Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Spent the last two days writing about ice giants - from the moment Kay finds Loki Laufeyson in a form of a cursed pebble, to fucking his father, to the scene in which Belgermir the Cruel Striker breaks the seismic plume of Iceland in order to get the volcanoes going to commit suicide in a way only an ice god would. I'll break that last scene in two, because I want to keep his dying speech for later. So far I've just focused on describing the beauty of Iceland and how pissed off volcanoes can be.

I had another photos related shit this morning, just to put me in a right mood for these scenes: That is exactly how a volcano feels. Hekla under a glacier. If I had a nickel for ever shitty dealing with people, I would already own that sweet wide-angle 2.0.

I forced myself to look at pictures of incredibly cute animals.
Like, what the fuck is this??

Monday, 28 September 2015

Holy fuck! I though Jason Clarke was just cute sporting his new strawberry blonde do, but he's sporting it because he's going to play Heydrich in HHHH! I didn't even know they're filming HHHH! I love that book... I mean, it so terribly disgusting it gave me nightmares and the General forbade me from reading it, but holy shit! Yes! Thank you! 


Is it time for the fluffy socks yet? Could it be? Or is it just the mood I'm in. I'm writing about the Jötnar and Odin and the Mead of Poetry, which Paper needs to figure out who's been trying to kill Morpheus. It'all takes place in Iceland, so fluffy socks might be appropriate.. 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Been feeling oddly under the weather, but not in any specific sense - I just sleep, a lot. Sleep, get up, go pee, brush my teeth, drink something, go back to bed. get up, go to the library, get some food, go back to sleep. Get up, watch some YouTube, drink something, go back to sleep. I can tell I'm not a 100%, am just glad there's no pain of snot to it. 

I'm dreaming a lot about the movie Everest. I'm thinking - so it isn't really hard to climb it per say, like you would have to do some actual rock climbing, it's just walking and a couple of ladders ... in an environment where you are drowning, freezing and suffocating at the same time while hallucinating. 

I truly do not comprehend men's need for accomplishment to want to die this way. Be a Doctor Without Borders or be a teacher in Malaysia or be a cop that battles Taiwan sex trafficking of children... THAT's what will make you a hero. Not a fucking conqueror of a pile of frozen stones, after you've paid a Sherpa to basically carry you up. People can be really fucking dumb.

Rob Hall's daughter is also a climber.
Just fucking shoot me now.

Friday, 25 September 2015


Watched Everest.
Now excuse me while I go and saw off my husband's foot.
fuck this.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Update on Tinka's food porn :D

Yes, please :D
From the Facebook post:

Still in a little bit of cooling-off period from a shitty photographic experience, but luckily Tina gives me just the right kind of magic to portray, so there is hope for my insatiable appetite for beauty yet :D https://www.facebook.com/drobTinka-806404069408229/timeline/
Don't these just scream EAT ME? Do you have any idea how hard it is not to steal food when you're doing a gig like this? ... But... but it wasn't me! The camera ate it! The light melted it! It was the flash, no, really, it just kind of vanished in time or something!... They were four? Are you sure?


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

okay! Turns out Drej bought me good coffee! I was up and about till 4 this night and would have slept a lot longer than 8:30, still tired from the grape harvest thing, if they weren't renovating a store in the street, drilling, which sounded like aliens invading or farting oil rigs. Though I did wake myself up snoring at some point. I know, because last time I snored so loud I woke up the General and he almost hit me, he got so startled. He jumped, I jumped, we all jumped, the hookers ran away and the dog is still hiding. 
 ... Time for more coffee. Wheeeee ...

Monday, 21 September 2015

Had no money for food and no real food at home, so I ate a boiled egg, a raw green pepper, a piece of cheese and some burnt popcorn from the bottom of the bag... It actually wasn't the worst breakfast I ever had. It was actually quite good. The popcorn tasted like cinder.

Hate it when I am willing to always help people, but when they tell me they need me and I say I am already booked for that time, I am suddenly graceless and unfair. WTF. Ye, I am always ready to assist. But sometimes there I things I want to do on my own. It doesn't matter what those things are. I am fed up with having to drop everything to always be at everyone's disposal. 


