Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Okay, this ... this wasn't even made on this world. I don't know what the thick this is...

... but you are not the same person as you were once you've seen it. And i don't even know what the fuck I just saw....

Sunday, 24 February 2013

So very old pickies

Usually, before I dive into making photos i HAVE to make, I kinda tune myself by making photos I wanna make... here are some oldies. Old, old times.

The first music video :)

I was gonna make this slightly different, but one of the girls didn't show up, so we had to improvise. Thus the tale of the doll behind the stages, trying to become a real girl was thought of. Anja did a supreme job. This is just as creepy and sad as I needed it to be and her gaze and gestures are amazing :D

Saturday, 23 February 2013

New trailer for the coming GoT S03... Good use of the song 'Bones', too :)))
"... dig up the bones, but leave the soul alone ..."

Haha, how I want that little blond bitch to win :)) Bring up her dragons and burn the world, once and for all. Okay, maybe not the entire whole world, just all of Lannisters. The icy dudes would rise again anyhow.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Watching Asia's next Top Model on YouTube HD.. Kinda refreshing. I skip the drama, mostly because I have a hard time telling between the girls. They're all Asian. I love them all. And at times I think they only have one camera. Like they're all using the MkIV. The lead hostess is kinda unhappy she has to host and the Caucasian panel guy seems stoned most of the time, but

The makeup is pushed, everything is exotic. I love that.
The outfits and scenery is Bollywood, another plus.
Helena. What a little psycho. Her storyline rocks.
Great photographers. Not retired models. Real photographers. Big plus.
I like the contrast between the pomp and high stakes of the Oriental elite and the shyness and humbleness of the girls. I especially enjoy Trang. She appears retarded, because she doesn't really speak English, but she's talented indeed. She just doesn't really know what she's doing most of the time.

Monday, 18 February 2013

3 euro coin

Well, this is new?

Is this supposed to be, like, a fencing mask and a dude holding a rapier at the viewer?

Sunday, 17 February 2013


General's son logs into WoW. General whispers him: "Bedtime. Now." and the kid replies: "Okay. Night." and logs off. True father-and son quality time, on speed.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Meteor blast over Russia ... jeez fuck what bad newsroom coverage that was ...

Few hours ago I watched the blast caused by a meteor over some godforsaken Soviet town on YouTube and then passionately awaited REAL TV to tell me what happened. I nearly, seriously blew my pants from rage what fucking sensationalistic crap THAT was. Dunno if the retard who presented the news writes her own text or some other high school tabloid-wanna be does it for her, but oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck how bad did I feel for the professor she was guesting. 

The way she said it, an asteroid - while another one, worth billions of trillions of dollars is supposedly nearing Earth - bombed a town in Russia, creating massive crater, injuring thousands of people, who were clearly bombarded by a shower of blazing pebbles in their cars. It narrowly missed a nuclear plant and a missile silos' and caused all over hysteria and babies crying.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. 

It was a ROCK. That exploded in the AIR. It was A LOUD rock, because it was very FAST. It was a WORTHLESS rock and as far as nuclear plants go - you can't throw a stick in Russia without hitting two nuclear plants and four missile silos'. The injuries were mostly from cheap glass and windows that were shattered by the noise. NOBODY got HIT by it. Supposedly a bit fell into a lake. But for fucks' sakes. a hundred of these falls on Earth's air mantle every day. Every shooting star is one. No need, at all, to start building bunkers and fucking arming your children against zombies and buying nuclear winter supplies. Jesus Fucking Christ. I would fire whoever wrote that story.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ego paradox

I always think people who only talk about themselves are really dumb. But then - I only ever talk about myself. So I know that's dumb. But then again, if you know you're dumb, you're not really all that dumb, are you? ... That's a paradox I just can't get my head around.

Though the fact remains, nothing turns me off faster than low-intellect people. Just like I am totally turned on by smarts. Smart means you're calm, don't have to prove yourself to anyone, don't even have to talk. I am definitely none of that, but ... explains why I am consta aroused by the General.

