Friday, 31 January 2014

Dead Clade walking

Excellent episode of Elementary today.. The juicy stuff of all detective stories: murder! Archaeology! A classy elder lady who writes ... prurient letters! Smugglers! Museums! Oh, my!

Found a couple new things every dinosaurolo...lolologist should know:
- term Dead Clade Walking
- K-T Boundary
- Nanotyrannus (puppies)
... and i really should learn how to spell archaelogy ... It's embarrassing. 

And of course.. "Allow me to return the favour by releasing evil humours from your skull..." :D

Stealing this from Metropol archives....

These pics are from 1978... But the thing is, I REMEMBER these streets. I remember everything about them. Here, I'll show you...

This street connects the main street and the Train station (there's a big square up ahead, with the Union theatre.) On the right, we have a travel agency, which in a sense is still there. On the right you had a shoe store with the only escalator in the entire city, until they added one to a shop called T. Further on the left is the continence of the shoe shop, called Peko, which also miraculously still lingers somewhere else, and on the right is Majolka, an old, mildly unpopular restaurant that my sister worked in but refuses to comment on it(in fact, as she so often does, she starts screaming and throwing things to make a point like a retard), so nobody knows why - if she even had a reason - she hated it. Maybe they used meat or something. Or salt. Who the fuck cares.

This is the main street. On the right was the famous Železninar - the iron store. This is where you bought anything remotely related to machinery - I was here all the time, cause my grandma constantly needed nails. Lightbulbs, locks, chains, anything you needed, not only you got here, but it was made to last. Up until today. Which it did, except for the store. Once the malls moved in, the old stores went out. On the left is merx, one of the first corporations, but this is one of their small cafes and the one thing I remember is they had amazing whipped cream. Which i ate off the spoon from my mum's tiny coffee. People drank it, standing up around a tall round table. I couldn't reach. But my first coffee cream. Yummm!
      The banners are promoting the week of domestic movies. For a while people really liked making movies in this country and some of them were actually watchable, and for a week we would screen them all. It was a huge thing for culture in this town. We were very proud of it.
      Further still is a barber and hairdresser's shop, Marko - oddly, still existing... and behind it aero - a stationary store that sold all you'll ever need for scool. The factory that made it wasn't far away, and their products were top notch. Endless, really. Waaaay down behind it is Soča (after a pretty river), which more less is still here, a grocery store.On the left is a lady's hairdresser, no idea what happened to that, and across the road the Metropol.

This is the square before the train station. This building was made by the Germans once they occuptied the city (and later the Brits bombed it) and on the right was this huuuge furniture shop. And the place was still a parking lot with these tiny cobblestones.. You never had any trouble finding parking space, cause there really weren't all that many cars back then. Everyone drove a Lada or a Fiat (we had a Fiat) or a Škoda... The pointy-nose cars were the Citroens.. Pretty much everyone wore these odd raincoats, also. We were upper class, so my mum wore fur coats, but my family was kind of respected, because they were okay people. Grandpa was a doctor, grandma made amazing hats for all the ladies, mum was a schollar and a journalist, dad was odd, but very friendly. Every time we'd walk anywhere, it would take for every, because people talked on the streets a lot. Pass the posters and before the old station building, the point of this photo is the Union theater. This was the other theater and I was here 40% of my theater time. For such a tiny city, we certainly had MANY really posh theaters.
       This one, also, is now closed. The ballroom still exists and they throw a neat show there from time to time. Last i've been was a stand-up, the time before a fashion show and supposedly you have good parties here. But those are not my forte :)
      If they post any more, I'll steal those, too and subtitle them :D

Thursday, 30 January 2014

St. George lit. eve

Best part about yestereve was Drej's commentary (she narrated the show, better yet, she told everyone what to do and when and because of her it now starts to seem like a really cool evening) and her questions. I told her to surprise me one or twice and out of the blue she asked what sprouted my fascination with space to begin with... I didn't see that one coming at all, so I was dumbstruck for a few moments, but then, if i do say so myself, I gave her the kickass reply: unlike my other great passion, archaeology, where everything you find is old and already broken, everything you find in space is new and only just beginning to pose a challenge.. (Way better answer that simply 'it's photogenic'..) :D


Well, one good thing about having too few people on your reading is you get to bring home A LOT of food :D

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"We love this color but can you change it?"

Every time I submit early sketches to a client, I get that sinking feeling in my stomach… that… »Advance has been paid, but this isn't what we wanted, give us the money back…« Too often (in the early days, when I was young and naive), I would be hired only because I was very cheap. Well, yes, I could draw, obviously, but what they wanted was for me to copy someone they couldn't afford. I wouldn't know that, so through the elimination process of my designs, we would come full circle. I would be fired for refusing to rip off and they would find someone cheaper still.
There really is no knowing what the customer will say when you submit the pencilwork. They could love it or hate it, but the worst version is, they say 'we love it, but could you move the character to this side, change the pose, remove the broom, different colour hair and her eyes need to look in that direction…' Well… that kind of makes no sense in regard to the poem. 'Yes, well, it's just how we've always seen it in our heads..'
Some people don't trust the illustrator to do the illustrations; they just want their own designs translated to paper by a hand that can hold the pen. I don't fucking mind that, just tell me so a week before I start brainstorming original ideas.

‘Send’ hit.
… And now we wait.

