Thursday, 28 September 2017

Disconnect of a preocupied mind ...

The brain keeps doing these tiny loops, these odd little ... Like - I'm trying to masturbate and I keep losing concentration, wandering off to thinking of mushrooms and texts and how I should probably take the books back to the library ... This translates to every other aspect of my day. I am unable to focus, at all. I keep forgetting what I was going to do halfway to the kitchen to make myself coffee. general asks me a question and I forget what it began like by the time he is done asking it. Even holding a conversation is unusually difficult.
That's the Brain. The curious case of pompons and buttons - the Feelz are lovely. I feel really nice. Sure, sprinkled with anxiety, but really happy. Almost carefree. Almost ... CBA. So? So I scratch the car. So I forget to take out the dog. So I burn my coffee. So I don't finish the book this year. So I get a tick because I hate showering. So what?

Dangerous territory, this odd despondent dementia. People have been warned my brain is being outsourced. Curious indeed. 

Drove dad to another mushroom hunting morning and, because he was very tired from having road-tripped with my bro yesterday - he moved very slowly. I took over 200 photos of mushrooms during, from a dark foggy woods, beautiful as can be, to the bright sunny variety there-of. Making photos of the last shoots we made with April, though - forget about it. I have absolutely no idea what to do. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

My medical Calvary continues, so I'm lagging a bit with all things pleasant and creative. I know. I'll pick up. But at least I'm getting all the dark shit down for Goose, while I'm in a mood like this ;)

Monday, 25 September 2017

When finding the proper ones isn't what you're best at, you can also go home and PS the * out of pics of shrooms! ... :D Fun times.