Monday, 20 August 2018

Aaah, the first time in AGES the General was forced to bushcraft :D And by bushcraft I mean we drove to my brother's estate where I offed to photograph a Medieval fest at a local castle and he had cushy dinner and drinks and conversations reclining in the cushy garden chairs, until late at night I joined them and he watched me set up out camp just off the cushy garden deck. So ... not exactly washed ashore in the jungle mangrove or Alaska. It was my standard setup - garbage bag base, foam, blankie, sleeping bag, mosquito net and the tarp. We were next to a small creek, so, dew galore. He didn't have the foam, and he rolled his blankie as a pillow, but by the sound of him, he fell asleep instantly. I slept much better with him near, and when I didn't, I listened to a hedgehog who came to snack on doggie biscuits one noisy crunchy biscuit at the time. (Brother's wife sets them out for it.) Half a moon was golden and the Mars was rising red.
           It was really very nice. I've gotten mostly used to it by now, the hard ground, the heightened sense of awareness, the fact you're completely wet by morning regardless of the tarp. Sex was so cute, because we tried really hard not to make noise, and kept rolling off our only foam mat, the dog occasionally lifting it's humongous head (they have a bullmastif, the nicest, cutest one I've ever met), to check what the heck is happening. Why are there strange people cotting in the garden? Why do they seem to be in an odd style of distress?.. :D

Taking the opportunity to end the 'trial run' by using the bathroom like a normal person, showering and brushing my teeth, G still slept for a few hours while the sun slowly got out and people got up, and had breakfast. (Yummy stuff, as they are amazing cooks. I ate soooo much ...) He was incredibly grumpy, 'broken' and stiff, telling everyone he will beat me later in the car for making him do this. Ahhhhh, my love my love my love, everyone knows you never do anything you don't want to do and sleeping in my tarp tent without foam mat next week, for a week, in the mountains, was your idea :D Z-Lite Therm-a-rest looking not so pricey now, is it? That's not cushy garden grass coming up, my sweet, that's pale rock and fast winds and mountain goats trying to eat out flippy floppies :D I can't fucking wait :D

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Expansion arrival ...

... pleasure delaying :D

Monday, 6 August 2018


Still in heat wave. I'm coping a wee bit better; it's ACed where I work and the ride home is breezy, then I rest and go out late. Dog may be in rutting season, not sure, or she's just cranky. Drink a lot of water. And milk. General bought me a tiny rear view mirror for the bike. I am still unpleasantly clumsy and kind of a paranoid. Saw a wreckage of a car which got hit by a freight train the other day. One of the old cats on G's parents' farm was killed by a combined mower. One of my parents' dogs is sick from heat. It's BlowjobWeek for me, a week later than usual. I feel overall unpleasant and uneasy. 

That said, and supposedly it's not a brain tumor, my sense of smell has returned almost full fledged - after 30 odd years. MyMaja explained eating vegan, organic, raw, eco, bio, super fancy healthy food sans gluten, as I am these past two weeks to no fault of my own, causes the body to clean up and the senses to sharpen - mainly the sense of smell. It's absurd how much I am smelling. I didn't even know people can do that. I can smell wet trees as I pass them, car fresheners, drinks, bad stuff, flowers and coffee for miles - I can smell freaking apples if someone is eating them in the next room! ... On the minus, as it turns out, the left of my eyes is a lot worse off than I want it to be. I am still far better off regarding sight than my peers, it's still an almost flawless vision, however allowing light to come sharply though all those lenses all these years, has somewhat blurred the left. Not happy about that. I want to be a 40 year old sniper :P

Too tired to really read or write much, I do spend a lot of brain time in a loop of fan fiction or the like. I miss music. Overheard a good Otherside cover by two girls on the street, so I'm murmuring that a lot. Some lines of dialogue pop up from time to time, some conflicts, roof chases. I added a scene to 'Elf sex Crime' in which it is explained why Kay was the one asked to come help with the investigation - Spiff, accusing her of faking her indifference, remarks he was in on that meeting, he saw the letter and recognises her pen and handwriting: she once wrote to all elf kings on the land to draw attention to a slaver's market where an elf woman was being sold at, enabling the woman's prompt rescue. 

