Monday, 27 June 2022

Am again spitting bits of a tooth, though at least for now I am slowly starting to comprehend losing a filling is not as catastrophic as, say, breaking your face by being clumsy. By checking out the various dentists' offices, none of which are responding to my mail, I start to notice it's not even all that unusual. So I now hope not to break the rest of the walls still remaining (it WAS, technically, a third of the tooth that's broken off) by consuming food which can be devoured without chewing and has a ton of calories. Thank the gods for honey.

In the meanwhile, both our fans AND the AC are on full blast, doing their best to keep us sane - it's 35'C so far, with a heatwave barely starting. Yes, I am sore all over, however, walking out yesterday to stroll the doggo, despite it being 8pm, my dizziness returned after half an hour and I needed to return and hide in the cold bathtub. No matter how beautiful I find summers to be, they are hell here, in this filthy little city. Whole different story at G's parents' place. 95F in the country is like 70 in the real world. I am soaked in sweat even if I go out at 5am. Some weird rain keeps on falling from small puffs of clouds, only making everything more humid. 

Sunday, 12 June 2022

How have I not discoevred earplugs until now? Holy pickle.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

WISHLIST (PAYMENT ALTERNATIVES) - because anyone can have money, but craft supplies are better :)))

STICKII - Vintage or Pop monthly subscriptions - 12 euro (24 euro for both).

PAPERGANG - 23 euro per box

CORA CREA CRAFT box - 45 euro

anything, really, from THE WASHI SHOP

JUNK JOURNALER'S DELIGHT box - around 100 euro for three boxes...

WILDFLOWER BOX - 17 euro a month - shipping...

... any of THESE, to be honest :D

I had the privilege of playing with a small crow today. For about a minute. And by playing I mean I pretended to help and she pretended to need help, until her mother came and let me know I will be murdered unless I stop playing at once. 

       The thing is, on the doggy walk, we found a young bird, about the size of a pigeon, by the walkway. I approached it carefully, making little noises, and caressed it slowly, then picked it up, wondering what to do. One option was to put her in the bushes, away from the dogs and prying eyes. Another was to take it home and nurse it back to health. Its tail was all messed up. (My next-door neighbour is a vet.) But once I moved to pick up my bag and the dog on the leash, the bird got upset. Then its mother or whichever relative showed up, warning me to back off. As this was not my first encounter with crow parents, I knew to obey instantly. I still have a dent in my motorcycle helmet from the time I thought birds can't hurt me.

I'll admit. It's a good one.. :))


Dear Lord

So far today I've done alright.
I haven't gossiped,
I haven't lost my temper.
I haven't been greedy,
grumpy, nasty, selfish or
over-indulgent. I'm very
thankful for that. But in a few
minutes, Lord, I'm going to
get out of bed...
And from then on,
I'm going to need
a lot more help.

Saturday, 4 June 2022

And today my hand looks like it swallowed a tennis ball...

Gods, yes, my doctor is attractive, but I swear I am not deliberately maiming myself. I only visit them, like, once every three years or something, I am too embarrassed otherwise. 

I'm even getting these weird blistery thingies... Fun times.

Not saying this isn't deserved. I was being arrogant, fully aware that after we rob them of the honey (acacia, nomm nomm nomm), making room for chestnut (which needs to be removed, ere it gives them acidic poopoo), they will be in a homicidal mood. But it was a strenuous day and I wanted to help G, who was to return the combs to the hives. I said: gimme half, I'll start from this end and we'll meet in the middle. Neither of us was using the smoking thingie.

       Of course every time I opened the lid they came at me like arrows. And I knew which hive is the most aggressive, but I still totally ignored the onslaught. The savage bjash got me THROUGH the 3mm leather glove I paid good money for! And of course my brain immediately pitchen in, as my brain as an asshole: you do know this is your most protected area, right? Everything else is just a thin layer of canvas ....

       Haven't slept a bit tonight, it hurts insanely, like it's going to explode. Also tinkles, itches, burns and looks so funny :)))))

Thursday, 2 June 2022

Stupid, stupid, stupid fucking infection

It was an infection. All along, well over two months of pain and confusion, worried there is something awfully wrong with me. I shat myself four times today, worried about what the doctors may find. 

A stupid fucking infection. Just some bacteria in the pee. Dealt with, with a handful of pills. 

Idiotic fucking bladder. It could have said something before I googled all kinds of colon cancer!!

Monday, 30 May 2022

General's line of the week

 Me: I thought of the perfect (fighter pilot) call sign for myself! Pigeon! And you ... can be ... Postman!

G: So in tandem, we'd be the Postal Pigeon?