Friday, 31 August 2012

... This project has started off pretty awesome :D

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Oddly enough, since my self-gift of closing my company due to not making money, I had to re-apply my google schedule to all my computers. My days have filled up like nuts. I have eight appointments tomorrow, one of which may actually pay. That's not a bad ratio! In a perfect world, I should be rich by the end of August. But back on Planet Earth, well.. I would say 'fuck it', only I've promised the General I will stop using foul language when not called for. 

The Audition starts tomorrow. We will see how many people actually show up and what we can do with them to create an interesting (or at least profitable) little platform for making it easier on the models starting out... It could be really great. Or it could be just another one in the long line of pointless efforts.

I boiled up again today, for having my service insulted (financially). It really fucking pisses me off when people think what I do is not worth a dime. I got that from a relative earlier - saying not only photographs aren't really needed (at weddings, no less!), they are grossly overpriced. He told me it doesn't take very long to edit them. Today a potential customer said they can get everything done for one eight of asking price from another photographer. I checked out his portfolio. He is a well known photie in this town and his work is like that of a retarded blind man taking pictures with his phone... I downloaded some of his most 'liked' work from FB, but I do not have the decency to post it. Of course he got the job and I didn't. 

I have to breach out of this fucked up town mentality, where people wouldn't know a professional photograph if someone face-raped them with it. We'll see how tomorrow goes. After all, the reason why I am still stuck at the bottom of the barrel is nobody's fault but my own.

BD pastry - making of :D

 Klara and Rokstar making rubles :D

 Test samples... Short lived.
 The Sacher for the General.
 The half-made pannacottas and rumbles...
 Tina's deeply complicated and ridiculously yummy cake... for me :D
Cyprus pastry, gift from Katarina :D Delight!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Tony Scott WTF??

I just read Tony Scott offed himself by jumping off a bridge... What the ....?? I LIKED him. I watch his movies almost every day, while I work. I've seen Deja Vu and Unstoppable, like a 100 times ... And he's baby brotherto a guy who just made Prometheus, which is my favorite at the moment.

What the hell, man?!

Buyh-buyh Ninovela Publications ...

A strange self-birthday-present... I feel a little bit bad - I mean, I feel sad and a bit undressed. It took the lady at the administration office the whole of one minute to click a few clicks and print a few pages and my publications company is no more. Three and a half years just - puff! - gone in the dusty pages of history. That was an interesting experience. I thought there will be more ceremony than that, more pain. The ease of it caught me off guard. It didn't occur to me to feel sorrowful over it half an hour ago. In fact I just went to get information, because forums say the process takes three months. Indeed.

I cheer myself up by watching prince Prometheus die again. That's the only person I know who looks at a barren icy waterfall and thinks - this isn't my tomb, it's my cradle. If that's not optimism, I don't know what is. Now I am unemployed. The oddest feeling is, I don't feel so terribly in debt anymore. I should have done this a lot sooner. The best bit was when the lady said - until your accounts are all clear, you can not open another one... 

Another one? It never occurred to me to open another one :D 

... Like a modelling agency, maybe? :D

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Yet another post about why I'm slacking on my posts :D

Tonight it’s technically  my birthday, although officially doctor pronounced – in a good way – me few minutes past midnight…  I am much more a leo than I am a virgo. Nothing earthly and baring fruit about me at all. Ego, though, that’s another matter :D

I am starting to know how Z feels. She wrote that by the time she is allowed to post her work, it’s been so long she’s already bored with it. I am not bored with my work, not at all, but there is so much of it that by the time I find time to write about it, I have better things to do. Last weekend I took a ton of shots because the General’s family had their gathering and Nea left with a party – and plenty make-up sessions… This weekend it’s my birthday party, with all the preparations, prezzies and post-festum shopping. In between, there are the two day jobs, editing the Gorgonaut and preparing for the September audition…  And all the coffee dates, obviously.

It’s stupid hot these days. Like, really stupid fucking hot. Moist, humid, damp, stuffy, dense stupid fucking hot. And this from a summer creature. This heat is interfearing with my mojo.  I am not the type to pause sex when it’s rolling downhill, but lately our sex sounds like this: yes! … yes! … Yes!... Harder!... Give it to me harder! … Ah! Ah!! …
… Wait.
                Need a glass of water. Gimme a minute.
                Okay, now let’s go.
… Oh, yes… Gods, yes … Fuck! Yes! Yes! …
Stop. I’m going to overheat. Pause. One moment, please.
                Okay, I’m okay now.  Back again.
…. Yeah! Give it to me! … I love you! Harder! … Yes!
                No. Enough. It’s okay. Enough for now.

                Get the picture?
                It’s hot.
                Not so much before, or perhaps because I wasn’t having sex like this, I didn’t really feel like I am nearing damage when getting this warm. I can feel my heart and stomach overwhelmed. Last night I took my push-bike to a carwash (six years of pigeon droppings), and was so nervous, as I don’t really know how to ride a bike and mostly just kind of push off the pavement with a foot and let the gravity do the rest… I was so nervous I was sweating through every pore on me. Normally I don’t do that. Certainly, when working out. But sitting on a bike while it gently slides? It was the sort of sweating that’s coming out of your ears, neck, legs and eyelids.
                Hot, get it?

