Saturday, 30 January 2010

My my how time flies. Has it been a week since my last confession? :P

Been busy. I started and even constinued a little the fifth active blog 'The Anthropological studies of Azeroth by Profesor Kestrel". (Can be found here: The pickies are so cute. :D


I describe regions that are bound to change in the expansion, in the way an old scholar (an old warrior explorer) would do it, amazed that someone like orcs can also have an intuitive sense of decor. The pics are actually taken with a camera and then messed up in photo shop to make it look arhaic. Other than that, I owe my sister gold in-game and as result have something like 5.4 gear score. And Darkmoon hasn't even began yet.
          Oh, yeah. I'm hot shit.

After four days of being unable to do much else (other than play WoW so much I was actually phisically sick and finally know why I cannot be in a guild that raids all those places I so love to explore with sis and her honey, possibly plus Skype - because when they still insist on going at 2 am, after 9 hours of playing, REALLY playing, I am so exhausted I am willing to pass sex just so I could sleep.. Somehow it feels like we've been at it for eaons... ) I finished the "War" story. It wouldn't stop being written, until finally after 25 pages it ended with us heading south to find possible farming regions.

Been to the doctor's and even though now, after a week of treatment, not much has changed, I have to say I was disturbed by how quick and easy it was?! Seriously, something muct have been wrong. I walked in, no-one there, I put my card in the box, door opens, nurse coms out, I pull out my Kindle - I am called in! IThat's never happened to me before. Usually one Kindle is not enough! O.o 
      Uu, made two Sacher cakes for Piček, going up-hill almost every day, getting my weight down to almost 7o kg flat. Ten or so more to go :p I'd love to see myself in under 6o or so... Ah, let's go nuts. Let's say if we can get it to 55..

The interview wih a potencial high profile cliet went far more pleasant than I expected. Mot that I trust anything that feels too good to be true, but for once working with someone who actually likes this job would be a fun change. Her husband is one of those 'still water runs deep' people, as far as I can tell, one less to show off and more to actually achieve and that adds another plus to the woman who wants to see me paint. She has high standards, though.And some high end ambitions, even for someone who seems to like people in general. Could it be I actually found a professional after all this time? Uncanny!

(Last page of 'Words' under construction. I kinf of love the way it's turning out, though..)

Being 95% done, I am putting 'Words' off for a spell and am switching to the last of stories, the 'Search for the Pumpkin Prince.' Cute thing is I already have the full background layout (did them one in a full blown colague frenzy afternoon), I just have to do the details. It'll be the story with most text in. The wait for client produced the full 'Words' text (I just love being amidst people who don't see me..) and talking to her, I kind of feel really good about believing in my work come what may. She always aims to win and until I started to think about it, I thought I didn't. But I do. It just depends on what you consider a victory.

Monday, 25 January 2010

WorK in pRogreSs....

Not done yet, but coming up nicely.. This is not quite my style and it is putting up a fight in some logical turns, but all in all the more it's wrapping up, the more I like it.. As it's supposed to be a memory of a dream, or a dream of a memory, things take drastic turns at times :)


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Can't believe I never made Piček a Sacher cake... I really don't think that's the truth. I overheard him saying to dad 'In two years' time I'll be able to sell her that all over again', but how could that even be possible?? It's the simplest cake in the world and his favorite and... and...
               I had to make one in a hurry today, using the arcane recipe, there was just no buts about it. 160g of vanilla flavored crystal sugar, 160g of flour, 160g of cooking chocolate, 160g of grease (margarine) and 6 eggs. I used 5, because they were humungus. The whites are beaten into hard snow, but chocolate is melted, mixed with sugar, yolks, grease and ultimately flour - after I gently put in the snow. And that's it. Bakes for a good hour, sliced one time, soured up by peach marmalade and coated in chocolate. I still don't believe it.

Today was a good day for Warcraft. Nothng in particular, just a neat morning (Piček and I do cuddle a lot, but by 6am we are restless to rise no matter what day it is. Sunday or no Sunday, there's saronite to be mined and fishing dailies to be enjoyed). We did several dungeon runs with Mags and Piček geared up his tank DK quite well - he's doing his first tank run as we speak. I, however, saw something in the southern Barrens... Something that made me want to become the first official anthropologist of the Realms. Here, I'll show you:

That's Bristleback Ethnic art for you. How kinky is that?? And there's so MUCH of it, and nobody took an ethnological approach to it as of yet. My beloved Ethnological Encyclopedia speaks to me... Document EVERYthing of the pactical culture in the worlds you roam through. Every crossroad marking, every charcoaled rock. That's your only job in this life. I have time on my hands, because I quite unexpectedly gathered 7 out of 8 Nobles cards and gained the total of Orgri champion in the Tournament grounds. There's stories I want to write and books to finish drawing, but I'm in the mood for the scholarly take on my darling Azeroth. Don't worry, as all good nerds, I'll make sure to keep you posted :p

Thursday, 21 January 2010

I've downloaded a few new episodes of my 'watchable' shows. 24 is back in, although I have to say for what they've done with the se7enth day, the eight's lame. In Seventh Jack wasn't living in some jungle, again, but was in court, which was new, and CTU was no more, which was new, and president was female, which wasn't half bad, the FBI chief was intelligent, and hot and the female lead wasn't a killer slut. In the Eight, we're back to failed assassinations of some random made-up Middle Eastern troubled realm, nuclear this nuclear that, again.. Although I must admit I do like the architecture of the latest CTU.  The entrance tunel makes a lot of sense. Brings it back to human factor threats. ame designer as Dollhouse, perhaps? Influenced? Chloe is not super smart, yet needy times two, the Kate character is the female Jack from the third season, the daughter is shockingly supportive with some random husband. LoL, Freddie Prinze is a star FBI field agent.. But all that glows in comparison to Katee Sackhoff's acting. Gods. I haven't seen acting that bad since I tried watching Las Vegas. That being in a role of a troubled *female*? Please. She was brilliant as a dude in the first few episodes of Galactica, till she grew hair, lost ovaries, did dinner table... The way she walks is as if the Galactica stardom paid for some acting lessons gone terribly wrong since.

Have seen a couple of good CSI shows and am always happy for Betty, though Fringe is letting me down a lot and Castle no longer pulls me.. Pity. I miss being completely enthralled by new shows. Lately I've seen so many I drop them like books - if they don't have me after the first 1o minutes, they lose me.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A day for taking lots and lots and LOTS of postcardish, slighty blurred pickies.. Don't think bad of Porky 2.o, I really did push her hard this time.

I've heard of this 6x6 group that sounds interesting, so I'm gonna try to fit some of my stuff into squares.  It's sounds like one of those "why not". Uh, good thing you remind me, I need to return mum's books to the new library and try to explain why one seems to have been chewed on by a golden retriever....

True blued

Good to know the cammie makes an effort even when blinded by the shine


Perfect day for taking just some pickies :p

  Fire on Babylon :p

It's been one of those days when the weather's just simply showing off. I took exactly 354 shots on my way to the parents' house, and would have taken several more if the fog didn't drop the curtain on the valley and declared 'show's over, folks'.  I tried to carry a shapely icicle to show to Piček (nothing kinky about it, even though I'm reading Wintersmith and have seen some pretttty off episodes on CSI:LV), but it melted despite the temps and my puffy gloves by the time he snatched me. Lovely lunch at his place and I found out that one of the toddlers - the one that's practically my mental clone, has to go to the hospital next week to get cured of bee allergies. No idea why anyone would want to do that, unless it's lethal. It's like someone would want to get themselves cured of being stung by snakes. Probably cure does more damage than odds you'll actually ever need that treatment? But anyhoo, I'm going to write him a letter within letter within letter with cool tasks such as: Open on Tuesday! - today's mission: find out if the chocolate cake in cafeteria is any good; make a new friend; find out the color of the eyes of the nicest nurse... Knowing him, it should help a great deal to pass the only time he's ever been away from his home and since everyone's making such a fuss, he now thinks that's a bad thing.