Also coined two lines, one about losing virginity orgasm ("Seventeen years of being curious exploded out of him...") and another about being in lust with someone in broader terms: I felt from time to time I put myself in disadvised situations just for the off chance of running into him. His body reacts every time I touch him, it swells - I cannot get enough of it. Nobody fucked like him. Nobody talked like him, nobody thought like him - nobody even looked like him. I was simultaneously terrified and all ovaries

Well, ye. I'm horny AF. It's too hot and I'm too tired and too leaky to do much about it except watch hentai and then near die from over-heating. Besides, I come home in late afternoon, by which time my lover's already left, and I leave very early, when he's only just fallen asleep. He hints at the end of the month, when we are supposed to have a fair hiking vacation in the mountains ... Right now it feels a thousand years away, anything can happen, but it certainly is something to mentally head towards. 

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Arrh, the heat wave is back. It sounds like a simple enough ordeal to weather through, if you're nicely indoors, in the dim lights, windows blind, two fans keeping you cool and nicely snotty, cool shower in the next room every 40 or so minutes ... But Real World beckons and I have to venture out in it again tomorrow morning ... At six, when I push the bike upstream-way to work, it's bliss. Early afternoon, when I just pedal a bit, letting the slight incline of the valley to the rest, in 100 degrees... It's not quite so much bliss. May last a few weeks. I'll either get used to it again, or I'll take sick. I was a little queasy yestereve, around seven, when I took the dog out for a walk. I start to shake and cry and cannot cool down no matter what I do. (A lasting present from my old ship heat-stroke incident, it would seem..) The General needs to put me in the bathtub and spend some time gently showering me from warm to cool, then I just fall asleep, batteries completely drained. It's funny, because if it's just sunny and dry, I am perfectly okay. It's the humidity and hot concrete in the evening that gets to me. And the idiotic fucking dog wants to go out while it's still bright, then realizes what she's done and needs to be dragged the entirety of the stroll.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

First day of work

I am so sore and tired I can barely move - first, jumping on the bike again after a pedestrian season, despite a lovely, lovely ride back and to, I am completely out of menial labor state of play and though fun and tasty, the work has me so worn out now, by eight in the evening, I can't even play WoW. Which I haven't played in months - firstly because I was fed up at the time - it happens before most expansions - and then because the comp slowed to a stop with a faulty :C drive. But the General took it to a mate, adding another drive, and now I have the super new and updated operation platforms for all of my fav program,s and Warcraft has just had a massive patch 8.0.. I should go out, walk the dog, play some Pokemon, stop communicating with strangers on the Internet, because nobody wants to listen to real comments. The General is sleeping, too, his work timeline was even more crazy than mine. Have I ever mention how incredibly tranquilizing someone's deep breathing/gentle snoring is? :D

Monday, 23 July 2018

I finally coined the Keylada term for 'bresingari':

- to experience all times, past and future, within a single moment flowing through one-self ...

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Why I walk alone... (*poem alert)

I get asked all the time why I travel alone
(and not even mention my husband in the stories.) 
Quite simple I like to be on my own.
I like to get scared and solve my own problems.
I like to stop and cry at the sight of beauty
For an hour: a painting or a mountain or 
just any sight of natural splendour, really, bresingary*.
My husband waits for me at the end of every story
He likes to hear how I got happy or how I got sad
And look at the photos I've taken. I take many. I feel a lot within, too.
That is why I like to walk alone.

(And also he is not that crazy.)

*bresingary means something so awesome you want to cry

General's !romantic! line of the week:

Me: "No, I DON'T want to stop where I am and wait for you, I don't want to quit until I've reached some place nice! I want you to come rescue me in a pretty location.."
G: "Any shitty bus stop in the middle of God's ass nowhere, where I come to find you, will be the most beautiful location once I arrive."

... Too fucking true.