Monday, 30 August 2010

BD party 2010

Post festum... :))

BD party 2010

The darling/scary/hungry guests... :D

BD party 2010

The feast...

BD party 2010

The preparations......

Right now the world is perfectly quiet. My throat is aching like a bitch... I mean chicken duck... and it doesn't even help to try and warm my cheek on the General's chest. That'll teach me to check the weather outside the next time I go out with wet hair.
            Have decided to edit pickies from yesterday's party while I wait for a decent time to announce my wakefulness to the world.....
Let's see...

Friday, 27 August 2010

Oh, and we found this. I've never seen one before, not that I was aware of, and supposedly they are super rare (endangered, in fact) and called 'Royal' for being so tasty and precious. We left it be and covered it :)

And shroomies...

Shroomies day - B&W pics