                We walk the doggies, starting the day at 5:30. It’s still nice and breezy then, though humid. It makes the skin crawl like I had a fever. By eight, we sit and chat and have the wonderful morning coffee, which we no longer have to order. We’re like a clock – the service brings it to us as soon as we sit down :D Dogs bask off the river and we start the day. I get cut-offs in the bakery, of the parts of pastry they remove and toss, as it had burnt. But I like that. I like the little bit of bitter in my pastry. It’s the same with pancakes, if I eat them naked – General calls them ‘charcoal style’.
                Later I work, editing this or that, planning and plotting, preparing systems and reading up on new stuff that might help… I re-watch cool movies that I’ve seen enough times to be able to ignore visually. Occasionally, for kicks, I wash the dishes.

                Afternoons mostly I nap and then work again. General often either works until the evening or sleeps and has to work at night. If he works afternoons, towards the end of his shift I grab the mutt and we go meet him halfway and then we have some ice-cream and normally pass out. If not, he watches TV and I edit some more photos and he forces me to go to sleep around one. We mostly eat stuff from the bakery, because it is too hot to cook and definitely too hot to eat.  
                It’s not difficult to write about these kinds of towns. I’m re-reading bits of Bryson’s Short history, HHhH and magazines with pretty pictures :) Supposedly in the fall my name will be mentioned in Playboy and H.O.M.E., but I’ll stress that part when we get to it. There are plenty projects in limbo, none of which will shoo my debts, but we are not sinking deeper yet. I think in about three month’s time, max four, my life will be financially cool again. No real reason why, but I want to kick this Audition thing into gear and then ride it, hard. And I would love to see two more of my books shelved. Books are the one thing that love to be shelved :))
                It's noon. I'm sleepy. Catch ya laters, bitches.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Last night's Klara

I KNOW I shouldn't be doing ever more than just one, max two shots of one styling, but some faces you can just never get enough of.... O.o   I could make fifty of these. They are all different. But my commissioners will kill me. :P

Too sleepy to get into details, but been a crazy couple of days. Weekends, y'know? :P Will get to it laters.

 Nea's bye-bye party...

 Klara coo-coo. Love her.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

"Red dawn". Are you fucking kidding me?

Looooooooooooooool, there's an upcoming movie about American teenagers fighting off a North Korean invasion... What the fuck is wrong with American filmmakers? I'm sorry - have you ever SEEN North Korean army? Anyone who has to put up that much show, little girls in uniforms and all, clearly isn't fit to invade the world. There are 22 millions of N Koreans. Pretty much 22 of those are under nourished. They have no support. Russians and Chinese have long stopped bothering with them. Okay, so in the movie they do use C-130 planes, which, frankly, I do not see N Koreans affording in any scenario, but when you invade a large nation, that is far away from your home base, you need a steady stream of supply to defend the borders of a vacuum created. You don't drop infantry in the suburbs. This isn't France 1943. I doubt Canada and Mexico, Europe and the Middle East would just stand and eat popcorn while someone clawed all over the makers of iPad. People don't support invaders who promise to return the world a 100 years into the history - but 100 years into the future, that's the whole point. I love North Korea and would gladly go portray the Kims, but an escadrille of Hercules' led by a Hawaiian hottie I cannot confuse them with.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Two shoots today. There's a holiday tomorrow, so I may actually get a little more than five hours of sleep. Not sure which holiday. Not that I'm complaining; the weekend was lovely. General is working nights again, so every morning between five and six his kid, Drej, optional puppy and Barky and I set out for our two-hour walks. I can't even remember what went on two days ago, I am too sleepy :))

The first shoot was at a pretty, renovated villa on the edge of town, cold but just the right amount of urban posh to make me drool. There's a possibility we may get this location for one of our big shoots in September. Maybe. It would be sweet :) The lady who was portrayed is a painter, so that added a cool edge.

The second shoot was Anja and Laura. Anja is a very small, very fair model whereas Laura is a taller, darker beauty. I like attempting to match these kinds. :)



Monday, 13 August 2012

I just realised, walking earlier by the river, pass the library, all lit and pretty, like a city's heart on a perfect sumer eve... People have been asking me for years why I married the guy I married the first time - even though everyone knew he was a faggoty mother-obsessed selfish loser with only thing smaller than his dick being his integrity ...

It was because somewhere deep in my soul I believed this man would build my libraries. Because I though he was going to be doing that, building libraries, and he would be thinking of me during. 

And as of today, my last big question - how could I have been so wrong - has faltered. Now I know. And now it makes a lot of sense, why someone like that would ever be loved by anyone. Deeds like that redeem. If he ever meant a single thing he said. Which, shockingly, he didn't... 

I have decided that from now on when people ask me how come I am almost deaf on one ear, I will say because I believed too many whispers someone lied into it :D


Model: Ajda
Make--up: Nea Likar

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Some extras of the dark Klara shoot...

Model: my darling Claire
Make--up: my darling Nea
Rok on the shiny thingie...