Mo'o' my soap

Ah, Nashville, Nashville... Up again and down again and up again ...
      What are the odds Gunnar's bro will mess things up for the little duo when time comes for them to jump onto Rayna's merry train?
       ... Deacon as depressed as ever. But the only thing better than having him in centrefold, is getting Liam back. I adore Liam. Adore. Adore the emo hairdo, adore the fact he's humping Rayna and being very adult and extremely boyish at the same time. Connie Britton is ten years my senior. Michiel's four years my junior. He's lovely, but I like how there's no real chemistry between them, just that overly underlined 'I just wanna step out of my life for a spell' thing. That thing that's not lovers, not business partners, not friends, not competitors, not players but a mix of all of the above, all wrapped in one very productive duo. 

       In this episode Rayna misses her cue, twice, and the important people notice, like Juliette. but then Liam shows up in that hat, and I'm not gonna write about anything else.

         Isn't it funny how men, whom I would not find the least bit attractive in the real world, spark such fan-based hunger in me? I worship fiction. It's that one thing that can inspire arousal better than anything else - a parenthesis to all the things that the real world inspires release. And creativity is the bridge between 'em.


It's St. Valentine's day. I won't write what the hot hubby and I did to celebrate it this morning, that's private (and no, it wasn't sex), but he's off at work for the duration of the day and that just blows. The snow is so high, dogs can barely swim through it. I'm doing the last, finishing touches on Gorgie. Though I think I'm gonna pack the dog, the camera and the pad and march uphill to have lunch with my parents, stopping at the General's to steal a kiss on the way there and back again. 
            Pity it's not sunny. It would make for the most wonderful photos.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mardi gras.

ah, some day, some day, I will enjoy this on a deck, drinking rum with coke, in the middle of New Orleans.

Now I'm off to shovel snow.

I am on the last page of editing Gorgo. I've been on the last page of editing Gorgo yesterday. It just doesn't want to be finished. Then it will supposedly be done. I don't do done well.

Am in the construction stages of the comic, which, as per one of the General's more crazy ideas, may become part of the narrative. Though I chose this scene, because it is clinical (it takes place on the Acura Integra, which is a very clean ship) and G hates it - because it is so clinical.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My prime time soap :D

Music City
I now know how old ladies feel, calling each-other feverishly after every episode. Buying the cheapest of the cheap magazines to find out the *slightest* bit about what's coming ... I'm DYING to know what's gonna happen in the next episode. Even though I'm badly bummed for seeing no more of Liam M. (Michiel Huisman), I really really wanna see more of Rayna/Deacon now that her annoying husband is out of the frame. He is sobriety personified and sobriety and art just don't go together. And I'm not talking fermented intoxication either. You can't be creative and tame at the same time.

Love everything about this show. Love. Am not even gonna go into the music. I love the costumes. I love the scenery. I love the "corners" in which they put the scenes.  Love almost all characters regarding music - and, as was very well intended - hate everyone regarding politics. The politics bit of this show is awful and I hate it and want it out. Unfortunately, you can never have the pretty, pretty songs without the cogwheels of powers and shadows turning behind it. That's how it is. SMASH did a good number on that. Everyone likes the guitars and stage lights of Nashville, but far and thick around it are the companies and interests of the bookings people.

The characters are lovely. There are almost none of the 'crazy, stoned, wild, short-lasting, bright-burning enfants terribles like Doors or Rolling Stones would be, driving their fans into banshee frenzy. This is country. People work hard to get where they want to be and the game is constantly changing, so they also have to work hard to stay there. Fame is just fame. Career is something different.

I love Juliette's pose in this one. She is trying so hard t stand out, something she is trying so hard thororugh the entire show and, probably, her entire life.

And I like the mood of the city. Lately quite a lot of directors are attempting to cast locations into the narrative. (The Brave One, New York. Drive, Los Angeles. Gone, baby, Gone, Boston. End of watch, South Central. Deja Vu, Savannah-After-Katrina....) There's Blue Bird and places like that - where no matter how great you are, you are always welcomed and at home. The little places. Beside Blue Brids there are 'playing for beer and pizza' places, and of course the big rodeos.

