seems to be over as it's again only 2°C and raining gently outside.

               In the real world, I have offered a young Turkish man to have a photo monographie with me, proposing we call it "Night and day", referring to the opposites of our photographic approaches.

Yes, that is a Mark II.. :D
"Night and day" hypothetical cover
He is a coy and romantic creature with similar thoughts and frustrations about art, and similar talent. I'm pretending for a few days that this is actually a friend, because it feels good to have a friend again. Even if it's just a fleeting illusion, I like it. It feels somewhat similar to what Pinky made me feel, although he got les of the 'sexy big sister' vibe and a lot more of the snobbish bitch. Balta turns me on in a sense that I am seriously considering publishing my travel shots - opposite to his delightful studio shots...
              On a related subject, I have lost almost 1o pounds since Piček is dieting me. Eating wisely, walking somewhat and having a lot of sex certainly does it's trick. And I am a sucker for results.

But that's not the *interesting part yet*. This is: Blizzard has installed a new Looking For Group search engine into WoW and I love it. You basically open a window that is going to look for you for a random heroic dungeon and five slots with three options + one open, where you get to be a) tank, b) healer or c) any of the three DPS, plus you can mark that you are familiar with the dungeon and can thus be a leader. It's SO neat. Piček and I just kept joining as a group, our first time playing in PUGs ever, and even if somebody left or got DCed, the leader just summoned a new one and we carried on. The search calls you into the dungeon cca 1o minds after you've complied and then returns you to where you were. We must have done some 14 runs last night! And I went to be first! This game is really favoring dungeon players, as wearing the crests of various factions also gives you points and just by wearing one whilst in heroic instance, I became exalted with the Ardents and revered with the Wyrmrest. In addition we got about 5 marks of Triumph each time, 75 of which earn you a T9 gear item and every day you gain two Marks of .. something freezy..., which also accumulate to the price of a nasty gear. The money earned went mostly for repairs and some groups were frantic, other just plain sucked and the newest *roll* system asks not just Need or Greed but if an enchanter is present also Disenchant? and you get the powders or shards. Really very very pleasant and organized.
             The slow spell about WoW is suddenly broken - and just in time, too, because we were starting to feel bad about our lack of ambition to play - and it's the holidays! I have to get back to doing cooking dailies and finding herbs, because I want good food and potions... And I have to get my professions up - my alchemist needs to become specialized and my Kesi needs to skill up engineering, because some of the dungeons offer goodies to 4o5 engineers.

It has been a fun weekend indeed. And it's not even half over yet. If I go into the book business with Balta, I will have to learn how to multitask, because I want the picture-book out as well, soon, and playing Warcraft and successfully dieting in the meanwhile is an excellent morale booster :p

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I'm a little bit out of my game with taking pickies, I admit, but I'm working on it :p

...Baking continues =D ...

...Baking continues =D ...


We had 'Ribbe' lunch at sis's yesterday, where Mags made this really really delicious ribs with a crunchy crust and it was just right - salty, juicy, tasty enough to be perfect. They made potatoes with onions and veggies for along, and since I am dieting and all the food tastes way better now, it was the best meal I've had all week. (Okay, besides that one bit of chocolate Piček allowed me to eat, which I washed down with honeyed orange juice. That was pretty damn perfect, too :P)
            We talked about Avatar, but probably because I said I will probably like it - and because the last movie of the similar promotional pomp they saw was 2012 - sis started getting into my face about how this much money can go for making such shit. She doesn't like science fiction, or in fantasy fiction of any kind and fails to enjoy the subplots and costumes and music and inside jokes of those kind of movies (exactly why I like them so much), and would not believe when I argued that it took about 1o years to make it and during that time an enormous amount of people, nerds, were probably being paid to do what they love: program advanced graphics. She thinks the stars of the movie each got 8o million and because it's just speical effects, it's trash.  Like 2012 was. Seriously, in that movie CHINA comes to meet the Americans. I didn't say I blame her.

             I do wish I could drag them to the theatre and let them see it, though. With all the reference in Lie to Me and Bones and other inner business promotion, and okay reviews and so on, I could only hope the movie will be watchable. But I am feeling alive for having seen it. I think that if she could get over the urge to disagree with me on a cellular level, she's love it for all the animals and plants..
             It is just linear, just predictable enough to allow the audience to take in all that magic of Pandora. One would want to start studying biology, geology and ethnology all over again, if the planet didn't - darn it all! - happen to be fiction. It usually happens to me in winter, my botanical urges kicking in. And it is an excellent view on what would happen with America, if the natives there weren't such fucking idiots. They were willing to slaughter one another for 3o gallons of booze. The sad truth is, Jake's warning was right - if people start coming, all that there is would be parking lots and shopping malls and ugly factories and racist extermination of the natives and so on. It is a story of the US, but with a tiny happy ending. Unfortunately, what i know of men, is that they tend to invest their last dime, last breath, into making weapons of mass destruction and returning...

