Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ha, yup, today the doggie walk was kinda interesting. Okay, gory may be a more accurate word :))
       I was late for the walk because I was making myself Fissshy shorts and so as soon as we got to the outskirts, I let Barky go off leash. She met a golden retriever who wanted to play with her and she made such a fuss they must have heard her back till the center. She seems to want to kind of dog scream and run and bark and yelp real loud at the same time when any canine approaches her, lately. No idea what the fuck that is about. Mental note to work on her social graces..
       We then caught up with Drey and Sofi and after two seconds of puppy play, there was blood all over the place. And I mean all over the place. Red, hot, glittery blood - over Sofi's head and paws, over Lyra's head and paws, over the pebbles, over the grass and leaves... Man do dogs bleed when accidentally playfully bitten in their beaks :D But save for the gruesome effect, everyone was fine and Starbark stopped bleeding even before she noticed she's been embarrassingly almost eaten by a puppy half her size :D
        And to finish the gory puppy story, we were gonna climb down the rocks to the river to teach the doggies to swim a little - and nearly walked onto a sunbathing snake. According to google, it was a dice snake and not particularly fierce, though it still makes you gain a safe distance of, say, a mile or four, meeting it. 
          All in all, it was a walk worth a mention :)
          Other than that I did a watercolor painting for a magazine and tested the paper with a couple make-up ideas :) General is still working 14 hours a day :s  Though the second episode of the fourth season of True Blood was kind of cute meanwhile. Obviously nobody can get enough of Eric, but there is something to be said about a witless Eric. May I dip him in whipped cream and eat him please? just this once?

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bit more stuff from the wedding day... :)

It started off pretty hectic. In fact I got up way too early and there was about an hour of time around seven, when I had nothing to do but fuss. It wasn't until when I got to Drey, when she sat me down and began to do my make up (I finally know how models feel! It feels great!) that i began to mantra the word 'tranquillity, tranquillity' and things started to settle in. My phone was consta ringing with people needing directions, so I asked two runners to go around town and collect them. Thanks again to Sanela and Rok for their patience :))

And then at some point it hit me. All this mess, all this fun is because of me. Everyone is looking at me. Everyone is here because of me. My maids kept arranging things and making sure I don't explode or anything, haha, and I kept going from one person to the next, greeting them and telling them I'm so glad they came. Only problem was - all these excellent people that responded to my invitation for the occasion, were so many. There was just no way to make quality time, spent with them. It was not the right occasion for it. Even birthdays are a pain when it comes to trying to incorporate coffee-hang-out mood to something this crowded :))

The ceremony was very long and rather cute and a little bit funny. I know there was a pang of shame for standing here for the second time, having to listen to the vows - not that it was me who broke them the first time, but because they seem so profound and I failed to live up to them, once, a long time ago. I also kept gravitating to the General and he kept offering me his pinky for moral support :P I wondered what the kiss would be like and it was so splendid. He kisses so, that I always lose myself in the swirl of world and dreams and sensation and then wake up to the happenstance - only in this case the happenstance was just as euphoric. Even the General admitted he was high on everything going on. It takes a bit for him to say something like it :D

 We didn't have any rice or bubbles, so we pretended to be bombarded by torrents of the lot and then photoshopped the specks in later :D It isn't cheating if everyone agrees to tell the same story :))

 Dad & me :D   I am the one on the left :p

The feast, as mentioned, was absurd. There was too much of everything from start to finish and we still haven't returned all the dishes to the right owners, after half a week. But everyone tried so hard to contribute, we lacked nothing and everyone ate too much. Funny, I barely ate at all - I just had a little bit of pasta salad, a few nacho chips and a bit of cake. I didn't drink anything at all, because going to pee in that dress was a drag. No need to stress that after eight hours of having a jolly great time, I was o the verge of dehydration - and still the euphoria didn't abandon me :)

Dad and Teddy, new best friends :D
"May he really not have *any* food?"
"No, dad, really, he may not eat anything from our tables..."
"What about if I happen to drop something from these very thin and unstable plates?"

 Dad, again, with a puppy by the elbow... the doggies cleaned the ground to near no-trace of any party, rummaged through garbage for every crumpet and occasionally knocked plates from people's hands just to remind them they're hungry for yummies also. :D I know I sound like a lame dog owner, but sorry, it just isn't a party without them :) And here Starbark already looks so tired, she would have passed out were it not for the competition :)

 Špela, looking super cute with a guilty pleasure expression :))

 The General, closing in for a kiss :D

 Klavdija and the bibi :)

 Franka and her man :)

 Pasky and, below, Luka and mum and dad


 The Dorimu couple - the makers of that insanely lovely doll I got as the best gift ever...

