Sunday, 30 May 2010

Too cool for school 8)

Hehe, I found the most amazing furniture site! Dust Furniture... something. It's like from Beauty and the Beast or something Tim Burton :D I love it! About time I got myself into carpentering....

Saturday, 29 May 2010

But not to be unjust, my land is of course superb in (natural or otherwise) beauty as well..

US in Wiki

I was going through the Wiki sites of separate US states and found some very pretty photos of it... Kind of like Slovenija: when you get pass all the people and politics, Northern America is actually a mesmerizingly beautiful place..
And a bit of history....
(The Dustbowl.)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Midsummer's eve is gonna be up soon... My favorite part of summer. By far my favorite part of the year. I got married to this date once, but more over, I've had some really nice moments regarding it over the years.. I love the spirits of it, love the lore.. Love the potent secrets of the living things that fragrant the hot wind around me while I walk with one ear to the forest and one ear to the city, eavesdropping on the restless souls like me ;)

Just a summery update

Bit past midnight and I'm high on sleeplessness :D The summer is starting. I can tell by how furiously alive my body feels at dusk. 
             The General is sprawled on the bed, wearing nothing but his briefs, sleeping so that he's be most in contact with the cool of the sheets. His extraordinary long legs and massive back are like a Roman statue of a fallen Gaelic warrior. I go and sexually harass him every time I can't resist his dangerous beauty, usually getting elbowed or head-butted in the teeth, but it's worth it. Only it's getting increasingly harder to get up. My legs are killing me. And I AM going to get to level 8o tonight or I eat my Kindle. 
             When summer starts, certain things about me change. Well, for one, I lose weight. This is happening in a hurry lately, because I threw a fit about not being able to get on any of my summer shorts, so General is now starving me until I stop being a whiney bitch.... It may take a while. I may actually get thinner. He enjoys prying bits of chocolate out of my unconscious fingers, I'll give him that :p
              I showered with cool water for the first time this year. That's another. Yet another is the urge to go for a walk at 8:2o pm, to say hi to my parents, which live on the side of a castle on a hill. It's about a weak hour's walk up and a bit more than half an hour down. In winter by nine I am in bed. In summer by 9'3o I only just start wondering where to go out. There was some sort of a concert or an opera at the castle while I walked, the wind bring me passages of the music in gales. It was cool enough to feel cool on my naked legs and arms, but I wore a vest and jogged downwards where the slope wasn't too much on my knees. The muscles were so stunned by this sudden athletics, I can now no longer rise without pain. The second best kind of pain, though.

PS Achieved the last level - 8o.... Now the good work starts!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Latest project

Finally finally finally I've gotten the grip on the latest project, using pastels instead of color pencils... I would have done it before, but I was afraid to use pastels as the fine dust off the chalk hurts my hands too much. But I bought cotton gloves and cut off the tips of the fingers, so I look like a rogue Etiopian butler.. but it works. Slowly but surelly I'm getting the hang of it.

'Tis the story about a tree... It starts when a boy and a piglet share a fruit and the pigled poos and the seed starts to grow. During the ages it goes through the motions, but ultimately ends up preserved as a wonder :)


Hihi, I like this take on culture, too.. Poor Untergang. Really hard to be scared of Hitler after what they've done with that movie (helps if you don't speak a workd of German too..)

Wavin' flag

Hihi, every time I put in the cork code for the Coca Cola competition, this song is playing in the background. First time I heard it was when Corr'n'Noot drove with me to see Starbark and sis mixed up the lyrics, singing 'just like a burning flag', so her honey mocked her in a retarded voice 'and stab your neighbour, stab your neighbor, stab your neighbor' so now I have to strain not to go the same way again when lipsinging.  Dumbasses :P

Okay, so maybe if football takes all that racial aggression and turns it into a game where a bunch of dudes chase a ball around the lawn and everyone seems to be excited about it (I seriously don't get it), then perhaps just from a socio-political view it's not such a bad thing. 

Friday, 21 May 2010

Tv downloads update... mostly finalés..

