Monday, 28 July 2014

Okay, bit more pickies, then i'm off to decaf:)

This is Anja vintage - MUA by Maja Berk...

And some stuff General calls 'grotesque' and only I like it :) But I do :))

Restless :/  I overworked my heel tendons and am afraid to bust anything, so I won't go for another trek, but i am, oh, so wound up about it. It's raining! I love walking in the rain! The dog refuses to talk to me, but fuck her. this is not a democracy. If i say 'let's cross that hill!' it is a hill that shall be crossed! :D

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Spent the afternoon with ma and sis, looking for schroomies (the edible kind, not the coo coo kind).. That's four hours of tricky trick terrain and two baskets of yummies. My feet hurt less. There was a moment when we thought a storm is going to cross us, so I looked for a place of shelter. It felt cool. We wrapped it up with some ice-cream - kind of awesome, as this is the first time in my entire existence that mum, sis and I ever sat down at a cafe... It doesn't seem like a big deal, it just hit me at some point. It was nice. And we are never that nice :))

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hazy hike :)

Took another hike, somewhat to try and find out why do my feet hurt so stupidly after I walk a moderate pace for a couple of hours and second to cover some of the mileage I failed to the other day.. It wasn't sunny this time, but I did put a lot of sunblock on, causing my skin to feel trapped and sweating awfully. I don't usually sweat, not if there's nothing pressing against me (like backpack straps, etc..), but I did today. All the while it was uncomfortable to have such dense skin. On the plus side, not a single sunburn. So, win some, lose...
      Lyra was a sport, again, keeping me company the whole while... I can never tell if she loves or hates these trips. The plan was to start while it was still dark, ascend Celjska Koča, cross Svetina and descend again to Kompole, where I would walk east-bound towards Šentjur and G would come pick me up on his way home from the hunt. I started a bit late, at 5, so it was already dawning, because it just feels awesome to be walking around so early and then when you're already on the peak of your route, it's only just 6 and daybreak... There were plenty of paths I felt like taking meanwhile, another string of magnificent valleys on mild altitude... but the air way so hazy I could barely make out where the heck I was. No worries. I found some really odd, very old castle remains - renovated into a small church and a lonely tower, now a belfry. Prežin, I think. Really oddly, mysteriously quaint little location. We had a pit stop, ate some crackers, drank some water and I did my nails with a lovely beige brown nail polish. Don't ask me why i had the urge to do my nails in the middle of a mountain hike. I just felt like being a girl and writing spontaneous poetry has never been my thing really.
     Once we got back to the valley, joining the river and the rail-o-track, I have already switched hiking shoes to flippy floppies, because my feet were just killing me. Honestly, I could go any distance with the rest of the body - it wasn't even 10 yet, the air was cool and comfortable, but the feet were just... not having it. Is it because I am old and fat? Or just not used to it? Or what was it? I want that fixed. I miss my ability to walk forever. There are so many routes yet to see where they lead!

A cute part of the hike was when we ran into a horseman and Lyra was quite careful about barking at it. I mean, she barked, but she wasn't sure it was a good idea to draw attention to a giant mammoth she's never seen before. :D

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Some :)

The MUA on Anja with the headscarf chapter are done by Maja.

Anja & Maja - first few pickies

A shoot by a small river today... here are the first few pickies - one of Anja, a classic beauty as always, and a newcomer Maja, who was originally the MUA, but was quickly snared to pose :) Again, if you're seeing these in sepia, they really aren't - they're B&W.


Got another fledgeling in custody; this time a sparrow. (People call me now for these things. :) He/she is a day away from proper flight, though for now s/he's just hating the cage and panicking. I hope s/he realizes I am the breadwinner - literally - and lets me feed it, so she can get strong and outta here :D 

The cage really is very pretty, but it's a cage. They just don't see anything but the iron.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Movies and stuff

I watched three cool movies the past 2o odd hours - a historic romance, an early nineties/late eighties crime comedy and a porn. All were really fun to watch. I'll review most of them when I am bored enough, but for now, let's just point out: The Room with a View is adorable, The Hard Way is such a fun portrayal of New York (And Stephen Lang is so nuts he causes a stomach ache) and the Cabaret Desire is so far the best porn I've seen. It makes me want to film a softcore...
Hehe, a passage from Goose: "

I can go against my nature. No really, I can. I used to test myself and then I used to practice. People would inspire me to ensure all kinds of trials on myself, at the end of which I wasn’t allowed to rain Dogville onto people. That is something I may do in normal circumstances, in my daily life, when my fuses go.. But only because I really enjoy that. Not because I’m addicted to being an asshole or anything. Honest.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Some Silly FB inner monologue :))

I am only as smart as the books I read.