Did some shopping with Piček for mum's baking gear collection and some grocery - always a pleasure when we do it in the big shopping mall. I spend so much time in a protected environment, surrounded just by an idea of people that when I actually go amidst people and they are all strange and oblivious to me and flawed, it's like going to a museum by now. Weird, I know.It's a hermit thing. Only time the scene was tainted was when I saw my ex "Smallest penis I've ever seen on a grown man" husband and my blood boiled, but then I saw he's with his mother and could but feel ridiculous. Seriously. The General he is not.
             Uu, we had sort of a ... hm... 'building meeting' today and of course mum CBA and sent me to participate and at first I forgot about it, but then they saw me coming home and reminded me, the other tenants, and I thought I could take my royal bitchiness out on them. Piček hid under four quilts and would not chaperone me, but it wasn't so bad. I pretended to be somewhere else for most of the time and the only time my issues came up was over the money we are being PAID (a concept so alien to me, I felt absolutely nothing to do with it.) The super complained about how gran and mum are using him for their schemes and I said "Seriously? You think YOU have it bad? I'm RELATED to them. One's CBA and the other's an icebreaker tanker. How do you think *I* stand in this dispute of theirs, considering I LIVE in the damn thing?" But mostly people just fussed about drainage and snow sliding off roofs and suchlike, as if the building is about to collapse on all of us. The thing is 16o years old, standing on Roman foundation and it has walls 85 cm thick. It'll be here a while.


In other news, am an official representative of TB in the Tournament and have made my first Kebab yesterday. NOT the culinary wonder those Turks produce with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back. My picturesque nightmares continue (tonight's feature were my 8o-year old grandma and my 8o-year old mother fighting about which one will get their hair done by me.. Don't make me elaborate.) and I've heard so many bad things about that famous woman that's offered me the job, that I am now pretty certain I'm better off without her. But I like nothing more than a challenge... Well, okay, that's not true. I like plenty things more than a challenge, but I'm on my period AND on a diet, so none of them are optional for me at the mo. :p

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Spent the day in a bad mood over having Piček act as my muscle again - getting the money from people who owe me.. It wasn't worth it having a fight with him, but if I didn't really need it to cover my taxes and insurance and basic bills, I wouldn't have gotten into it at all. It's kind of fucked up how folk simply ignores me when it's time to pay me. I can call or write or do whatever, and they'll just give me shit. He doesn't get shit, he gets results, but it doesn't mean he likes it any more than I do. I was offered to do a gig by a famous chick today, but I don't think it will come to results. I can tell, because so far anyone I ever wanted to meet or work with, has disappointed.T-shirt wisdom, eh? 'People disappoint'.

Piček is asleep now - he's on his 12-hour sleep mode again, but as long as his body is getting healthier, I won't bug him how that means I get to have him for myself for about four hours per day.. He only snores when his throath is troubled - he isn't snorring now. That's good. Fuck, I just remembered I haven't called my parents in four days... Never seems to be a good time for it.... :S The Deaviant Art reached the 1ooo hits count, though. Too little too late. I CAN'T let that become the story of my life. I used to be really good at doing mad things and getting an even madder stories for it.. It's not as easy now, as Piček has almost no urges to be a waitress in Las Vegas or a factory worker in Japan or a London saffron smuggler.. I have to aim twice as high to get two people half the way..
                  Well, if anyone can do it - I hate to say it, it's hard to say it, but - it's probably me. Haha. :P

PS Remind me to draw Tiffany Aching as send it to Pratchett. No agenda, just gratitude.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Just a daily update

