Friday, 31 March 2017

Random funny shit from the web :D

While I was going through my Random Shit from The Web folder, looking for that pic of coffees for the previous post, I found all these stupid memes that get me chuckling every time :D Here's some....

Someone down my street is rehearsing a violin and it sounds magical. I mean they can really play, it's not like one of those kids you want to bomb the street because of. 

And I had my first voluntary espresso. That's right from the top of the list. Hard to go back, really. I'm so over milk.

Little old evil me

Ah, some punk kids did the awful crime of underestimating my willingness to tell them off when they were smoking pot in the park instead of being in school. Not that I have anything against pot – I think all drugs should be legal, as nothing makes as much money for the evil people as prohibition – but I do have it against punk kids skipping school. And giving me sassy looks, as if ‘ye? What you gonna do about it?’.
I was brutal. In passing, I gave him a desperate look and said so all his friends could hear me: “Aw, man, that stinks like some really cheap stuff!”

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cannot for the life of me destroy the old Facebook account nor create a new Instagram account. It's like a fucking new age curse.
I just thought of the ending for the second chapter ...

It's pretty fucking dark, actually.

Wood in Bloom - the abstracts