Saturday, 30 May 2015


The earlier test drive of the camping didn't go all too well. I blame the member in charge of morale, Starbark, which never stopped barking out of nervousness, until at about half past midnight I called dad to let her in, unleashed her and she ran home to raise alarm and wouldn't stop until dad came to see if I've been eaten by anything... like turtles or grasshopper or the like. Things she was worried about. That was that for the night, we drove back to town and tried to repeat the process at noon the next day.... Didn't really go much better. Everyone says to just leave the overly-protective mutt with the parents and take a plushie version instead, but I want to see if this is something she simply needs to get used to - sleeping outdoors...
I take off at about 5 tomorrow morning. For a couple of days. Then I'll be back to wrap up some work and move on again.

Annual picnic at bro's :)

Spent the night at my brothers, where we chat and chat some more and eat some of the amazing food his missus has prepared (that lady can cook!... And bake!) and then I pass out with the sound of frogs mating in the near-by pond and the General and bro spend the night chatting on, overseeing the roasting piglet for the come-dawn mowers.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Off to do a test run on the camping gear. Laters, indoor bitches :P

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Some pickies I brought home the other day. Gods, I was tired. General met me at the train station and I nigh crawled into his pocket :D
Am not sure I am allowed to publish most of these, but the umbrellas are extra and I have missed that city. that place has, like, a 100 cafes!... I live in a town where, if you want to hang out in polite company, you can choose between three..

Ye Gods, I haven't updated the blog for almost a week. I read back the last post and I always feel like such a long time has passed since I wrote that… right?
I still haven’t been able to move onto my big trek – mainly due to weather, but also somewhat because regardless of how I try to hide under my desk, jobs find me. It’s nice to have jobs, obviously, since they pay for nice things, but I’m a little bit busy at the moment. I took one last gig over the weekend, shooting a concert in the capitol. It was a 12-hour workday with three extra hours of a train ride, which took me another two days to recover from. I’m too old for that kind of parties :D Though I did manage to sneak out for a long lunch-break to visit my once-was professor, who’s movies into a lovely new flat and who I haven’t seen in about three years.
I bought the big hammock with (some of) the money from the shoot, so now my pack is complete. I haven’t tested it yet. Friggin’ rain, seriously, like fates really don’t want me to get going or something. Of course I have a lot of ugly thoughts and fears and whatnot, but I am too young to be afraid of the road and if I die or get maimed because I was stubbornly insisting on wanting to go on a hike after 9 years of cushiness, well… I’ve always said it will be the irony that kills me.
Oddly enough, I have agreed on taking the tiny gas stove thingie – having hitherto considered it waaaay too advanced for the kind of hikes I like to take. But, since I’ve learned to pack and since DM drugstore produces all of my necessary cosmetics (toothpaste and sunscreen) in these really adorable tiny packages, I have an unusually lot of room to spare in ma already small backpack. I can fit a crate of apples on top of it. Am taking Don Quixote to read, but very little gadgets, except for Markie.  I haven’t been able to buy the dog’s saddle bags, so am making them out of one of my old bags.
The one thing I do not have yet, is any real sense of why I want to do this, other than to enjoy it, explore, get fitter and experience some parts of this pretty pretty country that have eluded me hitherto. I’m lacking a deeper, longer agenda. Sure, the Geocaches and the National Geographic article, but … I’ve been feeling like all my stories are in the next room for so long. Interviews, too. I wrote a few such good ones – one of them hit 2000 readers within a day and that’s actually really cool for an otherwise a blog without any titties or puppies or scandalous bullshit. I have a few cool ones coming up as well. Soon. They’re right in the next room.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I have this really weird feeling, that my head is full of something, of somebody, I just can't remember what. Like I saw a great movie or read a great book or had coffee with someone really cool, but in a dream. It's an excellent mood, really. just ... I can't really remember why..

Birdies expo

Drej (along with her hubbies and mum) took me to an exhibition opening in Krško, a town otherwise known for our only nuclear power plant. In truth the Old Town is this very lovely one street parallel to a rather larger river than I am used to, and it's one of those old towns getting adorably renovated in retro style. The house we were in was remodeled after the home of a famous owner, and across the street in the similar fashion the local museum was welcoming to the public with a late even jazz concert. I also poked around the place, looking for a geocache, and there was a young opera singer whom I wish sang more than just the one song. And someone made really yummy mini bagels. 

here re all the birdies and some other stuff and I should make some architectural shots as well, as I took several, trying to see if I can use the 50mm to shoot wider.