Thursday, 21 June 2018

The VVitch (2015)

Slowly, slooowly watching the VVitch. It's taking me a while, because I am too there and the part of Goose I'm going over is as bleak as fuck as well. This is a great movie, if you go in close enough. I've seen the end and I'm about a third in. Every so often I pause to watch reviews, interpretations and humorous comments on it. I know everything there is to know about the film - still i am scared shitless in broad daylight. Already hearing the line "Wouldst thou like to live .. deliciously?" simultaneously completely freaks me out and arouses me to the point of watching on with Geisha beads in place. Sick, I know. But that's the whole point. I am so nervous about any kind of mental illness (Littleness?) creeping close to me, to someone close to me, I should probably step back a bit, and turn my eye on simple matters in life, like Pokemon, and pancakes. How fucking awful it must have been for Thomasin to exist in a time and place as she did. No wonder she quite easily sold her soul for butter and lovely dresses - living deliciously, living at all.

So what's the world like outside a basket? Is it warm? Ye, it looks like it's warm...
No, but seriously. This is next level all-thumbs: I reached down to set the water bottle I tripped while pulling in my seat and knocked the headphones off the side of my desk. I reached for the headphones and knocked over my coffee mug ...

... I am just sitting now, very still, typing this very slowly. I dare not move.

Finally managed to drop my phone the proper way ...

After numerous attempts, it finally landed so as to show effect of gravity vs. gravel.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The tragedy of Counts of Cilli, bucket puppet edition :D

Niko invited me. He's the hot monk guy, playing the ill fated prince who falls for the tavern maid.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The museum night 2018


Been super tired from the vineyard ordeal (In fact dad called me yesterday morning, saying: I hear we’re going mushroom hunting!... And I cried: Dad, are you fucking kidding me, I can’t keep up with your schedule!...) so the day before yesterday was slow to close … But come Saturday, the tempo just picked up again. First I unexpectedly – usually I just ignore these kind of announcements – learned that catching Pokies gives you triple the XP and combined with the Lucky Egg, that means six times – and I learned this because someone’s put Lures on all of the Poke stops down a main Poke street, causing 20 or so Pokestops in line to rain pink petals … I grabbed a power bank from the kid and went out, and if you saw packs of (mainly adults) walking like lunatics, following their phones, phones connected to their backpacks with charge wires, then it was us. I made it to level during 31 (slow levels now, sloooow…) and even caught a five star rare during a tough raid. It was Larvitar hunting season, more than a 100 caught, five Shineys. Per Poke terms, that was a good day.
                Afterlunch I passed out and though G’s back is still problematic, we after-nap made out until the alarm sounded. Dad called to check when we’re randez-vous-ing, as I talked him into coming to town for the ‘Museum night’ – the night when all museums are open and free from six pm till midnight. Even G joined us, but the original plan for the two of them to go to the Contemporary (Modern) history to talk war and me to go check the glass exhibition then meet in the middle for the main event, kinda fell though. We started with the main event, because dad misunderstood there will be a live lecture. No matter, I know that museum by heart and I took them through the Roman and Pre-historic era. (Roman first because it’s in the basement of the building, where they dug up the Roman foundation and road.) G’s back no longer supported him, so he went home. Dad and I took a pause, he went to the bathroom and out to smoke, and then no longer wanted to proceed to the middle ages, to check out the new placements of the Counts of Cilli remains. We instead offed to the main city square where an 80-member ensemble of singers performed Carmina Burana’s most famous sentence (O Fortuna nad the like...).
                I notice, what with eighty people screaming like banshees and still making sense, that I can mostly tell what I am hearing if I LOOK at the performers. Not so much singers, because I don’t really like loud high notes and people seem to think that’s what makes a good singer: being super noisy and super pitchy, but the orchestra, the drummers and gong-bangers. (Gong, not gang.) I am extremely fond of percussion. But I need to watch it to hear it properly.
                After that dad was tired and I walked him to the car, checking via phone if any of my crowd is anywhere on the circuit. MyMaja took the kids to see the Short Animation, which is exactly where I wanted to go, but I got there a little too late and we just said hi, then parted. Another amazing expo – the lecture and the looped footage were a little too much, I was already getting overwhelmed, but the exhibited artwork was mesmerizing. I didn’t like when the lecturer kept stressing how some of these talented people went on to become super sold out and made a fuckload of money by working for companies nobody with eyes would consider art, as if that’s what creativity is about at all. But the rest of it, mind-blowingly good. Some of it really sad. But all of it really good.
                Though there were several other lectures, exhibitions, concerts and events and the hour was around ten-ish, the night warm and busy and perfect, I only had the energy to go to one more. (Nor was I that interested in seaside-way of life expo, per say, or erotic ‘moving statues’ or something of the sort. I have to admit seaside and sex don’t particularly interest me second-hand. I’m perfectly able to experience both without someone calling it.) The glass was fancy and very photogenic. I was hoping to be in company, so someone would shine a pen light through while I photographed it for extra effect, but I was alone and there was no need – the custodians did a great job. When are you going to fuck around with light if not when exhibiting crystal, eh? :D

 (*more pickies to come!!)

Friday, 15 June 2018

Baaah, two days of spraying the vineyard and this time without the General, who is still on sick leave: the kid stepped in. It took for eeever. Man, that was hard work. I ache all over. I insisted we spray twice as much as last time, because the weather kept fucking us over, drizzling and storming every so often and the infection - the peronosphora (Downy mildew) - already began to show on several plants, slowly spreading to adjacent ones up and down the terraces. With supper sunny mornings and damp rainy afternoons, the spread of mold or parasite like that is inevitable, and speedy. So, for a while I carried the buckets and Rockstar carried the monster-truck spray machine and then we switched a bit. The incline and wet grass are the worst bit - under such heavy loads 98% of energy goes to trying not to fall and break or slip something. We managed almost half yesterday and the rest today. People tend to severely underestimate General's effectiveness. That man is a titan, and a handy one at that. If he does the spraying and Rockstar and myself carry the buckets, we're finished in six hours.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Had to rest in a bath tub full of cold water to cool down today - it was nine in the morning and already my core temp was so nauseating, I was starting to shake and weep. I snapped at the counter girl at the library, because I had to sign the new privacy agreement - same as everyone else - but I hate signing things and if they were stealing my info before, they'll just keep stealing it on. The General filled the tub, then sprayed me with a cool shower until I stopped trembling. It's not even that hot outside, just so incredibly fucking humid. Am on a strict diet of ice coffee and ice-cream and some ice to boot. Most of sleeping takes place during the day, noon and early afternoon hours, and sex looks like we're ninety: slow, careful, with a minimum amount of touching. Our usual crazed fucking would probably give us both heart attacks within minutes. Everyone in the house showers, like, five times a day, just to feel fresh.

In other news, my hair has gone from the 'army dike with leukemia' phase into the 'toothbrush struck by lightning' phase. I look awesome! :D

This is either normal or an alien invasion :D
Storms every afternoon. From time to time I gotsta run across the lot to re-park the car to hide it from hail.