Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Manca Ljubej

Manca posted two more of her pickies, which means so can I  :D  Which just made my whole day, because I really like the stuff I did with her and can't wait to work with her again, some day, some day :D

Some people, without any cosmetics and in the most natural, basic light, are simply glorious.

The doggies for calendar photoshoot....

THERE! It's nigh 1:3o and I made THIRTY pickies just to prove that today was an excellent doggie day :D About 400 left to go... :P 
       The General is at work and although it's damn cold here, I don't like the bed without him. So I'm making pickies. 
      Pascal with Mags on a leash, Lyra with the General on the leash and Sophie with Drej on the leash, underneath the ginko tree :D 

      Look! Look at the nice lady with the blinky light! Look!

Mags, Paski, The General, Barky, Drej and Sophie :)

Paski, the prime sample of his breed :D

 Sophie, the ballerina

 The Reservoir Dogs

 Who? Me?! I would never!

 The walkie trick :D
The fuzzy beard trick :P
 The "Gimme that food! Gimme that food!" trick.

 Give nose :D Give nose :D (You can't see it on this pic, but she actually licked the hand just a tiny bit, tenderly :D

 "I'm NOT looking! Come on, get it, I am NOT looking!"
          .... ah, but it was so worth it :D

You may not be able to spy the wisdom behind those eyes, but she certainly has the coolest twirl on her chest :D
 The flying beagle, the exploding spaniel and a seriously too clever parsons :D

 The feral hounds... Wait till you've seen them take on a great dane.

"Look, bitch, are you gonna get that picture or am I suppose to just roll around for you the rest of the day?"

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tamara in the park... again.... :))

Lady Dead of Winter...

Monday, 28 November 2011

 With eyes like these, Špela would be ideal for a thriller noir movie :D

Couple more pickies from the fashion shoot preps...