The cast - the three blond ladies:
Rayna (Connie Britton) is the latest greatest thing to the city - but her star is in inertia. She is awesome, very beautiful and a really nice person, smart and talented, but like it's said, fans are fickle and she can't fill an arena anymore. Which blows in several directions. She also has a complicated private life, because her father is a weasel politician, her sister is trying to keep up, and she married a nice man to have a nice family. She did this purposefully, because the one man she was destined to be with, the love of her life, couldn't stop swivelling down into the gutters of stage life. Problem is, he cleaned up and they are still such close friends, they are both constantly reminded of the deep connection they have. (Also, now they kissed and Rayna's husband asked for a divorce, so we'll see how that tumbles.)

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is Rayna twenty years ago. She comes from the trailer trash, junky mom background, which is constantly haunting her. She is also very smart, very talented and very beautiful, but people aren't taking her very seriously, because she's young, blond and appeals to teenagers in her music. In every episode, she attempts to make herself a more serious performer. She knows that being a super pop star in sparkly pants is what made her rich and independent, but it's not what she wishes to be her pinnacle - she's only worried that she may leap and miss. Which is something her managers and contractors are constantly warning her about.

Scarlett (Clare Bowen) is the antithesis of Juliette. She is very young and pretty, and really really talented as a singer and songwriter, but she shyes away from the limelight. She begins the tale of woe by dating a fame-crazed little shit, who envies her and although she's Deacon's niece and can handle her own, and seems to be destined for fame, doesn't really like that and much as she simply loves music. I read somewhere Rayna asks her to come along with her on the songwriting detail, but twelve episodes in, I'm still waiting for this. It would be nice, as I wish all the best for all of these girls. She is heard by a famous 'discoverer' Wally, a somewhat ghost of famous future.

The men:
Deacon is the unwilling leading man. He is a calm, thin guy, very good at music, but very bad at everything else. Although he has a lot of good friends and is a good friend to many of them back, he cannot seem to put his head up again. His career always suffered for his addictions and he probably never would have had any, if Rayna didn't keep him so very close. He is very good without even trying, but music is the only thing that constructs his soul. He pairs with Juliette to get closer to Rayna, although he is also very protective of Juliette and her only real friend.

Glenn (Ed Amatrudo) is Juliette's manager and humble father figure. He has her genuine interest and well being in mind, but is also very safe. He worries every time Juliette steps out of their fan zone and never agrees with her ideas. But you can see, like when he confronts Deacon, that he is truly devoted to her and without him, she's fail a long time ago. In the beginning Juliette is almost mean to him, disobeying and fighting him on every occasion, but when he wants to leave her, she cries and begs him to stay. Juliette also has a polite assistant and a bodyguard - all of which dub for a family she never had.

Avery (Jonathan Jackson) is the little bitch of Nashville. Although he is not a mean person per say, he is a spineless fame-whore. He is lousy to his girlfriend, until they break up, he destroys the band that got him where he was, he beds his agents, all the while hating himself for it. The hour he spends on the stage with fans cheering doesn't weight off the wide circle of loneliness he's created around himself to get on charts. His contrast, Gunnar, is a decent guy, just as talented and even more in love with Scarlett, but respects their friendship and their creative process, whereas Avery tanked Scarlett (and snobbed Gunnar) on every occasion. I loved it when Scarlett sang his song with his old band and did a much better job of it.

Other interesting figures are also Marshall Evans, the label owner, who schemes his stars into, oddly enough, great success; Rayna's agent Bucky, who is always there, though he doesn't seem to have to do much but wrap up deals and is good friends with Rayna as he trusts her decisions. Liam McGuinnes, who helps Rayna find her new edge, but unfortunately betrays her; and I like the black dude in Avery's Exs band, though I don't remember his name :D

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Ye, it's official. I love country music above all else. Though, after finally figuring out who my favourite singer is, he's not country. This question was asked of me weeks ago by a 10-year old and I hate not being able to answer ten-year olds... Took me a long time to decide whose voice I would trust with singing my everything. So far, the one voice I love above all others, is Freddy Mercury's. Though I don't know him as a person very well (we share the feat that on stage we are both very extrovert and off we are both extremely shy.), I have nothing but awe for his professional contribution to my musical upbringing. Such as it was :))