But here are my favorite scenes: - When the sacred seeds start coming to Jake again and he whacks one off.
                - When Jake is so happy to be a Na'vi, he pokes and drums on every plant he can
                - When Neytiri is told SHE must be the one to teach him and she growls girlishly in frustration
                - The first time the little black salamander starts to twirl with that amazing propeller
                - When Jake is admitted to the community and the clan forms a sort of dreamcatcher embrace
                - Praying for Dr. Augustine
                - How scrawny and ugly Jake's legs really are in his diminished human body
                - All the bioluminescence and how they squat when they fly
                - The floating hills, of course :D
           There are so many things you have never seen before. The ridiculously large mining machine, the brainds with nerve ends that connect to things (And Dr. Augustine say "Don't play with that, you'll go blind." as if it's an intimate area. LOL.)

Friday, 18 December 2009


Oh, for the love of God, I've been crying all afternoon. Seriously - I've been crying like rain. And I'm not even sad! I'm just... crying. Piček didn't want to go to a shop with me, that's how it started, but when we did go and had quite a lot of fun, throwing an eye on Potential Porky 2.0, I started to cry again, because all kitchen appliances were lately so retro, so 5o's style. I mean, I loved it that they were. And then we had coffee and I cried because I thought of a really really said song by the tsar of Yugo ballads, Balašević, and then cried some more because I love Piček so much. I hope he doesn't age prematurely, because I am such high maintenance...We got home and *listened* to the ballad and I wept like a waterfall and Piček was cradling his chin and shaking his head: "You realize this is not normal, don't you?"
             Absolutely no idea why, but I really feel like crying today. Crying. Not sad or anything like that. Just crying. Crying crying crying. I bought dad the Suzan Boyle CD and re-watched her performance on Britain's Got talent and cried all over again. I am actually really good at this :D

* The song by Đorđe Balašević is about a man whose father was very poor ( poor poor, like owing one pair of shoes thorough three generations poor, not like today's poor, when you are considered unfortunate if you fail to afford a new Blackberry every year.) and needed to feed seven hungry mouths, and his mild, quiet mother died hard-working at thirty - something.. This man loved a pretty girl, but she was also penniless, so he left her to go pursue "raven horses, running on the knolls, fruitful fields, graceful vineyards, a watch on a golden chain and suchlike.. And though marrying his master's daughter, he eventually achieved all of the above.. But he wasn't happy and he was known to every tavern owner as a drunk and gambler - he drank and gambled all the time, to drown his sorrow, but couldn't. So one day he died of a stroke, simply nodding off, bowing his head as if falling asleep, in the middle of the match. His last words were: devil take all the raven horses, playing on the knolls, the fruitful fields, the graceful vineyards, the watch on the golden chain... if you are not with the one you love...

... And here I go crying like an infant again.....

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I returned the camera. I really need to get my own.

Baking day :D

On a strict diet (not so bad as I remember and Piček is a lovely help), I am having a large glass of orange and appricot juice with some honey (that so far refuses to melt, because our kitchen has some 9'C) and so that I don't freeze to death, we're warming the studio up somewhat. Other than that the day is lovely and I'm going to prove it to you. :p I have to go up to my parent's house to deliver the meat from the slaughter and I want to do that on foot, so as I can take pickies :D

Mum and I made cookies for eight hours straight. My feet hurt so much I don't know how I'm gonna get from the chair to the bed :D Suuuuch bad baking cardio :D I barely sampled any and there must have been 3oo of them, different and spicey and decorated. It was so much fun. I love it when mum is almost completely herself and pretty much everything is a surreal good time. Dad came and went, mostly napping in the other room, visiting only so he could snatch a handful for himself and the dogs.. Dogs tried to eat me when  smelled of slaughter!  Kind of a scary moment, thinking what if they weren't such cuddly little fat balls of fur?
          Anyhoo, that was just the first round. We purchased more 'shapes' since and a couple of more decor experiments and we'll give it another go on my next drop-by.
           Kinda funny, baking all day and not eating anything - not even wanting to. I feel like a nun in town - simply not tempted by any of the shop windows :p

Am writing zombie short stories called "Baker on judgment day". It's short stories with zombies in it. 8D
"Well, beauty is just beauty, it's just something that's easy to look at. Art, on the other hand, is just that - significant, and provocative, and curious. Isn't it odd, how it doesn't seem to have any substance, or purpose, and yet soooo many people are passionately driven into being artists, even if the rest of the world seems to think we are fools? But if there wasn't for art, the world would be a dull place to exist in indeed. Nature would have to do all the work :D"

One of my comments on DA. I saved it cause I liked it so :p

Wednesday, 16 December 2009