Sunday, 31 December 2017

Best thing about the Internet - when I get turned on by something, chances are four billion and six hundred forty one thousand people will already be: ye, dude, I'm totally on it. :S <3 #Reylo

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Just an ordinary day

Such a cute coffee date with G <3 I described and read to him little bits of Rebecca (Du Maurier), then we played chess. He absolutely assassinated me in the first round, so swiftly and elegantly I am still proud of him ... The second one I surrendered after a while, having lost almost all off my assault pieces, playing a little too vehemently :D When you know you will always lose, playing is a lot more fun. A pair of Romani kids drank their Red Bulls at the next table, happily watching us play. 

I've watched
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
and first episode of Made in Abyss,
all of which I heartily recommend.

Now I'm off to bake my second attempt at chocolate cake ... I burnt the first batter to charcoal. I've no idea how. I'm guessing the oven is slightly too enthusiastic. The scond one was done after ten minutes, instead of perscribed 45...

What an amazing painting this is. It reminds me of the Šubic dudes, a family of our own authors from the same era - 1891 - the author in this case being Luke Fildes. Dunno, it's just such a tragically, fantastically, well captured moment - the helplessness of the parents, the frustration of a doctor up all night, the fucked up kid... Fildes's own eldest died of typhoid fever at the age of one. You can tell.


Friday, 29 December 2017

And today I got a pink champagne. It's not a bad thing, it's a rosé bubbly, actually a superb piece of celebratory drink. I just have no idea why lately everyone's been giving me pink drinks :D

The cute bit is my younger nephew saw somewhere the actions and ceremony of a sommelier and he's been putting on a show, bullshit tasting various drinks around the table. It feels funny knowing my parents were quite strict about having an attitude towards wine and winemaking, so I am quit a lot better educated on the subject of wines, tastes, scents, spices and glasses than you would think, considering I never drink. I am beginning to agree there is something elegant and calm about knowing wine. Even if it's just for polite conversation ... and spotting bullshitters.

Namely, if you hear someone being too smart about the glass in which certain colour of wine is being served, just ask them - how about rosé then? :D

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Here's a New Year's resolution:


the damn fucking 



I wanted to write about the holidays and the culling and normal people, but I'm tired and bored and horny, so I'll probably go watch some porn and nap instead, at least until G comes back home after midnight …

In short .. The holidays  are a rocky affair – either entirely non-event days pass in between, of nothing but eating oatmeal and drinking water to get your stomach going properly again, or massively eventful days of meeting 20 people whom you're to be emotionally involved with and soooo much food. I got mainly books and frying pans as prezzies this year, with some delights thrown in to spice up the mix. Drej cleared out her entire makeup suitcase and gave it all to me – I re-arranged everything in my make-up basket – for future photoshoots, obviously – and now have 3 pounds of make up more :DThat is a fuckload of make-up for a person who doesn't use any :D

Such an abundance of meat and sweets I am more vegetarian and diabetic than ever. But, slowly, surely, we devour it all.

Tuesday was the culling. Culling is my least favourite word in English language (verisimilitude being my fav). I cannot think about the murder, because that would undo me, but the family gathering at a farm and everyone having something to do, that's the wonderful bit. It was ridiculously windy as the weather changed and Starbark was ecstatic, other than that it was dangerous, difficult work and in the end the satisfaction another season on a farm has gone by well. We also got lots of honey from G's dad, sublime product, and I learnt how to tie my boots so as to be easily put on and off and still safe and comfy to walk in.

Today was another easy day, playing Warcraft, some sketching, and some taking pickies in the mall. I got to sit down in mixed company with small kids, shared some burgers (and beer in their case), saw my teen nephew being all grown up as a waiter, and tried desperately to have small conversations with Normals, a feat I continue to be abysmal at. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to speak without saying anything at all? It's impossible. The one person I was able to communicate with wonderfully told me all kinds of curious things about biology and zoology and a book about a lady doctor who mixed practices between humans and animals to a great result – treating horses for postpartum depression and heart surgery in exotic animals  so on.

Now we're taking. 

They gave me a bottle of a cool rosé. I'm wondering if I know a single person who is partial to a good rosé...

Monday, 25 December 2017

Ranking 719th! :D

Oh, and hey, I ranked 719th in some speed challenge with a pickie of a spider :D Go me! :D