Now to my next big question. Last puzzle was how to measure the weight of people added to water in a bowl already elevated. My next physics puzzle is - if a room under pressure is punctured and begins to hemorrhage pressure fiercely into a lesser pressure environment - would a bullet fired through the hole be derailed by the exhaust force? Probably. But what would math have to say about it?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

anais nin quote

awwww. I am not much for quotes, in fact I despise them and despise people who do them (particularly if they behave as if they know what the fuck they are talking about and have in fact never even read the original work the passage is from ... ), but this one is actually very lovely. By Anais Nin:

Love never dies a natural death.

Hear hear.


LoL, today's doggiewalk started with a slight rain (before that it was normal, dry weather at zero Celsius), which turned to sleet, which turned to a fully fledged ice storm. In an hour, the world was turned into this: falling pancakes of snow :D But alas, it's melting again :/

Okay. Thesis. First part.

The first premise: Introducing the typical characters: Snufkin, Gandalf and Kisuke.

The first conjecture: Are they in fact Good or evil – and does it even matter?

I can think, from the top of my head, of three transit-prone characters that reside outside the protagonists’ comfort zone and tend to act as an accelerant for the narrative in whole. The Hobbit’s Gandalf, The Moomin’s Shufkin and Bleach’s Urahara Kisuke. Each of these characters is a foreigner, a migratory creature and a bohemian. Each of them practices pointless, minute functions that make them acceptable to “normal” people and each of them has an almost entirely vacant backstory. They are portrayed as so thoroughly charismatic, vital for the cogwheels of the story and yet so very briefly outlined (or nonchalantly), that you come to suspect this is either because their mystique is far more interesting than the truth – or they are in fact villains in reins.

Each of these characters satellites around the main protagonist. Usually in a very familiar manner. They mimic relatives or mentors, but not really. Gandalf has a very grandfatherly air about him and it’s not just the beard. (HP’s Dumbledore has a similar act about him, although by contrast, that role is very stationary.) He tends to look down on almost everyone, disconnected from everyday reality, always busy, always tense, always balancing his wizardly reputation with the ugly things he knows and hopes to keep to himself. His drug of choice is innocence and naiveté of younger species – a thing he can never again regain himself. He has seen too much, seen too much ruined. He gravitates towards young adventurers, because to him they are his missing heart. Entirely unable to protect them or even avert them from the perils the adventures pose, he tries his best not to fuck up and very little to care. Even if they all die, these are just long forgotten stories from his better days. Cursed with survival’s guilt, the Madonna-whore monkly disposition towards romance and virtual numbness of earthly form, all he can do is pretend to be an old hippy and occasionally use his staff on architecture and ghouls. He is long past his moment of heroic glory. He knows that the strings of all his businesses unfinished will eventually choke him and he will gladly retire and die.

Snufkin is not as dark and as dubious as the others. Probably, because he appears to be a lot younger and because he doesn’t really have to go through much to come to the Moominvalley every spring. His age is questionable, although voice actors tend to put him somewhere in his late teens, early twenties? Dunno. Neither is he entirely, strictly human, as I have heard his nose described as snout on more than one occasion and his half-sister is very very tiny. That said, he never regards his sister as his sister. They seem to be removed half-sibling or cousins at best in most of his affection originates from the fact she is cynical and smart. In contrast, he is very fond of his friend Moomin and even tolerates their mutual friend Sniff, with whom he shares no similarities (of character.) He briefly takes on a role of a foster father to a shock of orphans and does it well. He also, unlike the other two, shows a wide range of emotions, from playfully happy to aloof, annoyed and dismissive, to angry and and vandal. Snufkin is a wunderluster, albeit a rather mysterious one (you never know where he goes when he leaves his best friend.) But where he goes is never as important as the fact he always returns. He comes with new stories, which are not very important to him (or are intimate, really – the pearl of them being his encounter with Teeteewoo (still trying to find the correct spelling)). He is a calm and passive character, though very often and very obviously portrayed. His temper is challenged only when ownership issues arise and this is curious, considering Moomin is only able to thrive as such a positive character because he is constantly surrounded with things that inspire and protect his playfulness and innocence.