On horny virgins of poems old

Reading Alexander Pope G got me for Christmas, I am thinking, I kind of miss Love.. Not love love, which I feel genuinely and profoundly for my husband, or even the stupid crush I feel for him that makes me stare at the phone until he calls or write him letters until he comes from work, just to let him know it's snowing. Got that. I mean the poetic Love of being seventeen on a summer night, when everything was life and death and we were so stupid and horny if the guy didn't call, it was a reason for a suicide with a shitty poem on top.. I pined over distant lore and fiction (reality never felt particularly impressive), rhymed epic odes to every particular fibre of my throbbing heart… God Gods, if anyone ever read that… That was suuuuuch a waste of ink. The ladies in Pope’s poems, they all feel such terrific ache, such spans of passion for such distant glimmers… Being a virgin in lust. There really is no thing like it. No wonder it took me so long to actually get laid. I was a sucker for expectation and yearning. Sure, I’ve replaced that with actual sport and kissing instead of writing camp poems, but innocence, one lost, can really never be regained (unless you get into an accident, bump your head and damage your brain.)..

More thinking...

I must seem really boring to some people… A real mainstream hardcore down and dirty straight-edger. Okay, I read and I write and I watch good movies and I occasionally make some, but I never go wild on a night out, I hang out a lot, but it’s with my besties over coffee, I don’t really follow the rules, but I don’t really break them, either: I don’t ingest booze or dope, I just gorge on a lot of chocolate; I have nasty sex all the time, but it’s with just one guy, I don’t recycle, though I never park on the handicapped space either. I am pro vaccine, pro choice, pro prostitution and pro art; couldn’t give less of a flying fuck about global environment, because we’re gonna blow ourselves up any day now anyways, and in a hiccup of an era the earth will forget about us, just like it forgot about everyone else.. But I pick up after my dog and don’t litter. I really, really suck at being a rebel. I know it’s what an artist should be, but I happen to really, really like the world we live in.

Monday, 27 January 2014

General's line of the week

Me: "Your eyes are so very beautiful."
G: "Stop it."
Me: "One of us has to be paying someone some compliments and you're not doing anything about that, so..."
G:" I'm sorry, you just happen to have fairly ugly eyes."


So proud :D

Another exam down for the General. Shit, that man is super scary smart. I mean, I can forge the Gutenberg bible and I nailed Plants Vs. Zombies 2 in the first go, but he is super scary smarter... And so shy :D If I wasn't already married to him, I would marry him every friday, I just so friggin' adore him :D

Some of the finished stuff..

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The magnificent faces of yesterday's shoot and a sample of the finished work

Janja Kavčič

Katja Toplak

Klavdija Žvegler

Maša Topler

Špela Malej

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Some of the stuff from the shoot..



The first fashion shoot after eons..

An 8 hour shoot today... With almost all total strangers, which is kind of new. Also, I was alone for hair and MUA, models were five and halfway through one of the principal lights gave :D But I fixed it. It was cool :)
Thanks again to Marita Wrong and Kino Metropol and MCC for letting us play in their backyard, so to speak :D And of course, thanks to all the models, whose names I only marginally recall :D

Am experimenting with a new logo...

Friday, 24 January 2014

Update overdue...

Sorry no updates du jour... I'm busy and rich (half of this statement is a ha ha joke), but by no means lacking stories :D ... I've seen some good movies and found even more similarities between Gorgi and Ender's game. For fuckssakes :S
... Some inner turmoil, some anger, some sadness, some predicament whether to expose a snake or just stay out of it, at least until provoked. Dunno. I'm not much for family bullshit. there's enough of that as it is.
 I did my first "just walk up to a stranger and invite them to pose for me" thingie... I was pretty nervous before it occurred, just some lovely girl in a restaurant, but after I interrupted the conversation between her and her friend, saying "Don't get scared, haha, but I am a photographer and if you ever consider posing for a portrait, here is my card..." and she looked at the card and replied: "Eve of Cleves? I've heard of you! Thank you!"...
Whoa. This totally didn't go as badly as I had feared..

A big and tricky photo shoot tomorrow,... We'll see what that turns out like. Considering, I will be the only make up artist and hairdresser on the set... We'll see. Lots of wet snow fell. Roads might be tricky. And sticky. Sticky tricks. Tricky sticks.

Long day. Better go sleepy sleeps.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Making hand-made greeting cards..

... I have printed ones which are super pro, but I find them to be slightly to cold for this year's me..

Bored :/ Photographing Stare a cat down, can you?pussies.

Stare a cat down, can you?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sketching up a new character..

Friday, 17 January 2014

Nothing interesting has happened to me in almost three days. Plenty really nice stuff and some not so nice, but nothing really interesting. I had an excellent dream. There were pirates in it, the cool, sexy, Himalayan type. River boats. On baby Ganges. That was interesting, but dreams don’t count. My eyesight had improved – the diet (no make-up, avoiding bright lights, etcetera…) worked, of course. G said it would. Last weekend we went to the shooting range and I was left alone to play with handguns – but I couldn’t see properly. Hardly hit anything at all. It wasn’t worth the noise, although I now known I far prefer a 9mm Glock to a 9mm Beretta, because the later kicks like a bitch and the former hardly. The shorter barrel makes for more noise, but that’s something simple ear protection would cure :) I saw a couple of movies and a couple of shows. Nothing outstanding. Maybe 3x03 Sherlock. That was kind of awesome, still. Watched the ending to Ender’s game and thought how would a single egg save a whole species, but, as it turns out, it is possible for the queen to deliver the eggs and then feed them herself into drones. Et voila. A new hive. This is good to know. In case I ever need to jumpstart an alien nation based on ants.
Made a few more acquaintances, heard a few more stories; got a few more numbers. Couple more projects have asked me to tag along, which is something I thrive on. Am about to start working on a new payable one, even. That may turn out wonderful. (Fingers crossed, there.) Saw a couple cool videos, lots of amazing photographs of old, and thought of a noniptih of my own – a 3x3 series of photographs that I would love to take, but the people I want to photograph are shy and will take some convincing to get down to business. Already got the permission from the General, always a step one, and have booked a steady assistant. These things are important, when photographing hot subjects. Reading.