Slow aftrernoon after the hectic morning. I downloaded my shows, but am too scared to watch House (hate season finalés..:s...), even after having seen the end and having read detailed plot summary... Grey's Anatomy, on the other hand, is gruesome to watch and again several characters die, often ridiculously quickly, other painfully slow. Not sure any of the three shot leads will *actually* cawk it, but I know, even though nobody really liked Shepherd lately, the next season would be unwatchable without him - Meridith finding love ALL OVER AGAIN? No, thank you. Took her 5 seasons to get as far. Then again, perhaps the show is over altogether. In which case, good riddance. All we need for the end is that awful ex wife of his to twist her ugly face in teary horror one more time and that's it folks. Am glad Luther is slowly but surely taking off and hopefully Castle will return in fall, followed closely by  Criminal Minds. 24 is over too. Will jack live? Doubtfully. Where is True Blood, though?? Surely several great if obscure shows will fill the void of the top show's summer break?

Starbark update... :D !!!!!!

Drove to bother Starbark again - 5 weeks old at this point - after an hour and a half in a pet shop and another hour of getting lost while driving in the rain. But it was worth it. these pissy little monsters were beyond mesmerizing: we made a dozen movies and took dozens of pickes :D She's fat and playful and has teeth like a piranha.. All in all, she's flawless. I trusted sis to do all the check-ups I may forget, like check for hips dysplasia and how the dawgie acks when on her back and while being sorrounded by the seven little rascals, we kept trying to single her out, not always successful :D Three more weeks!!!!!

First wild strawberries harvest this year :D

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The drive to get a PlayStation prize from a Coca Cola competition for Noot'n'Corr ('bout an hour each way) yesterday was hilarious. A couple of times I was unable to drive and nearly pissed myself laughing and luckily we were on roads with no other traffic participants. (We didn't have the highway pass, so we took the old road and were often the only ones for ages..) I am still laughing, thinking about it. It's been said before that the two sisters in the same small space may lead to unexpected results. Truth of the matter is, we've lived indoors so long by now that when we finally go into the real world, we feel - and act - like some highlander inbreds that simply cannot manage basic social skills and the harder we try, the worst it turns out. Li'l sis, as it turns out, cannot ascend a simple flight of stairs without incident, if they so happen to have pretty footprints painted on, that she simply HAS to follow. Like a beagle in that aspect, she can't be focused and happy at the same time. Also imagine the moment when she realizes there are probably security cameras in that room.  Still-frame of supreme silliness and frantic search of memory for inconspicous etiqette.. I can relate to that exactly. Being happy means I will act ridiculous. I even have a happy walk that couldn't possibly pass for an attractive sort of walking (alright, yes, I would suck as a geisha), to anyone that doesn't know me. I just do it, it's not intentional. Good thing Piček already loves me and finds these little idiocies cute. Even talking to 'normal people' - the ones that need to pay attention to how they behave on daily basis, is usually problematic for the likes of us.... Believe me when I say that the way we sometimes ask for directions makes people pick up the pace and look over the shoulder nervously, probably 'thinking okay, i'll just pretend I didn't hear them...' and our passengers  in the back sit very quietly for a few minutes, scared smiles frozen on.

Okay, I have to stop laughing now, because I am drooling onto the keyboard and have woken up the General, who muttered: "Take just the one red and the one white the next time?..."

Believe me, you'd had to be there, but yesterday really was a LoL... LoL.... LoL....
Spread thin between drawing something cheap and fast that'll be a gift for someone I don't particularly feel in debt of, and trying to get a grip on strictly graphic design.. You really couldn't tell by looking at them, but I did one of these in one day and the other's been giving me a shy eye for almost two weeks now....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Perfect evening uphill

Yesterday was such a delightful evening.. :) I like the new library machine, the one that enables me to completely avoid staff behind the counter - almost all truly dislikable people. I've known them for a long time and can't say I have more than 3 remotely happy memories of them combined. The scanner may fuck up my account at some point, as all machines tend to bite back, but so far waltzing in and it's just the scanner and me and the books, then waltzing out again, I don't even have to put off my headphones.
            With Piček still too tired to do pretty much anything, antibiotics reeking through his pores, I drove uphill to see my parents. It hasn't rained for the first time in days and the air was cool and moist. Clouds were pretty, colors were clean, trees were deep emerald and bagrem, the acacia, are going into bloom. Their potent fragrance is one of my favorite in the road I walk between where I park to where the parents' house is. Soon fireflies will follow and crickets and blackbirds are already warming up.