Kisuke, unlike the two, is less a migratory force and more an exile or a fugitive and unlike the two, inhabits a temporary real-estate from which he operates. Unlike the first two he also produces daily items of value (he has a legit candy store and an underground spirit dealership.) But like the two, he pretends to be far less important and wise than he actually is. Even going to great lengths to appear so to the people closest to him. We don’t, during the course of the narrative, clear out the fact he was an officer of his dethroned profession until very late in the story. (When it is long to late and proves nothing of his power anyways.) He is perpetually haunted by some of the things he created that got out of hand. He appears to be very young, but is actually quite old, as he has been dead for probably a very long time. (He is a soul shepherd, so that qualifies as a living entity, especially in the Soul realm. He’s not a zombie or anything. He looks great.) He does, relative to the lead character, act most obviously as the helper from the shadows. Like Gandalf, he is very two-faced – jovial and easily beaten on one hand and very dark and dangerous on the other. Like Gandalf, his history is riddled with magical powers, backfires and things he failed to mend before blameless people got hurt, but it is also very scarce. Neither of these men has any family, any relationships beyond friendship and never seems to show any interest in sex – less because they come from juvenile literature and more because their frustrations or intentions have to be abstinent from their actual warm bodies. Regardless of Kisuke’s benevolent appearance and his close relationships with some very beautiful and passionate colleagues, he is self-degrading, a fool and enthralled in saving the shadows. Not immune to gender, he also regards most women, safely, as out of his league. Unlike the other two, though, he openly mentors the lead protagonist in the early stages of their encounter. And like the former two, he also tends to wear a distinct hat. And clogs, in his famous case.

So why would I consider any of these men evil? Well, let’s take a look at it from their arrogance perspective.

            Gandalf has no reservations from pulling people who are a) untrained, b) unwilling c) clearly expendable into path of peril. He forces Bilbo on a road that may end badly at any given moment. He does the same thing to Frodo. Surely, if he really wanted to, he could have made such a profound self-sacrifice at any time himself. He could lead the dwarves of Thorin’s company to Smaug any time, and also he could probably very easily fly one of his eagled straight into Mount Doom, straight into the lava. Job done. Glory to the heroic dead. But no. He likes his dirty work to be done by people who don’t yet appear, or are in fact not dirty. He likes to come into sight wise, kind and helpless, up until the point he starts to bully and manipulate. As I personally don’t fall for ‘wisely old men, ‘may I offer you a friendly advice?’ types ’ and enjoy seeing Deckard Cain’s ass kicked on every occasion, but it seems he has a knack for locating individuals who have it in them to be impressed. Hard to argue with a pointy hat, granted. Still. To be able to split mountains on one end and still employ random bucolic civilians to do your battles on the other is a work of a coward. And if he would say it’s not his business to win, then perhaps sticking his nose in it in the first place was, well, conceited.

            Kisuke doesn’t just hide from his true power; he hides from what he caused, because of it. He managed a lot of wrong with best intentions. He enabled the worst of antagonists in the story to roam to great extends and with devastating results. Most of this with things he created – just to see if they can be created. Some of it with his personality. He rooted people’s deaths, betrayals, acted as a catalyst in some of the things that enabled bad to return to the lead character’s world ... Oh, sure, he is able to lend great hands very often – very often at crucial moments. But he tends to skip the parts in which he is sole responsible for the mess in the first place. Behind his jovial mask is actually a long history of fucking up. His exile is voluntary and he is, to some regards, skulking from authority that would judge his crimes. In his pastime he helps kids become tools in mending the cracks he created. He is not an evil man as sadists or misogynists go, and far from wanting to cause repercussion, he is simply selfish and irresponsible. Oddly, the things he did, he didn’t do it to prove anything at all, he was just being curious. Being as old as he is, he obviously has history with most characters in the story of Ichigo & Co., some of which is quite dramatic, but he is strongest when coming in and out of a moment, pretending it does not concern him.

