Friday, 29 June 2012

My head is full
Of thoughts of a man. I am alive
With thoughts of a man.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bishop Vs. couch

Snow Patrol: The Lightning Strikes

Feel good Music :) Just saw it in the first trailer for Epic :D Don't care if it's a rip off Ferngully - it sounds and LOOKs good, and that's good enough for me.
One of those cool mornings :) It started with a short bus ride, which I do so rarely it always feels a little funny and quaint - two girls, early morning, sitting on the bus stop :D It's amazing buses still run at all, but I am glad they do. They used to go every few minutes, now it's just on the hour, usually three people on. But anyways.
            Drej was off to have her tattoo redone by a professional, so of course we drove to Žalec where Tomaž Vaš works these past few years. Tomaž is the one I know and rather swear by, as he did all of my own tattoos (minus the wedding ring.) and can heartily recommend him to anyone, no matter how elaborate the picture. I love his shading, he is miles ahead of me (okay, decades), thus I tagged along to blatantly spy on his technique.
             I was hoping he won't remember me, though the moment he saw us coming down the driveway, he is the kind of a guy to greet me instantly and explain his good memory by saying: "You don't forget those kind of tits." His attitude is so charming and fuck-all assholish at the same time (he reminds me of a horny young bull), if I wasnt married and he wasnt married I would probably let him make sure they are as gorgeous as he remembers and then drop him on his tattoo table and rape him. Back in the real world, several minutes of blushing like a pepper, embarrassed to my teeth later, we got to talking tattoos. Obviously he wasn't gonna share his secrets, but I am skilled enough to know now what I've been doing wrong. My pace was wrong, my needle was wrong, my stretching the skin was wrong. And the main thing - I worry too much about how much it hurts people. I actually shake before I have to use the needle on the General. I apologize for having to tap the grease off. When Tomaž cleans the finished work with those rough towels I feel weak in my knees. That mush hurt like a bitch! Thats an opened wound, man! I try not to make this too painful, though of course thats the one thing that shouldn't bother a customer: once you're determined to have one, please don't whine. Whine after moneys changed hands.
       So, my tits so great still that my chubby waist and acidic personality seem insignificant by comparison, I am now 200% better tattooist I was four hours ago. Also, really really into having more tattoos done myself. Snufkin for sure and perhaps the shedding dark feathers later. Some day.  When I am immune to pain. And rich. And immune to pain. And immune to pain. :P

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Phryne Fisher

Came across something very cool. I think my own characters will get an extra push of color with this one (this summer read, as it turns out the local library has about six of these books...) If not, there's always the televized series :D

Yup, I managed to be fifteen minutes late to my interview today. Not because I wasn't there fifteen minutes early, but because I sat at the wrong table and *completely* expected the journalist to look differently - I always thought he was the other man I remembered to work there. Whoops. Not the best introduction, especially after saying I have known him for thirty five years as my parents' colleague. Luckily I always follow my gut feeling and I sent Klara to talk to one of the 30 people sitting there if he's the one. Then things got rolling.
            It got me thinking something about my husband... Something I've known and always liked, I just voiced it well today, I think. I went to buy the full-wheat croissants (General calls them chromosomes:))), something very yummy I like to eat warm for breakfast. I buy them enough for both of us. But although he eats them, because he knows I had to cross the whole town to get to the right bakery and they are not half bad, what really really makes him grin is a massive, warm from the oven, home-made bread of mixed stuff you just happened to have lying around in the pantry at the time. He has his feet so firmly planted on solid ground, his own shadow is the yellow brick road. 

      On a related subject. Bucket list until I think of something better.
      I want to make a really tall, lean, large, thin white porcelain vase using a spinning wheel.
      I want to take a representative portrait of Kim Jong Nam or Jong Un or their sister.
I want to learn how to fly a Cessna against an ocean wind.
And take my husband to a spa where hell be spoiled rotten for a week while I write a book about a supermodel or something. No-brainer paradise :D

Also I kind of really like this :D

 I only don't know who Thomas Paine is. I mean I do now. But he doesn't seem that world-important, just USA important, so that can be forgiven. There's another version of this picture with Gertrude B. Elion instead of the black lady whose name I keep forgetting, though I know who she is. Perhaps because I am more impressed by scientists than politicians. It's a shame, though, that most activists that changed this world are only famous now because good looking people portrayed them in big American movies. I stand shamefully busted on that point. There were things I knew way too little about until I read The Help :(

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

 Some of the ballloons shoot with Tamy today, though I am too tired and in too much pain to do more... :/ Nuts schedule for tomorrow and the editor hasn't checked in yet :) Hopefully reading. :P

... That awkward moment, when you're telling a beautiful Japanese woman you've just invited for coffee about your murdered old samurai story, that you are so proud of, and she asks if the samurai was a woman, because Haruka Kuragari is a girl's name...