             Mum was in the garden, tending to her flower beds and oh so neatly planted veggies - something she does truly to perfection. Every time some underground rodent eats one of the saps in the neat row, she replaces them with indescribable tenderness. The result is some of the richest, crispiest salad and sweetest peas I've ever eaten. When I was little she had a potato field as well and sometimes I'd grab a basket and go collect ten different things needed for a perfect veggie soup. I make her add some stuff, like edible and decorative pumpkins, but not always things grow. We have, for example, a freak fig tree that is completely alien to the region, and yet it bares fruit like there's no tomorrow. American blueberries - those big ones - don't grow, though. The only time they did, dogs ate them.
             As that wasn't cute and serene enough, it really perked me to see that Emi, the golden retriever, is with her, sitting on the walkway, just.. keeping her company. The two dogs are never willingly apart except in this rotation. Tara, the rottweiler, was naturally with dad closer to the forest, where he was wedging war against the tall grasses of the plum orchard. That is so cool, how the dogs tag each one :D

              I hung around mum for a while, chatting on nothing in particular, following her as she planted and watered the tiny salads. Emi and Tara now followed me, begging for food and fighting one another over my attention. At sundown I went to get dad and help him carry up the mower and mum waited in the big orchard. 'One-eye' the cat climbed the lowest possible branch of a apple tree and Tara kept trying to knock her down but kept coming an inch short, utterly frustrated. She knocked Emi over instead and dragged her around by the tail until Emi was bored by this treatment and bit Tara's jaw. 
             Telling them I'm in no hurry at all, dad was encouraged to start a fire in the outdoor fire-place and mum set to comb Emi's sheep-like coat. Tara sat next to me to be petted, but pivoted herself to fall directly onto Emi and get groomed herself. Of course Tara has no coat to speak of, so mum returned to Emi in 2 minutes. Dad said "watch, Tara will now go get a log to chew to draw attention" and surely enough in a minute Tara vanished into the shed are returned with a large log and began chewing it into saw dust in the middle of the yard. Not that Emi cared - she was now on her back, eyes closed, being tended to like she's Marie Antoinette. Ultimately it got dark and I started to leave. The road took me through the brush in darkness and crickets and the evening smell of wet dirt and bagrem. It was truly an eve of rare perfection.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sesame update :p

Dick :s Missed a chick I was kind of truly looking forward to trying to see if we can chat some again....
Doesn't seem like Hermes is going to make it easy. First the Internet goes down, then comes back and still nothing for hours and then she writes she's waiting but *I*m not online, although I keep trying to breach and waiting for her to pick up... Oddly enough by any kind of sign that something shouldn't happen to me just feels like more foreplay and a sign that if I want something, I'm gonna have to go a little further to get it. After all, the things we want are the things that we are supposed to get after we show an effort, otherwise once we get them, they don't seem like worth all the thrill at all. *Takes a long breath... My that was a deep sentence :P* Mental note to really really *really* want my coffee :p

My neatly shaved private parts itch like you wouldn't believe. I can just imagine all those soft nice little curls of my muffin there to protect my interesting region suddenly being slashed and spiked into a million tiny arrows, all out to scrape my gentlest skin. I'm not saying sex isn't excellent, as of course it always is when you shouldn't be having it (but I still hate those ludicrous orgasms. It fucking feels like being centrifuged in rapids of boiling water.) I'm just saying OU... OU... OU...