            And how would Snufkin be a villain? Well, he’s not. An anarchist and vandal, to some degree, and a hypocrite in the worst case, he isn’t really much of anything, except a constant reminder that beyond the skyline there’s adventure to be had and stories to be gained. But Moomin never really falls for that, so it’s okay. As he is benign, so he is always a welcomed sight.

Which only leaves the matter of their outfits. I have to mention this, because I am very fond of either green and/or traveler’s outfits. It doesn’t relate to their vileness, it just wraps the whole ‘nomad’ part real neat. All of these characters, less of need and more of part of character, only ever wear one particular type of an outfit. Any change is with much pomp and cause. Gandalf has a great, trusty, multi-layered wizard wardrobe, that doesn’t seem like it gets cleaned very often. I won’t even go into speculating on the conditions of his undergarments, because I have seen his friend Radagast and that individual has lichen growing on his head. I am very germophobic and wash my hands twenty and my hair every two days, nervous and edgy if I am unable to wear dry, clean, comfortable clothes. This doesn’t necessarily say I am spoiled or provided for. I have travelled as much as any of these – and always opted for keeping my undies clean. Moving on - the pointy hat is very useful. Especially considering the weather (rain, sleet, relentless sun …) and hiding rodents or small goats. Also beard, same reasons. The coat is large, protective and road-worn. He has good shoes, a good belt and his weapon of choice (Staff.). Like all of these characters, he furthermore smokes a pipe. There’s probably also a satchel in there somewhere.

            Snufkin wears all of these items, from old pointy hat which to him has great sentimental value (ironically), to good boots, only in green. And smaller. His backpack is larger, which leads me to suspect he has at least one extra pair of socks and underwear (I prioritize odd angles, I know.). He plays harmonica or the flute, smokes a pipe and tends to stop to make himself tea on several occasions. He sleeps in a tiny tent and gets sick and tired like any other traveler. Especially on the road back.

            Urahara Kisuke wears a lot less and is Japanese, so he likely wears no underwear at all. Nor does he need socks, because his footwear of choice is traditional sandals. Like both of former he has a distinct hat (albeit not pointy), smokes a pipe and can leave his house and walk great distances without needing additional cover. In reference to his former status, he wears diamond-shapes ornament on the ushiromigoro (lower backside) of his coat and a loosely tied green kimono underneath. Tends to expose his chest, much to approval of yours truly. He gets away with it, because he is a tall, shapely man. Regarding beard he is between the two, as he is neither clean-shaven as Snufkin (who does not seem to be yet in need to shave) not has an old man’s bush. He just has a sloppy stubble. And unkempt hair. As someone who often wears hats/caps myself, I do not hold this against him, as there really isn’t any other way to have it. You either have a hat or a do. Can’t have both. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Not sure to what degree of realism I'm going to delve into with this graphic short story. I may get a lot more manga. More bubbly, at least with some strokes. I won't ink it, as I prefer this pen, for now. Let's keep it down to a very starters level. But this is the first sketch of the two characters in it - that of Gorgie and Satra. From where I sit, I now realise one is meant to portray the life and the future and is very fleshy and clear, whereas one is history, death, very edgy and full of shadows. I've also written the first page pf my thesis, but I'm gonna let it sit until tomorrow, before I decide whether or not I actually have enough material to take on Gandalf, Snufkin and Kisuke U.

Movie 43 - amazing actors waaaay out of their comfort zones. Approve..

Just home from the theatre with G. Still laughing. I went in with reaaaaally really low expectations, as this only scored 3/100 on Metacritic, but I really liked it. I haven't seen a movie this fucked up since Your Highness. People hate it, of course they do, as it's awfully gruesome, pointless and over-the top, but it was just so funny. Most of the time I was afraid to watch, hiding behind the General's arm, and I had to pee twice, I laughed so hard. He didn't like it as much. He has way better taste than me. 