Sunday, 20 September 2015

AAAAAARRR... The General is back on his graveyard shift... Aaaaaarrrr.. I didn't get ANYTHING done that week, anything! I am unusually sprite at the moment, considering we've been getting grapes in buckets for the past four days (done now, thank ye gods), but I am always sprite in the middle of the night right up until the point when he exits the house and I open the file and start typ..........

Yup. Nah. Blank. Will do it later. After a good sleep.
... Which also, obviously, shatters my tempo. Am 136 pages in. I did write down the short story version of introducing Qashkei, though, while catsitting Drej's paw paw. The previous version didn't sit well after the two big depression sequences already placed. (That's quite enough of existential crisis'.) When this story was original set, it was meant to show how Kay purposefully places herself into a nightmare to suffer there, but now it works better a funny, adventurous nightmare. I'm halfway through. I may try to write it tonight, after G leaves for work..

....Riiiiiigh :D Funny lady.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Ye Gods I'm tired :// Spent two days picking grapes, which are many, and need to be picked carefully. It got too hot and too many bees and hornets today towards the afternoon, but other than that, it's plantation labor. Nearly fell asleep later, when I went to check on Drej's cat, and started writing a short story about being chased through a large building. There was supposed to be a twist when the prey becomes the hunter, but no amount of coffee could convince me to get to it :)) The general is watching Prometheus while I'm dozing off on the bed above him. I've gotten The Martian on audiobook format and will listen to it tomorrow when we continue. Goodnight...

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Thinking I am going to leave the second chapter of the three for last, as it is the most scattered and least purposeful at this stage - and also because it is easier to get the ending out of the way and then go wild with the fun middle part as opposed to the other way around. The middle is meant to show just how nuts and awesome the Pagans can be when they want to, but the end chapter sort of slows down again to gets to the philosophy and decision-making consequences. mental note to leave some closure and shoes dropping for last. My predicament of what to do with all those talks between Murphy and Kay is somewhat - not entirely yet - but somewhat settled and to a degree I've done their scene at the end of chapter one. My brain so so wired, I feel like I have so many juggling balls up in the air, that almost all the trivial thoughts I think during the day bounce off some ideas. 

Does this passage makes any sense? I don't know. I am so sleepy.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Cute :D Colbert takes on Neil deGrasse Tyson to fight for Pluto :D

Reading The Martian by Andy Weir and Embers (Candles burn until the end) by Sandor Marai. Someone said I should probably also read some Faulkner, but I am making my way down my list of planetary writers and I've done American already.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Okay. I am about a day away from having to write the Kay-Murphy encounter ... It is the turning point in the book, as now we will learn what was it about the previous king everyone thought was worth fighting for. I have no idea how to do this and I am bending my brain in all directions as it is with Nuada Silverhand and Farbauti scenes ... I'm thinking that what I want to do is give the encounter a specific time frame ... Like, all about Silverhand takes place in one night, not over the course of a month as previously written. So do I compress the three different events that have Kay and Murphy sparring into one event and condense it further still in just one day?... Or what? Think, woman, think. 

I need more coffee. And to see more Bleach. For some reason.

Slowly but surely coming out from under a dark spell..

I saw the other day there's a lady who only takes photos of beautiful flowers ... That seemed like an incredible career to have - only ever photographing gardens in bloom and in the sun ... Not my cup of tea at all, I am more of a gloom kinda gal, but it still sounded awesome. But then again Kirsty Mitchell, doing a startup campaign for her book, said there have been A LOT of tears in her career, which makes me think perhaps it's not just me. I might have even had a whole lot more of a career if my tears weren't so important to me. We'll see. Anyhoo. Pickies of flowers in fruit. Tad gloomy edition. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

For the third night in a row - and never before all year - there has been mosquitos in the room. They start coming at me the minute General leaves for work and I stay up half the night, trying to kill them. If i kill one, there is bound to be another. If i don't kill it, it's just the one. This is mind-bending. The high-pitched buzz is driving me nuts. I dare not spray the room, because I don't want to harm the spiders, but what the fuck are all the spiders I am keeping doing, if they suddenly can no longer protect me from parasites? All I ask. Did I mention I have white walls? You know how disgusting that looks?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Still in PTSD and unable to take pickies with the proper camera (feeling like I filthied up the karma of Mark with all the shit it's been accused lately), but I took this with my phone this morning and I really love it. Reminds me of the collodions.