Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Vampire Infinity: monster edition, on the runway

The designers: Aleš Černi, Anamarija Lukšić, Mariella Morgana, Marita Narobe, Suzana Rengeo, Tina Gorjanc, Tjaša Delak
     I tried getting all the pieces at least once, but some have slipped :D


Vampire Infinity fashion show... Well... before the noise.

I have forgotten one of my cardinal lenses. I cannot believe I did that. I mean, I know I've been saying it's time to try new angles, but you don't leave behind your primary lens. Honestly, what kind of a noob does that?
       But anyhoos, so far the day has been okay. There are places I certainly feel better at than in the nation capital, but the book business meeting went cool, nothing negative said about my draft. Just editodial brush-ups. Things I've been hoping to get a year ago. They liked the pickies, too. Even the ones I didn't.
       Here where I am now, I feel lost. Too many people. Too many photographers. Most of them are extremely social and are drawing attention to themselves like there's no tomorrow. Everyone's best buddy. Room is lousy with air kisses. Normal people are being transformed into works of art. It was enough for me to want to wipe off my make-up. The little that I'm wearing. By comparison. The rural gray mouse. Yeesh, Gods, the way everyone is speaking. Their accents, their vocabulary. Their gestures, their stances. Their gayness, their clothes... Their WORK clothes. No other way for me to stand out other than wearing jeans and a Tshirt. And my hair in a braid. Here I am the weirdo.
        Well, okay, I am always the weirdo. But there's a big lens between the world and me. And through a lens everything is so very pretty, erotic, alluring, interesting. A man in white makeup, naked, with deep purple lips, naked, behind bars, reminds me so much of Kuragari... Of course I've seen and heard this boy talk and act in the backstage and there is nothing at all interesting about him. A male model. Supposedly desirable, with the large blue eyes, blonde hair and tall lean body. And all I can think about is how much I want to be at home, doing dailies, stealing kisses from the General. And how much more I would enjoy shows like these if they included people like Ian Whyte or Rory McCann... 
         Considering there are about about a dozen photies present, nobody will mind if I take my own approach to this runway. Dresses are lovely and the models are magnificent. I thing the seeting is perfect. I will try to use a very long exposure, telelens and a hotflash and catch them as if they are ghosts. Since this is called Vampire Infinity, Monster Edition. Let them be unearthly.