Sunday, 24 June 2012

I need to think of something pretty :/ My knee is murdering me D:

Au. Au. Au. Au. Au.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Sunday shoot for the Rosa purses

 Lyra, Karin, Tamara and Aleksandra...


Not my most inspired work, but the first time I actually guessed exactly what the client wanted 8)

The first Literary Evening

Photos by Nejc Jezernik on Marki :)
Location: MCC in Celje
Time: Dusk
Day: Midsummer
Occasion: Book launch
Which book? :D :P  ;)

 Drej opened the evening. I can't get enough of how she talks about me :P :))))) I loved her wedding speech and now when she talked about how she noticed me years before we were officially doggy-walking-buddies :D How she noticed my hair or my humongous army backpack or my camera or my dog :D She just makes me sound so friggin' cool 8)))) I love you, crazy ginger sister-in-craft!
 The orchestra started with a perky song, then a very sad song and then a lakukaracha :D Nuts!! :D
 The bookies and card catalogues...
 Audience, trying to figure out if I'm just kidding..
 Me! On a stage!! How did that happen?!

 The majestic dancers...
Shekaya: Maruša Turnšek, Katja Poteko, Katja Peganc, Ana Kovačič, Eva Jeram.
 Dad :D
 More me :) The orchestra here played a sad sad backsound while poor Kuragari in the story kawked it.

 No words. But I was very much in love during these moments ;:)))

 Edi, Grega and Baloo, who, well, slept like a baby thorough the entire event. Born critic!

 Klarek :D    <3

 Aaaa... post festum :) In the and, when all was said and done, the empty chair. Though my head is still buzzing from the thrill :))

The innitiation literary evening - preps

You can't tell from these pickes, because some thing happen too quickly even for a photographer, but at this stage the rum balls are still in existence (eighty rumbles gone in a WhaaM!)
         But you probably know how this goes. The day starts easy breezy, doggy walk, hair still in braids, chillaxing, answering some RPSVs, counting rum ball wrappers in the trash at home (the cat did it!), fixing some last minute reading techniques... There was a photo shoot commission for the nex day that I got paid for in advance and being me, instead of covering my insurance, I went straight and spent it all on an anniversary counter-gift for my husband who just... Well... the thing is, he has this memory of a *look* I gave him, on our second date, when he drove me home, but would not kiss me and I was kind of really wanting him to kiss me... Cue a very awkward and stuck moment when I kind of very obviously posed to be unexpectedly, daringly kissed by my suitor and all he did was really enjoy the moment... bastard. Anyhoo, that is his favourite of my looks. So yesterday, when I got him the gift and I was reeeaalllyy nervous, because we agreed not to be wasting any more money for sentimental reasons, nor was i sure if he'd like it, when he opened the box and his face got real funny. His eyes got very small and dark and his mouth got so... I don't think I've ever seen him so very beautiful (with his clothes on). Or in love. That kind of shit really kind of just balances out all the crap this world delivers on bad days. 

Okay. >>FF>> to the second best thing of that day. 
      Towards the finish-line of course things started getting fussy and I always love the rush of preparations. There comes a point where everything goes from well planed to hopeless to post-worst and although not the case here, still my favourite time of the whole shindig. Our set was truly sublime - the massive tree with a cute installation around it, the stage was moved to the centre for us and after the duet turned into a dozen-instruments orchestra, we just swept the rest of the yard and the dancers claimed that.. The sound technician was good, the light was good, the weather was good... Klara, the organiser was great, Tamara was super, Drej did my make-up and I let down my hair, which kind of made me look my best ( a small thrill when people asked if my hair is really that long or is it an extension - because people never really get to see my with my hair down), although my wardrobe was still that of a photographer-lunatic-in-a-hurry.. but with my best T-shirt :P Nejc, who later took over the camera also helped loads. Ensue loads of gratitude. It kinds underlines the joy if the pressure of getting everything done gets dispersed.. 

And that was that for my favourite part of all events: the preparations ;) 

 Klara and Nejc setting up the tables (well, before and after this shot ;P)
 .... which people later on began to fill...
 The dancers checking out their impro stage...
  The orchestra and my orange empty chair waiting for me.
 Group high five from the dancers, ready to rumble...
 ... Drej arrives, always a very good thing.
 ... Nervous almost as much as me about the speech :D
 Klarek, petrified about how things will go (not, really. But this is how *I* felt :P)
 The magical Dorimu trio and Drej checking out my old bookies, Marcel and Dad in the back.
Tamara reminding me I should hydrate before I start spitting cotton.

... Follows - the main event.