As WoW goes, I have reached the title of the Ambassador - exalted with all capitals, heading towards Crusader. The other two great ones that appeal to me are The Diplomat (hah! hah hah!) and The Loremaster. They both mean you've got way too much time on your hands. The Undercity faction remains to be the one most fun to strive after. I am doing the Argent Tournament dailies, some of which are ridiculously annoying. I suppose they are meant to be done in pairs or something, but Piček's comp is acting up. He is on a WoW fast. I did duel someone and beat them. Imagine that. Am also 3 items shy of the 'Epic!' ach., meaning soon I won't have any reason left not to apply for 25-man-raids..
         I wrote a short essay about what it would be like to BE a zombie, and tried to get Piček to call the travel agency guy - but the guy was in Kuwait. Four days left to meet the taxes... Tick tack...
         Am painting slowly, surely, and taking lots of pickies. Watching Showgirls, The Departed, Inglorious Basterds and Terminator Salvation, turned on by how much Worthington looks like a young Piček. Ironically, he wasn't very cute when he was younger. Five years apart, they look 15 years apart and except for their teeth (Worthington's are completely flat whereas Piček's are brutally jagged - I'm guessing the former is something like Rh A+)  they have the same brow, same deep round eyes, small mouth and roud cheeks. Granted, Piček's mouth is hidden under the mustage and is a lot more pouty. The minus side of him shaving almost all of it off is that it's like fucking sandpaper to kiss and caress, but the plus is I get to see the proper shape of that mouth and it is murder :p 
My mum has this really cute way of giving us posh food. (By us I mean my sis' and my own household.) Here's the established pattern:
1) When we visit and when it arrives, she excitedly shows us the latest catalogue of a kind of mail ordered frozen goodies. (That company has some really really cool products, for, of course, five times the mortals price. But their pistaccio ice-cream made me rethink my attitude towards pistaccio ice-cream. Let's say - if you got it, it's worth the money.)
2) We, I, kind of mark the stuff we would have if we had money and leave the post-it with the numbers on the cover. Or names are clearly marked. We order, like, three or four items. We would live without them just fiiiine, they are vanity food anyways.
3) She orders her own stuff (buckets of ice-cream in all kinds and forms) and ours and then calls us how much the stuff we asked for cost..! But she doesn't say 'give me that money', she just says 'this is the last time!'
4) When the stuff arrives, she calls us all excited that it did and complains how it doesn't fit into the freezer, we have to come get it, pronto. We do. We show how excited we are also.  Again, there are the remarks on how much we spend, but her complaints about the cost of food is something I probably heard the day I was born. This is how she loves to buy us posh food. At first i was embarassed for even asking, but I noticed how happy she is when my sis does it, regardless of how she sounds. It's her thing. It always has been. Now I know that, too. I can live without the yummy goodness, but making her happy in such a weird way is kind of cool. There are always two stages of her regret - 15 seconds at the cash register and 5 seconds when it fails t fit into the fridge. The rest is her joy.

*In case you were wondering - I got: minced meat rolls with gauda cheese centers; four-flavored ice cream (amarena, wallnut, coffee and straccatella); four flavored veggie dumplings; first cooked and then slightly fried gnocchi with cream centers.... And I'm on a fucking diet.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nearly midnight, I'm getting warmed up to do the travel agency posters... I've finally managed to turn in enough runecloth to gain exalted reputation with TB and Silvermon (almost) and have moved onto Undercities's reign. It is so odd to be back in my beloved Brill.. All those nutcracking Qs for levels 6 and 8, the dangerous ghosts, the rots, the mills overrun... I began here so many times.. Even if I wasn't an undead, which I usually wasn't but it has been my first ever starting place and it has stayed my home in my heart for ever. Ah, Brill...

I notice how few children actually survived - are there any orphans like there are in Ogri or Shattrah? Following Arthas 14o times through Stratholme, observing how he did his best to stop his homeland from soccumbing to the plague spreading, in his own rather ludacris way, while mages ripped out Dalaran and how the east was lost to become plaguelands. Playing a human you can see how lovely the world was before the sourge washed over like a tidal wave. Now there's just the dark air of death and the undead roaming about their daily business.

