Friday, 21 July 2017

Some pickies of Ape in Lj

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Thursday, last day of the stay in the white city, I am missing G so much it aches. Ape arrived and already my portraying tendencies began to resurface. We climbed the castle hill, talking serious stuff, then down to the Tiepolo exhibit, which was very fine and to my taste, even though I forgot to film any of it, idiot. There was one of the sketches of the elegance, a study of greyhounds, very realistically done, with a complete and utter doodle of Pomeranian, just a bunch of short lines and two dots in the middle. It was awesome. I'll show you once we get home. 

These are some of the stuff from the web:

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

2:30, can't sleep. Trolling the sites on Facebook that have gone downhill in my absence ... I REALLY have to bite my tongue from time to time, not give an opinion on some of the stuff posted by people I know.
I know, G would be so proud. But for fuck'ssakes. I wish I could say it's envy that they get more views than me, but hey, I am super proud of the twelve I get WITHOUT showing my tits to the world.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

So, ye, logged back into Facebook... Trolled the shit out of The Young Turks to celebrate. 
It really is the cutest, oddest sensation, exploring the outskirts of a new city: the streets with funny narrow houses above a steep narrow river, the endless crescent apartment building full of people I have absolutely never spoken to, any of them ... The random tiny cafe bars, bakeries, pet food stores, crammed into the niches, neat little gym parks and jogging trails... I am slightly disappointed in how filthy the river is, full of rotting bikes and shopping cars and disposed of pieces of furniture, tires or garbage bags, but supposedly they clean it out once a year. Pity. it would be a lovely river otherwise. I wonder how far down I could follow it?....

I was asked to take the books back to the library, heavy pointy little bastards poking me in the hip, and I can tell you now how awfully cool one feels when checking out their own books and finding them well-worn and read :D It's like hearing your poem sung by a street performer, or seeing your art stolen to promote some famous establishment. So cool.

Was a moment away from wondering whether to sign back into Facebook on my old account, which I've failed to eradicate, and I will need it to get my subscriber count above thirteen, (and I CBA creating a whole new fan base anew with Artsy), when spam informed me one of my besties has posted a pic and as I click on it, voila! I am back in my old, disavowed account like nothing happened.... Shitty shitty fucking creepy little stalking shit.

Like I'm in a fucking cult.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Reading The Otranto Castle, Primeval and Other Times and Motorcycle diaries; watching Twelve Angry Men, Black Mirror and Glitch.

All highly recommended stuff, guys.
Traveloguing a wee bit around the city, which is wonderful, through the old part and back through a flea market where you can get anything from old Nazi uniforms to Gandalf pipes, Elvis records to ancient photo cameras, old money and fairly new Hungarian stamps... I'm tempted to buy everything, but I forced myself to try and film a neat video for the vlog, showing how cute our capital can be. took no more and no less than one whole photo to serve as the thumbnail...

Still not sure how to make custom thumbnails, but more importantly, I've no idea how to make YouTube content I want either. I need to figure out the shtick, the energy, the brightness, the seriousness and the originality of my posts. I have never in my entire existence breached the gap between my shy exclusiveness and profitable popularity. It's my summer job to figure it out, how to be cultural and erudite, yet compete with gamer little boys and fitness little girls.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Hm, there's a Tiepolo sketches exhibit in the National Gallery.... hmmm...