Well, okay, I am imaginative, passionate and inquisitive by nature and I do poke my nose into everything that throws a shadow and some things that don't, but when it comes to being practical, I am only so because of books. I'm no scientist. The medicine or food I can make from things I find in nature are because of books. Unless they're tasty. Then I just mix everything together and put it on bread or under whipped cream. I've had some practice with beagles that you don't find in books. Hitchhiking trains, too. Also, sex positions. They come natural to me. Makes KamaSutra kind of boring, really. And love letters.. I write good love letters. And...

Aw, fuck it. Books are smart and I am smart and we're the bestetest of friends. :D


It really isn't easy, writing a mystery crime story. I never start with: the hotel manager's son will be the murderer, because he has PTSD and thinks he's killing enemy enforcers. I'm more like: okay, so there are murders happening in this hotel resort and the faster and more I write, more clues to whom is doing this I will have... Hm, who could it be? Will it become clear in the next chapter? I probably SHOULD know, I'm the author!

Another gentle one form Anja's shoot.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

... Later

WHOA! This shit's awesome!

Having a need to read A Room With a View...

Off to kick heels in the Roman Spa. I know I am terrible for wanting to first and foremost explore the whole place and learn all of the history, even though I've known people who ran it ages ago and how awful it all was. Well, but now it's super posh and I will just pretend to be completely tourist-ey, deserving a massage and to eat food prepared by people with a degree. 

If this doesn't play up to my expectations, I'll burn the place down. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Completely unedited and I so love it...

As soon as this photo opened on the Photoshop, I took the wacom pen to the tablet and was about to start editing and... yet I had no idea what to change. I'm not saying the photo is perfection, of course not, I'm just saying that such as it is, I cannot think of anything to make it better. There is something very earthly to it, like something made of soil. It inspired me to write a passage in Paper and Orc's time lapse story, about Lady Moor. We're off to the spa to chillax (I worked so hard, physically, today, that I am cramping too much to fall asleep. Which is how I like it :)) for the day, so when I come back, I should have the story fully fledged :))

In case Blogger is making it appear sepia - it's not, it's pure B&W

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes or why Humans in Crisis are always fucked

Caesar is less fuckable in this one, but that's why we have Jason Clarke.
The irony of human condition is that the violence is the surest way to destroy everything – and yet, it has gotten us thus far. Everyone hates violence and – yet - we cannot live without it. Also, we need two fucks of cold water to resort to it whenever there’s something we’re denied. Food, water, land, pussy, more weapons, religion du jour, whatever. I will murder you for the fucking car you drive if the slightest opportunity presents itself. We are all psychopaths and the only reason we don’t get out of line is because within the group, we are living comfortably. But tip the balance in any direction and all bets are off.  Less than animals.
Humans as species, and this has been the case since the get go, are fundamentally:
-          -    Dumb as fuck, which leads to violence
-         -     Lazy as fuck, which leads to selfishness
-          -  And really gorram weak and whiney. If you inherit a thousand humans, this will not be a
wonderful opportunity to start a new civilisation somewhere off the shore of Syracuse. No, you’ve just gotten your hands full of a thousand morons who will whine themselves to death, demanding, expecting and pouting for a cushy living. Whining women, whining babies, whining old folk, whining men, whining fucking pets. It’s not that humans are incapable of really great survival. We just don’t want to if someone else who likes to play hero is ready to do it.
In the film, humans, stuck idiotically in a building in the middle of the crumbling city, need things all the time – they need electricity, because, well, if you don’t have that, you’re practically dead already. Where would the music come from?? How will we signal others? Geez, I dunno, how about a really big fire? They have plenty guns and ammo, because that’s how you face an epidemic, so getting electricity is just a matter of some hiking up to a forlorn dam. If only those creepy monkeys weren’t in the way. (Apes, which, just like humans, co-exist in a cushy ashram right up until the point something interrupts their daily mating and hunting routine. Then they completely freak out and go to war, with guns.)
Fact is, if you move to the countryside, farm-like, you can produce not only enough food for any number of people, but also, you can build a more controlled environment, more productive setting, where everyone has a job to do, there are no lazy retards idling around, causing discord (obviously those are unavoidable, but there you have it.) Second, you can produce medicine. Okay, so Penicillin is by now almost completely useless, we are all immune to it, along with our viruses, but it isn’t that hard to make and if you CAN’T, then send out fucking scouting parties to comb through the billions of households which were abandoned and are completely empty and fully stocked. By the time crops, herbs and spices start to grow on your farm, you’ve gathered enough food to last you ten winters. Oh, and move to the fucking benevolent climate. Life, if people weren’t so damn stupid, could be incredible comfortable with the knowledge we have and endless resources we still haven’t ruined on this planet. But city survivors would rather live in sewers than in Ohio.
Need power, need walls, need guns, need cages, need to feel like you are completely alone, so nothing can threaten you.  Imagine there’s a rat! That’s just the worst thing ever! And better eat all the horses right away, because when we no longer have cars, it’s game over.  This is because a human, left alone in friggin’ Yosemite, would die. Not thrive. Die. Like nobody paid any attention in school, any attention in the army, any attention reading a vegan food pamphlet. People just need things all the time, need to be given everything. It is what ultimately drains good leaders of will, puts them in bad situations and sucks the intellect out of them, exhausted living up to everyone else’s expectations. And give them an enemy to worry about; otherwise they’ll just be completely paranoid all the time.
I love the scene in which the major helps a young man cock the machine gun, while they’re getting ready for combat. Because they had tons of guns and ammo, but the only two people really able to use it were two drunk rednecks. Perish the thought you’d ever train young men for a confrontation.  Really, hasn’t ANYONE ever heard of Tito? Enjoy the peace but be ready for war? This is why people always look at me funny when I explain why I liked being a soldier and why I like being a huntress. It has absolutely nothing to do with killing. Maybe for fucked up men, but in my case, who go into these training with my head, not my tiny cock, it has to do more with prevention of killing. More than that, it has to do with understanding and, with being able to do something, should there be a dangerous need. I will never kill a stag, clean it and roast it, right up until the point when my husband’s life depends on it. Then I’ll take a fucking bowl and go gather berries, nuts and tree shoots and sap instead. My vegan paste can kick your stake’s ass any day of the week.

Hot, warm and cold

Shot Anja today - though she wanted to be portrayed as nice and mild, i chased her around with wicked makeup and splashing water on her. Three chapters came out ;)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Buttonsalesgirl costume

Paper's costume for Orc infested lands. There are a few bits missing, like her leather hooded coat for rainy days, the blankie and the staff... She retains the Caffeine molecule pendant and her hiking shoes... Note the gauntlet-bracelets, which are half chains that indicate she is in fact someone's (someone's in particular's, actually) property and simultaneously a shied in case she needs to fight-fight her way out of a conversation.I've started writing the Azog/Garosh-like character on a 10-day leave from his gruesome scheming and the two take a hike, literally, along a shoreline, first running into pirates, thugs, cursed ruins and a murder, which they ultimately solve, but mainly being asked to travel back in time to change the tide on an event which shaped the land in what it was... whether or not this will be a cautionary tale, in which they do everything right to no change at all in the long run, or they do everything wrong and it turns out to work just fine.. not sure. Am reading "Unfinished Tales" by the big guy Tolkien, which remind me so much of my 'hasty notes' pages, i'm totally hooked. They also redeem Gandalf smewhat. It can't be easy to be someone who is or thinks he is all that stands between a complete and utter shitstorm and a Queen of Gondor.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Make'in cake'in at Tinka's

"Wild" Trailer

Oh my fucking GODS, another whine fest about a retarded mental patient trying her luck on sheer stupidity. 

Seriously, has there NEVER been a movie made about anyone who ENJOYS walking? ‘Tracks’ just killed me – first the book and then the movie. Good fuck’s sake, what angst porn! I’m not even going to go into ‘Into the wild’, that was just pathetic nervous breakdown by a person of below average intelligence. I’ve read oodles of books about people enjoying their walks – this is a person who really loves to walk, mind – and some of them are great fun! I mean, they describe great fun. Not some tortured failure to cross a distance on a flat surface of a planet and nearly die forty times during on sheer moronic inability to notice you’re in nature!