Ah, well. So much for lore and the fun times... I'm off to work and this continues tomorrow...
             Feels kind of strange, staying up till morning, sleeping late into the noon... Feels so bohemic! ;O

Haha, I just noticed the big half-building has brush growing on its roof...

Watching CSI until 4am (and actually getting some work done! Who would have figured!) seemed to have worked! The morning stoream* was a full blown horror movie! There were exploded horses with their bones raining down on us, intended as shrapnel; there were school-teachers sniper shot and slightly slow school-children on a field trip, sharing whipped cream with cinnamon and dry fig bits - the camera capture of which in the finish narrates something bad went down indeed. A small, ugly serial killer closing in, a local bus full of nurse student, a male nurse seemingly involved with me during all this commotion.. I was out to save the day, but in all this I was pretty much like Willem Defoe's character, chasing Uncle Eddie in Anamorph - losing myself in the process. Everything was dark, ominous, clastrophobic, a constant sense of not knowing where to run to, because you could never be certain what you're running from... In one scene, when the class of slow kids with me leading them and the teachers and nurses and investigating/security cops behind us, and the serial killer round the corner and starts advancing on us, my instinct is to run away screaming, dragging the kid along - not get the gun and aim steadily to take his screwey head off. In the end there was a bird's overflight view of roofs and pools and streets sorrounding the showdown building, where most of everyone is lying down, if not dead than injured and paramedics are trying to help.

On everiday bulletin, Piček is in the kitchen, battling the ferocious beast called the dishwashing, my article hasn't been put into this issue of Gea and the travel agency guy called me to say he needs the work finished. There might be hope for my this-month' bills yet :p

*Stoream is a dream that's almost as consistent as a movie. Story + dream. Get?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

From the window. Snowing again like some Goddess housewife tore her shopping bag and baking soda s seeping through..

Piček is back to working nights, due to a coleague getting a daughter (aw, man, I used to like that word and then Sean Bean completely ruined it for me...) and since that screws up my whole system, I'm gonna try paining by night while I wait for him to come home.. Ugh. Getting my brain back is like peeling old greasy bandages off a mummy. Deviant Art is trying too hard and try as I might, I cannot bring myself to work on the travel agency poster - even though that is going to be my only money this month and I am (present continuous) financially screwed. I forbode Piček to let me give up after my mandate is through. Of all the feelings, I cannot allow the sense of pointlessness take over. I am build for art. Come on - I saw such a good pic of Sep (boy, did that one provide for a layered orgasm) and felt SO alive.. I feel tiny in a terrible forest.. But I have to be a young Granny Weatherwax of art, otherwise no money karma for me :p

Monday, 4 January 2010


Ow, for the love of all that's pancakey, I swore I won't cry this year and lasted FOUR days! I am such a fountain. And it was supposed to be funny: we were goofing around again and Piček said I have to let him go to bed (he is working night AGAiN :S), so I kind of took his arm and led him. He made a dumb face and walked like a moron and for a split second I saw him as he would be if he was brain damaged: nothing left of his wit and courage, just the trusting love he has for me. And on came the waterworks.. Of course he had to go and say 'if it ver comes as far, you have to promise to help me go', which I generally would, but not in his case. I am too fucking selfish. I would keep him in any form next to me until ten seconds to my own checkout.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

In every event, doesn't matter if it's a new day or a date or party or just drawing in my room, playing Warcraft or going to bed, in every event my favorite part is Piček coming towards me and the least favorite, him walking away.

January pickies

The greenery

A Brill kitty...

The old king.

This being potencially last thing you ever see - cornered by a gorilla and a midget, I wonder if it crosses your mind how lucky you are the hose they're holding to your nose is actually an old cellar key..

And the gold in 'golden' retriever :)