I've thought a lot about pathology lately, probably because the babe I've been trying to reach is a med student and I don't really like the idea of being a doctor, because that's too hysterical and most people think doctors make diseases go away like magicians, failing to understand they're just mechanics who try to do their best. I don't mind knowing how things are supposed to work, but I am far more curious about why they stopped (when nobody is screaming at me to make it start again.) I suppose there's a certain calm and serenity to the person reduced to elements, a kind of dignity in the lack of  vehement function beneath the skin that so many want to make seem ideal. I have a thing for the dead lately. Their bones AND the organs. Hm. Is that from when we slaughtered the pigs? (Slaughtering itself is beyond traumatic, but) once it was no longer a living thing but an amazingly logical complexity of organs and edible stuff, I found it compelling. I suppose because it was almost entirely intact, considering the killing was very quick and very clean, any other form of murder would bother me and I would want to make it whole again by solving their ultimate riddle.. I used to think being surrounded by the dead would be morbid and grotesque, but now I think it would be clean and righteous. Of course the General would never let me. I'm insane as it is. Gods know what kind of a freak I would be if I started preferring the company of corpses to my already marginally unusual friends. 
            About time I get a puppy. I'm starting to read less about geisha and Celt folk tales and more about bones and levity. (Have downloaded Dead Like Me as well, lol, without ever realizing the connection.) Ah, well. It's just a phase, it'll pass. I'll be back to trying to invent a good pineapple ice coffee in no time :P

General is resting, less apparently ill and far more worn out. It's scary, really, that between his lungs filling up with rotting mucus and killing him within days stands a handful of small pills and an Olympic swimming pool of tea. I try to download movies for him to watch, but can't seem to find one to hold his interest. Iron man 2 sucks and any movie *starring* John Travolta since Face Off is a blatant excuse for the man to behave like he's the inventor of cool any everyone else is there to praise him, thus completely unwatchable. We got though the first few minutes of From Paris with Love. I do like the chick's shoes, though. Neat curtain, too.

Okay... Have to get the icon design for a contractor done and then make pancakes and pudding for Piček and then rush uphill to help mum prepare Sunday lunch... I crave sesame somewhat awful suddenly! Can I make a sesame-flavoured coffee? Hm....

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Upcoming movies....

(Ones I care about. Romantic comedy is dead, dramas are way too... no, thank you for me, and shooty shooty bang bang needs more than hot men sweating and damsels in distress.. and political bullshit. What can I say. I'm dating a general. Watching movies that are supposed to be realistically violent with him is never easy.)

Splice - excellent cast, but the plot feels a bit like 'Species' or 'Immortel'... Supermodel freak? Really?
Robin Hood - another endless parade of whacking swords and spurting blood like Gladiator with a different costumographer. Like Marion's hair, though
Prince of Persia - we've come a long way since Bubbleboy, haven't we?
Inception - looking forward to seeing what this one will be
Predators - the umptenth sequal of an Arni movie that Aadrien Brody thought would be worth being in? Must admit I'm tempted.
The last Airbender - I hope it satiates my apetite for cool adventure flicks (adventure/fantasy isn't what it used to be since Lotter, Pirates O'da Caribbean and Avatar...)
Timer - curious approach to romantic drama (may not see it really, but I like the desparation of the plot)
Micmacs - the new Jeunet... Hello.

Pascal premiere

Piček's housebound for a month, sporting pneumonia. That sucks, but he's got a strict jailor and I'll have him spif and spam and back on the street again in no time. He may level a few more characters up till 8o.. He shaved his beard and hair entirely - never seen his head completely bare before.. Damn. He's hot! As a sign of approval I shaved everything BUT my head ;p But schmoochy is slightly off limits ere I want him to choke.
            Corr'n'Noot and me as the designated driver (lovely drive. Lovely. Nearly killed a local lunatic when he happily crossed the road I was going down 6o m/hr, assuming I can steer easier than him, but the ridge we ascended was this country at it's most beautiful and the weather was super extra picturesque.) We went to check potencial Pascal, their household dawgie-to-be, preparing a fail-safe strategy in case we didn't like him, but it was the same as with Starbark - instant undiluted love.
              Fuck me sideways but they are beyond squishy!!
Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnncchhh!!!!!.... ahkem. Hkhm. So yea. They are a bit of an allright :P
                       Like I said - I appologize if for a while this will be a total puppy madness.
            Sis made some super yummy light-weight meal (which is a good thing, because I'm getting fat again, now that it's ice-cream season starting..)