...and so on and so forth. Just a lot and some more pickies of people having a good time until they are so full they can barely get up :)))))

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Preparations, from two days ago :)

The day before the showdown, there was lots of sweet food to be made. We actually started a day even prior, what with the shopping and some of the less complicated doughs. But the plan was to prepare about three salty snacks, such as bread sticks...; sweet snacks, such as muffins...; and several cakes. We occupied the largest kitchen between us (still nowhere near large enough, haha) and early Friday morning set to work. The trick is to make something and, while it bakes or cools, make something else. Not everything is going to turn out great and bare in mind the weather and conditions of transport, but other than that, we did great. Ultimately, on top of everything, (made also out of cut-offs), we produced a chocolate, coconut, fruity, dream and Sacher cake - and we would have put one on top of the other, but because we had no fridge and most fillings were made with whipped cream, the cream made the architecture unstable, so we ultimately opted for a 'cityscape' version - not at all the cutest, but a lot safer for transport over the shaky terrain. :)

 The mats :))
 The works :)
 Breadsticks with poppy or sesame. They are great wrapped in prschutto...
 Muffins :D
 Future cheese coins with spice...

 "If everything goes as planned, it just means you forgot to turn on the oven yet :D"
 Future cakes.
 Cut-offs canapes :)
 Cakes. Stronged together with frozen chocolate lace...

 The Sacher for General :)
 At 9pm, after over 12 hours of work, we still needed to iron the clothes and fix my hair into curlers...
But one thing not lacking was the cornucopia of thingies to eat :D And get caries :DDD

The perfect gift: the completely comprehended essence of me

All gifts that we got for the wedding were precious (and some of them will make for an excellent honeymoon :)), but there was one that marked the entire day onto a map of an extraordinary life: suddenly I panicked all those mushy wedding cards had it right: this IS the happiest day of someone's life. This is the moment when all the company, relations, food, location, pets and cameras come together in one amazing happenstance: the reflection of a life to come... or a life that in some case already is :D

This is a Dorimu doll. It's something like a Stradivari violin or a Swarovski crystal or a Vera Wang wedding dress... I've wanted one since the second I saw the first one and having met the couple that makes them, I was simply too much in awe of them (they really are kind of awesome) to ever ask to be put on their waiting list...


Look closer now.
This was their gift to me: look, look: See the freckles? The red hair? The totally cute but sturdy travel bag for an apple, camera and notepad? The obvious fixation to measure places by the ice coffee they serve? THE GREEN  FISSSHY PANTS WITH ONE POCKET AND KOI FISH??????????

Okay, now I have to cry again. I am so happy to be alive on a day like this, I keep going between the dog and the hubby and kissing them while they sleep, anyone watching me from above must think I'm crazy :D But I'm simply so deeply, oh so deeply in love :D

D day (first glance)

Just the crumpets, as there is still no energy to even *begin* editing all the photos... :D
          But these are just some of the tidbits :))

Me, under the scrutiny of Drey/Make-up artista. I am especially proud of the moment where she asked: are you planning to cry any? And I was like: LoL, NO. And so she applied the runny make-up. Ah, well. Mental note to next time bring more than just one handkerchief for every female and parent and the room. Not one per person. One :D

I was of course STILL the photographer, even though "all the girls in the room, let me hear you say hooo-aaaa!" we got dressed and crammed into the lift and then hurried to the wedding ONE MINUTE EARLY :D Unheard-of! :D

There was a lovely ceremony, lovely speech (although at some point the magistress DID mention the word *shapely* to describe my groom, which was KIND of odd, but okay. He is kind of beyond :D ) and some tears. Yes, yes, I did cry just a little :D But it was just so damn surreal to be standing there.

Then, after about an hour of directions per each, we drove, following the big car with silly small white baloons :D I was in the car second, with Špela driving and consta honking and every once in a while a baloon from the grom's car tore off and hit us :))))

There was too much food to mention. Seriously, everyone brought TOO MUCH food. The plan was to make three separate units: the bread (which my new mother in law did in such abundance, that after the feast we STILL got to take home about five gigantic loafs - and I am talking farmland loafs, not city loafs. One loaf feeds a small village.); the meats: my dad was ordered to make 30 sheeshkebabs and 50 chewapchich (a very large thumb sized ground meat with spices thingie, excellent for BBQs) and, sure, he did. On one plate. And then brought seven plates of it. Plus there was a roasted pig which, ironically, with all my health-food city friends, everyone finished till the last bit. We managed to salvage the head :D And there was the sweets that us made last night. Towards the end, we were basically forcing people to take home plate-fulls of sweets and we then filled the Pathfinder with what we still had. Wait, let me go measure myself on a scale....

Hihi, my dad made insta friends :D

 See what I mean? :D

Though some still hunted down and ate the soap bubbles.... :D

Post festum: ahhh, the burden of balloons.... :D