Halle Berry after squirting hot pepper sauce in her vagina. I'm not kidding. She actually does that.
       But think about it. I know EXACTLY how poor Kate Winslet felt, unable to focus on anything but those godawful neck balls on otherwise dreamy Hugh Jackman. I also admired Halle Berry to make ugly faces and mock her otherwise beyond flawless appearance. And the story about the girl's first period, as tasteless as that may be, that's EXACTLY how men act around a woman menstruating. I know men who would rather stab another man in the chest with a bayonet than touch a CLEAN/unused tampon. And certain odd sexual requests can turn really nasty. Also I know that. Though really, really not to that extent.  'Do not fuck the iPod' add was hilariously cynical. And the cat story, at the end, with the song 'the cat that fucked up my life', that was really sad. Not as sad as 'Kids in ATM Machines'. All in all, I loved most of these stories. Maybe not the one with the still alive and fat Culkin and Emma Stone as much, although she is so very beautiful. The only odd thing - I never got to see the "Pitch" sketch. It just wasn't there. No idea why. Ah, well. 
        It helps a great deal if you go in with ZEEEERO expectations. I had great ones for the Hobbit and came out viciously orgasmless with that one.

Someone explain to me why Snooki reading Moby Dick to someone is the seventh circle of Hell? I got the Snooki bit, but not the Moby Dick bit. Is it because it's a long book? Or cause she didn't get it? Or what? That one I didn't get.

My thesis :D

Been editing a postmanship thesis that my hubs is mentoring and decided to write a thesis of my own. been thinking about it for a while. Also, I've decided to draw my own comic 'stort story', so that's all on my to do list.

After a thorough consideration (a minute or so of full-throttle brain activity), I've decided to write about the one thing i know A LOT about:

Socially maladjusted hermit/wanderers or self-sufficient worldly nomads? 
The happenstance of literary and/or manga characters, who use the knowledge, acquired away from the comfort zones of protagonists, to often act as deus ex machina and keep the moral of lead characters from unhinging in moments of trial...

I was gonna propose this thesis to the General and explain my love for Snufkin and Urahara as my exhibit A, but I lost him at 'socially'...

TV updates and uh, is it spring yet? Oh, and Tom Hiddleston in Africa

Ah, new shows, new shows. I thought I was totally over-fed with medical drama, but I kinda liked Monday Mornings. Not the close-ups, slow-motion soooooooo overly dramatic shots, but I think it was shot with a Mark II. That tickles me immensely, in all the right places. The good thing is also, not everyone looks like a supermodel, although I've always liked Jamie Bamber. There's a no-nonsense Korean surgeon guy, always a turn on. A Pakistani lady with a nose really hard not to focus on. There are actors in fact, odd to picture in scrubs, like Rhames, hello? David E. Kelly is good at making the characters instantly familiar, which is okay. What I loved best, though, was the pilot's 311 sessions. First you have a bad doctor on the pedestal and you can't but think 'thank god everyone else is better'. But at the end, you have the best doctor on the pedestal, for the exact same reason. Very uncomfortable situation and very emotional, but it does not change the fact he was arrogant and he fucked up. Path to a child's graveyard is paved with good intentions.

The Following and The Carrie Diaries is something I watch in tandem. One is bad and very gory and the other is not so bad and very girly. Both help my lunch go down faster.

The second season of Smash starts today. Hmmm... I don't really want to watch it, but of course I will :D

Not gonna watch the Americans, though. Nothing about it appeals to me. Certainly not the premise. I hope to Kebab that Homeland doesn't do to SPY shows what House did for medical shows. Suddenly you had fifteen new, barely watchable top-surgeons/underwear models humping shows per DAY.

PS Was gonna post this awhile ago, but I forgot. oh, Tom, Tom, my beautiful Tom. How I liked you. If you wanted to have sex with me, I would seriously ask my husband for a one-night-in-a-decade of open marriage for you. Nothing much about you I didn't like, although your tweets are fucking boring. But UNICEF in Mauritania? Seriously? That just blew those 98/100 <3 points out into single digit realm. There is NOTHING, nothing worse as a turn-off than petty PR humanitarian uptakes, usually reserved for losing politicians and ageing soap-opera starlets. 

These people have no clue what the fuck white folk with cameras wants with them .. again. Is there money in it or what? They even found folk with teeth.
Fucking  l a m e.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Street art in this world ...

Some really amazing street art (that makes me feel old and boring :))

I got them all off of this site: