Thursday, 29 July 2010

Watching Bleach again. Love it And perhaps Sherlock, the modernized episodes - and so far they seem to stick. Looks like Luther had the same cinematographer - or has Britain's industry invented a new generation and is so far sticking to it? But no complaints there. I'm always willing to give Martin Freeman a big Yes almost every time I see him. And awkward scenes about possibly gay advances are always a hoot. Curious choice of lead.The way they mock modern times is an excellent point to the contrast Holmes is supposed to represent - once, in good old days, his wit was bothersome to all foolish and these days his wit is so quaintly (and erotically) retro - who uses their BRAIN anymore, come on. Either way, he doesn't belong and isn't being invited to parties.

        Decided to make myself a dress.... Didn't work out so well. I blame the fact I'm fat :p
        The baggies, on the other hand, are getting quite ... phat  :D

Friday, 23 July 2010

Ninovela Bijou.... Getting closer....

Hihi, I'm one of those girls that makes her boyfriend take her to see Leonardo Di Caprio, as it seems :P But as tasteless as that may sound, the kid's turned into quite a safe bet when it comes to movies. Regardless of the fact I often avoid certain stars for knowing the product will be shit, I've seen three of his movies recently and they were all scary good. (The Departed, Body of Lies and Shutter Island.) Good thing he's not very cute anymore. Spank me later.

Prior to going to see it (and this time it was me who took HIM, even though he complained, but once again, if I didn't nag, we'd never go anywhere just for kicks. General always needs things to be soooo purposeful...)         
           I read about it and I read mostly only negative reviews. (They offer a far clearer picture than praise.) It said Nolan overstimated his audience's mental capacity (yes, and Knight and Day was a MUCH better bet, eh?) and that Ken Watanabe's pronunciation is all messed up - but I happen to need mentally challenging plot to care for the whole thing and, well, Ken Watanabe's way of talking, as if he's catching the surf of his own breath waves, in and out, is a millionish turn on for me. Except for the fact everyone looks badly underweight in the movie, I'd got see it just cause he's talking in it.

But there's loads of stuff I was very taken with. The locations, for one. They paid such elegant detail to the back story of architecture, to the streets, to the mathematical boundaries of construction, to how vital and how passionate architecture can be. The same was Neil Jordan paid homage to new York's scenery with The Brave One, likewise here the set was a) helpful and blatantly guideline-ish for the audience and b) another riddle/subplot.
        I was trying to guess things in advance: how I would do it, namely for being somewhat of a veteran expert on the subject myself.. and how it would end. Until the last second I was telling the General that all he now needs NOT to do is spin the damn thingie and he'll be fine, but... Fuck it. A dream is just a dream. I dreamt of airplanes and tapeworms and Ellen Page tonight, overwhelmed by the lot of them mentioned hours before - but I knew it was a dream and I kept being angry at it for being so transparent.

Other things I admired massively were the paradoxes: how some get lost in their fantasies and choose to drown, how some, without imagination, are better at directing traffic through them, how some are faced with the prospect of living one life and then getting another and wondering whether to do things differently and if so, would anything really change? I on my end believe you cannot change the bottom line of your fate: you can make some costumography decisions, like betting on the right horse, having money, dying with your loyal butler by your side - or simply being normal, average and dying with your favorite grandchild by your side: in the end the sum is exactly the same. If you are set on fucking it up, you'd fuck it up either way. If you are in love with life, you love it no matter where. Here, in Japan, Key Largo, Mumbasa... Makes absolutely no difference at all.
           Makes no difference if you're very smart or very foolish, either. I make my life spectacularlyrly difficult, thank you very much, but I only pray the General loves it as much as I do, when I do it. The man thinks he makes me sad sometimes, but what he doesn't believe is that he is worth pretty much anything. I'd go to a fucking theological faculty if he asked me. (Course he never would, but I'd do it just to mindfuck the priests anyways.)
           So why is reality better than a dream? Matrix answered that question long ago: because people cannot bare having it unproblematic. NOBODY out of those which complain how hard it is to pay bills and juggle jobs, kids and dogs, would really rather be a goat herder in Nepal - guaranteed tranquillity. That'd be a nightmare.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Ninovela Bijou

Here are some of the first Bijou project products:

an unframed, not yet retouched painting

a half-done T-shirt design

and a not-so-hot pickie of a doggie bag I made for my sis :)
But I just got my comp back and all the programs are reinstalled, so none of the old bookmarks or silly little programs only I ever use exist anymore... and as beforementioned - techno geek I be not...

Quickie update (still no pickies as camera still in quarantine..)

Time flies when you're young and training a small beagle...

Still on temp duty, still drawing and designing meanwhile and still sewing when at home, although the machine is acting up a little in this past project. I've been thinking whether to change all the baggies from 'leisure sheek' to 'doggy walks'.. I'll have both logos printed, just in case :)

The new work week has just began and I've treated myself to one (and a half... *guilty face*) of the Helen pear/chocolate french pastry breakfasts and ice coffee. Miss my comp, but can easily do it all when at the office, as I arrive an hour sooner than most others. I'm getting quite fond of Facebook, because sometimes there really is no other way to say hey to someone you wanna chat with - phones cost and feel funny, meeting them for a drink in this heat wouldn't be so cool and they usually either work all day or live someplace far. So simply poking them and knowing they've gotten the message is kind of cute. I'm at the oppinion that people with 5oo 'friends' are sociopaths, but those who insist to not be on FB are simply being political. Bottom line, I don't mind Zemotion updating her FB more ajourely than her blog. :P She's posted another instant classic on FB today. It's just one of those little things that make my whole morning :)

Zemotion's latest.. pretty fierce, isn't it?...

We went hunting yesterday, but it was too windy and rainy and only saw a fraction of what we were after. It was a weird day, though, time-wise.. We got up at 3am, sat on a dirt road between a meadow and a forest until 6, got back to sleep again until 11, had lunch, fooled around the house, went back to bed at 3, woke up again at 6pm and went for a walk until 9, then watched some odd old movie that General found utterly predictable, but it was watchable anyway. No idea who the cast was or what year it was made. One of those 196o's portrayals of history (some Celts and druids and English quazy dukes..) ..hang on. I'll go check...

LOL. "The war Lord" with Charlton heston (1965). And I don't generally like the guy. Michael moore's fault, really :)

And now the week's began for the real people and I only have 11 days to finish my project - quite some of which is already well done. For the first time in a long while I'm able to choose amidts my work and only pick the best. usually I'm all in every time. But not only am I working overly, I am also shaking the dust coats off some older things I will be able to use here. I fully plan to launch Ninovela Bijou page by my birthday :)

Chev Chelios!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

I walked downhill in the total darkness again last night. That's so enjoyable to me. Almost primal.
           We're spraying the vineyards - General with the machine and me as the supply kid, bringing him buckets of poison, which grapes like and bottles of drinks, which he likes.. Don't worry, I don't mix them up :P When darkness falls, he's already too tired to talk, so he just changes his clothes and hurries home to soak it all off, ere he starts glowing in the dark. I stay behind, chat with dad, play with dogs, bug mum for an ice coffee and take a shower there, putting on just about any clothes at all. Nobody can see me anyway :p
           Then I walk down. It's half an hour's or so walk and if it's cloudy or really moonlit, then it's quite bright, but sometimes it is moonless and dim just enough to spare me the benefit of the starlight. I have to walk in the middle of the road just to stay on it. The shade of it is only a touch lighter than the edges. And I have to be really careful not to kick anything, like a hedgehog, which is the task for the ears to care :)
            The darkness, especially this hot one, feels like a cloak to me. It so does. Normally I wear a white T-shirt or I'd have to shine my cell phone to passing cars (and I must look a bit strange, hands over my eyes every time a car passes, but it's vital for my sight, so pass appearances), but if I didn't, I could stand 3 feet away from anything and would not be seen. Of course some animals may offer some danger, like snakes and occasional mother hog, but around here most animals flee the humans, especially so pugnantly reeking as we are to them in this heat. But humans - though occasional one, even if posing as predators, would need quite some element of surprise and another of my fear to subdue me inhope of some form of gratification, be it financial (hah!) or carnal.. I am not the fearful type, however, and usually walk around at least a little bit armed. But to strike and miss, and try to chase me in this dark? All I would have to do is squat... and breathe easy. The stuffyness of after hours is flawless in its hiding-place form. I can be a predator as much as the next creature of the night..

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Watched Titanic. Cried like a little baby. paranoid, too. What the fuck would I do in this world without my love?

Anyhoo, continue painting. I've decided that by the end of the month I will make 50 items for sale: 10 paintings, 10 T-shirt designs, 10 pieces of jewelry, 10 handbag designs and 10 mug or saucer designs or something... Jury's out on that last one... But yeah. If everyone else can do it, so can I. And I want that money.

See, this is where playing warcraft comes the most handy: obsessing about tier sets in the real world:


Gods, this shit is so beautiful...

But this is what makes it powerful, also.. And I need it to be fierce.

The day began with an excellent sandwich. What a surge of life it is, to bite into a simple meal and find yourself going from stale, sleepy, senseless state into a liquid, overwhelming, layered action. And I continue to be in awe of the alchemy of it: just bread, just some proschutto, some rocket, some mozzarella chese, very thin, and some cream spread. Mildly heated up, and crusty. All of that combined in one perfect bite, turns mouth in the lead sensual trap for pleasure.

Things seem to be looking good for the book buy-off.

I'm mildly disturbed by the fate of Anne Boleyn. It's so freaky, fiction that's not really fiction, to see a room where a girl slept in, where she was dressed and tended to by hairdresers, the Bible she read and wrote into, knowing at some point that strange, troubled creature was simply beheaded and tossed into a basket and put into an unmarked communal grave, utterly abandoned by everyone. A prominent historic figure at one moment and a nameless bloated heap of meat and stenched gauze the next...  I'm thinking of adopting her... I'm sure Spotter wouldn't mind a friend.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Some new thingies I'm working on...

Not done yet. I'm letting them simmer - there are always details that are giving me hard time before I wear them out, like hands, eyes, background shading.... But after a  couple of days, they are ready to play nice :p

Some of these should look okay in frames. And i enjoy swinging from one style to a totally another. The General seems to like them, too, as he's taken to walking the dawgie these days :D


Sometimes I think that the Japanese Vogue isn't too sure what to do about trying to be like the other western Vogues. The models look dead, make up is ghastly, hair is boring and costumes are, well, as bad as poses, I suppose... Shame on photographers. These are the people that invented the damn things!!

But then they leave me in the dust with my mouth open and thinking: damn.... I'm not worthy :D