I am familiar with this book – Wild by C. Strayed (oh, what an appropriate name)– and I know that when you first pack for a very long journey, you do everything wrong. A lot of things scare you and you cry a lot. It’s like a purge, the unfamiliarity of pain. But you shed the luggage fairly quickly, and you get much stronger and a lot less ‘civilized’ looking and suddenly the elements are no longer all that obvious. I was very happy when in ‘Tracks’ movie the girl didn’t show up shaved in every scene, but confused when she kept looking like she’s about to die all the time or the fact she had 20 layers to her cotting. This chick, with lines like “my mother was the love of my life” (Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK??), a looser druggie, from bad marriage and even worse family and ZERO street smarts, she just decides to walk one day. No idea what that really is, just… Like, has she read a single BOOK about hiking? Or are books lame and don’t truly tell you how you should act when, say, at the top of my head, crossing a RIVER? Really? WITH the backpack on at the RAPIDS section?

I know people like Oprah, whose opinion on the quality of books in a great beacon to avid housewife readers of North America, have orgasms over accounts of Classics-quoting white trash fuck-ups who find God or Themselves or The Meaning or whatever through some grueling hikes they suffer through like it’s Siberia (because when you’re doing it like a skilled hiker you’re obviously not feeling it true?), but may I just mention her life got better when she wrote about it and got rich and famous, not when she was screaming at nature? Hasn’t anyone ever told these people that when you’re in the nature, you’re supposed to respect it and not disturb everything in a 15-mile radius by acting out like a crazy person?

(Unless there are bears. If there are bears, you have to talk to yourself or sing or something, so they hear you coming and can move out of your way.)

I so fucking hate books and movies about losers who go on ‘terribly difficult travels’ to find their footing, leaving it all behind, all the bullshit, all the carbon footprints and whatnot. That is, notwithstanding the 40 pound backpacks of bullshit they insist on dragging with them. They notice nothing about the whole surrounding but themselves and how they feel about the forests and the mountains and the stars and what the fuck else. They are so fucking dumb about what they do, it’s a wonder any of them survive at all. And this is WITH credit cards and in civilized environment. I imagine they would die even sooner if they had to walk a 1100 miles round and round on an Olympic stadium. Where there is, you know, no clear running water or fruits of the forests for sustenance. (Like they would know what to eat if their lives literally depended on it.)

Walking a 1100miles over North America is neither terrible nor grueling nor grim nor dangerous nor a cure for being a white trash loser. All you got to do is pull your head out of your ass. Then it’s great. A ridiculously epic uptake on the pain, endurance and human spirit and resourcefulness, and truly great.

And read a fucking pamphlet if a whole book is too much for you, about how to take care of your fucking feet, if that’s the one thing you’ll actually be using on your stupid fucking hike.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Buttons mania

As per always, watching/reading Hobbit, I am these days completely obsessed with buttons. This is an ongoing fascination of mine, originating in some deep seeded desire to be a traveling button-sales-girl... Which in my mind is like a bard, minus the singing and playing instruments. I have turned the house upside down, looking for any old boxes or jars with buttons, but still I am not satisfied... I want this, I need this, I yearn for this... It is not going away fast enough. I'm ready to rob a bank, just so that I could go into a hobby store and buy them all... O.o

... Because of course if I ask General for money to buy some, he drags me to our storage room and points out other things I have been obsessing about, exactly up until the point when i acquired them.. Say - the street lamp bulb. Or a bike. 


Thanks to Nea, the little shitter now has a majesty cage. Now she thinks she's a canary and won't shut up. I stretched some ribbons across the cage and put a stick in it, so she has to learn how to balance and walk and stretch her wings and tail and do all kinds of exercises, starting with walking towards me when I am giving her food through the bars. This was a success in half an hour's training and then not so much, when she calculated that if all the best food comes from outside, maybe trying to get through the bars is a good idea. But now mostly she's just singing and when we walk by, giving us the "give me another one!" look. 
Not that I have a fat bird or anything..

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Some pickies from last night's concerts...

The quality will blow, I know, because the Blogger really fucks them up for some reason, even worse than FB. In reality, they are much more of a praise to their mother camera...
Funk Express opened...

Katalena headlined..
(haven't done all the pickies yet. Will do.)