and then I went home, tired.. General sleeps very poorly, restlessly and coughs so violently none of us really gets any rest at night, so we patch it up during the afternoons and early mornings. I would have trekked uphill to see parentals, but it's always raining. Dad wanted us to come over and share what we felt, but we were honestly too tired. We scheduled a big family lunch tomorrow (so much for my food restrictions :P), minus Piček. I'll make him 5o small puddings and he'll be set until I'm back.

Saw a surprising pair of kestrels in the main street. Heard them first, actually, and then notied they were sitting on one of the window decorations of the old façade, munching happily on a fat rat. I haven't seen rats in this city before, yet alone kestrels. Don't thnk I've ever seen a kestrel this close at all. Curious little fuckers. I'd half expect them to eat hamburgers..

PS.: Noot'n'Corr put up a blog for Pascal the puppy!!! So cute :D I can say I've helped :p *proud!!*
here's the link :D

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Next March my contract and with it the obligations to this job expire. I won't HAVE to be a crazy-yet-professional <sic> artist anymore, unless I'll want to be one. But until then, I'd like to see these project meet the light of day:

- The children's books about the Time Tree
- The pre-adolescent book bout Three Little Backpacks
- Children's book 'Squilding'
- another exhibition maybe, the library tour for 'Ninovela' included
- something published in the kiddy magazines
- something published in the top rank reportage magazines
- A small warm-up novel, no idea which one yet...

That's a year project. It seems enough for one job in the two year's time. Almost all of this stuff is already done. I just need to push it now over the hilltop. So let's see what we can see.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chubchub still ill :S And second chances *always* disappoint.

Went to the doctor's (which is saying a lot) and still it feels like he's being twisted sideways. Poor wolverine cub. I can't even hit or pinch him, as everything hurts so much. Sickness is no fun :(

The history chapter on the chick I actually felt like giving a second chance naturally let me feeling dumber than usual. She left me waiting till midnight to tell me she's still too busy to come on-line. In that aspect nothing's changed. Now she'll wait for me to come after her again and then continue this dance, ultimatelly claiming it was me who failed to appeal to her. "I got used to you not being in my life, but you said you want to talk to me and I'd like that, though if plan on giving me bullshit, I don't have time to make time for people like you..." It's what she does, the single child syndrome. And I can't but wonder, why do I fall for it? Did I honestly think anything's changed, the incurable idealist that I am? Maybe my brain feels like we've had way too much good times than bad - but that was when we were alone in the desert. Now it's a little bit harder, what with her 5oo friends on Facebook and schooling that's more important than anyone else's job. Heh. Serves me right. Second chances never pay off.

Piček sleeps better whe I'm not in the same bed these days, always tossing and turning, so I'm gonna feed him and tuck him in and trek uphill for a few hours while he gets some rest. Funny - he's the one choking and sweating cold sweat and I'm the one with the nightmares...

Sunday, 9 May 2010


I apologize in advance, but chances are this blog's quality will plummet for a little while, because there will soon be dawgie pickies everywhere!!!

Today we went to see the litter for the first time. The pups wer too small for any rational evaluation, but considering tehre were three professionals and yours truly, we must have seemed very serious.

Now I know how it sounds when I say I instantly liked "Lama", a tiny female with a dark back and a face that says "If you're gonna tug my ears, you better make it worth my while"... She was the only one walking as she was slightly lighter than others and when we took them out to compare the three we got to choose from, she cried the least and explored the most. There were seven puppies in the litter and I culd have gone for any, but I secreatly adored her and others agreed. All puppies were adorable, although the others did look like a bulldog's and one like a phantom of the opera... :D

See what I mean? She simply stands out :P

:DDD I can't believe we actually held that living, warm, stubborn fat little creature... Those ears! the spotty nose! The humungus paws!! Kurbus debelus!!!