Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The General's nephew's something something religious something was quite a feast... I ate way too much and eventually passed out on a blanky behind the house, with the cool summer wind caressing me and crickets cricketing on the meadow around me... The the General and his son started playing soccer above me and woke me. It was a marvelous day, a good practice for taking photos of family feasts. And I probably gained another five pounds... :P Also, I was so angry at one of the teenage bitches, I didn't retouch her in the group photo. Vengeance is sweet   >.<
          I surrendered two commissions in a hurry, getting the money I needed for taxes and also selected the cloth for the wedding dress. Coffee color sheik :p yay :D I should probably write and equip the test article any day now... I am close. I just need to make it perfection.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The week in a nutshell...

This week has been interesting.
I'm still a wee bit put off by the fact that I cannot get into my blog from my regular Mozilla engine, so I may not be updating quite as vigorously as usual... But okay. Enough of excuse...

I had a couple of business proposition via phone and while one went south, another sounded promising enough for me to schedule face-time with a commissioning editor on Wednesday.

Great morning walks with Drej and her cupcake cute Parsons J.Russel, Sophie... In the afternoon I had a chat with a boy from Siberia about photography and zumba, which was so hot in the summer eve, that we were drowning in sweat.

I went to the capital for the first time in two years. I was blown away by how astonishingly magnificent the city has become... The latest major indeed achieved a wonder to behold. There are new bridges - and then some - and building, everything is clear, bright, the streets are full, the shops are inviting, there's music everywhere and tourists are swarming and gawking in awe... For all the bad talk, I was stunned to find myself hardcore proud of it.
         My first morning meeting was with an editor who offered me a project - my biggest yet. I have to do a test and then they'll see if I am as good as they claim. And by test I mean - my best. I really want this :P
        The second meeting was with one of the models, thrilled to plot and scheme further projects. In between I went through books by some outstanding photies and learned a thing or two. Ironically, I never took the camera out of my backpack. The day was mine alone.
         The third meeting was a bus-ride away - another experience and a quaint lunch: I employed a back-up for my trial piece, so that I get on the level the potential contractors would agree with.
         Last meeting was with my former professor, after ages, and it was as lovely as always - and as short as always, too short :)) But the hour was later and I arrived home at around 10:30 pm, the General gathering me at the station to walk me home with the dog. Don't remember much else afterwards...

Signed into the library to get the first material. main thing is what NOT to do - because it has already been done quite well by someone else.
          I also wrote and with Drej's help finished some of the wedding invitations and mailed about a half. The general was none too happy. But I'm me. I make my own rules.

       Couple of meetings, couple of semi-serious job negotiations and a small fight with the General, which has gotten us to agree upon the 'half an hour a day' thingie. It means that for half an hour a day, one has to do to another what the other would like. Say, I want to kiss for half an hour and he must oblige me. It's kinda odd, but otherwise we do stuff we THINK the other likes and just end up fighting. The wedding is a month away. Mental note to start a blog called 'dream wedding for no money at all'.

Doggie evaluation and as dreadful as it was, what with the cold and the rain and Barky being super shy, it went very well. Afterwards I went cloth-shopping for the wedding dresses. That went lovely, too. We had a long debate about iPads vs. Macbook Airs and I came around to thinking that for all the Laptop's excellent feats, iPad continues to be cuter, brighter, fancier and more fun. Fuck it.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Museum photoshoot - portraits

Monday, 23 May 2011

Jup, Viserys gets it.
Dany is turning into a real bitch!
New day, new week, new work :D
And in the latest Game of Thrones, The Golden Crown, I suspect Viserys gets it. Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.
Mental note to check up on the cast of Thor - and somehow manage to actually see that movie OUT of 3D, so that I may actually SEE anything?? The little boy who played Loki (and oddly non-jovial version for a change), who looks like a love child of Jared Leto and Tom Woods, seems like a new face. Unlike Rene Russo, who looks very old and very regal as Frigga. Which was cool. And Idris Elba, somewhere in there....

Must, MUST brush up on my Norse mythology, because it rubs me the rong way to not even remember the names of some of the main blokes - and of course Loki's story, which is by far the coolest and most edgy. Doesn't rub me the right way either to have my last memories of the lot burned into my brain by the gruesome Sandman comics :/  Blewch :S

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Museum shoot

Yesterday we scheduled seven models (Špela, Anja, Sara, Andreja, Dora and Nea - Nea didn't show), two designers - Sibila Stropnik and Nataša Knuplež - two assistants and three sites - starting with the museum, which was painful. The curator woman of the museum first bothered us with a technicality for about twenty minutes out of two hours and visited plenty to sniff and roll her eyes, as if she was checking if we had managed to burn down the house or steal and break anything yet? She truly was a pointless nuisance. When I thanked her for the hospitality of the institution, she dismissed me as if I had asked her for fifty cents and she gave them and now I was thanking her and she just didn't want me to continue stinking up her air.
         The fuss of preparation in the hallway and then all the styling rotations were a mess - a fun mess - but then we moved to the ark and finished it slowly into the afternoon. For the finish, Špela and Rok went into the river (Špela to pose, Rok to swim.) and ten minutes later, we were running home, with a lightning storm pouring down :D


 This photo is someone else's I think? Not sure. But it's cool, so if it is, I'm borrowing it.
 Andreja, the girl in the box...
 The dancer, Sara, in her sister's magical clothes....

Špela. Yeesh. Hot!
Hello. :D An excellent day. Fuckload of material to go through, though. About fifteen different styles, too...... :D
I had a weird dream last night. I've been having several weird ones lately, because my biorhythm is off, but this one was just so indeed. It was a sex dream, or at least it was supposed to be. There was some sort of a trip stay in some hotel or somesuch, some huge cottage and I was there with my family. there was a man, like a guide or trip manager or something - and he was perfect for my wet dreams - he was mean, unpleasant, ugly, dangerous - just my type. And he came to my room, almost invasive, and was, very soon, after some very no-nonsense conversation, almost in my mouth already with his own - I was thinking 'This could become just the sort of a sex I need right now, and nobody would ever have to know'.... But I walked out. Sorry, I said. Or thought. Or did. But you are simply not worth s(p)oiling what I'm having with my man.
           Dude. I am faithful in the privacy of my DREAMS!?!! That's tight.

Friday, 20 May 2011

One of those funny, nothing-special-and-still-incredibly-good days. I slept twice during the day, then we drove around, I painted and edited shots, I took pictures of farm animals :D We drove to my folks', played with the dogs. Stupid mutt Starbark stole a tenis ball from the rottweiler and tried to burry it :D Rokstar climbed into a tree and was like a bird in a nest :))
          The museum shoot tomorrow... I don't suppose it's the best idea to feel jealous of your own models while you're the photographer, shooting them, thinking, I'm so old and fat and they're so young and skinny.... Probably not how it goes :P  I'm suck a twat :P

 I open the door and this is what's outside... Yummy! (I mean the cake!)
 The waaaalk in the paaark... :D

 I mean, seriously, come ON!?!!

Mojca, some, so far...