Friday, 30 December 2016


... It's been a while, so we got something for everybody. Across the board :D Chocolate, vanilla, spicey with lingon berries... In versions of cement, charcoal, spoon needed, or just crunchy enough :D

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Wanted to do this... comparison... of two beautiful cookbooks I got for Yule

... there is another one, a third book by Mladinska knjiga (at least one that I saw these past few days while browsing as a fan of beautiful books), which I will add once I get my hands on it. The first one is by K.Košir, MyDailyBread, and the second one is by Lidl store chains, titled Tomaž... Side by side comparison.

published 2014 - published 2016

The lovely B&W intro with a nice, personal photo side

The full-page dim B&W photo of the creative process...

The beautiful black base over-one-page size photo and text

The beautiful light setting of a retro serving and cute text in two fonts

The other adorable light shot-from-above servings with a touch of homey

And even more 'old times, eighties' vibe to a cushy home-made food

Minimalistic, bright shots and cute text

Cute geometric setting of bubbly round things on a darker background...

.. and so on.
Seriously, is it just me? There are times when you can hardly tell the photos apart. 

Monday, 26 December 2016

St.Stephen's hunt

Really pretty day today; a very Sunday-like Monday.. If my phone battery didn’t die in the cold, Instagram would have a lot more to say about it. We ascended high enough (Traditional St. Stephen’s hunt) for the tress to be completely covered in frost, the sky perfectly blue and when the sun rose, orange, it melted the lot into this whispering, tickling forest brown.
The best part of the hunt (unfortunately they guys did manage to finally get one boar), was when five trackers cornered another wild hog in a minute patch of young spruces on a very steep slope. They tried sending in the dogs, but we only had young hounds, one of which was already poked by a boar earlier and wasn’t going to chance the second round. Two hunters went into the patch, throwing stones and logs, shouting. I muttered into my walking cane (I always make myself a cane, because the terrain is otherwise only fir for moving on all fours - up or down): “Lesnik (The local God of forests), if you make this one work out alright, I’ll owe you one.”
Lesnik replied: “I’ll take a snog.”
I kissed my walking cane and said: There. Now solve this.
The hunter finally managed to throw a log, hitting the boar directly, and the 400 – pound beast leaped, charged – and vanished.
I fuck you not. There was no breaking of trees and branches, leaves flying, screaming, shooting. There was just half a second of forest noise, hunters shouting – and nothing. How an animal of that size is able to break out of a circle that prepared is uncanny. Supposedly it charged my way, but I saw absolutely nothing. Lyra was sitting next to me, we were at a safe distance, and she didn’t react at all.

Really, I’m telling you. Totally worth the kiss. 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

New books

The General and my parents bought me new books as prezzies and the one G got me was the most beautiful book I've seen in along time - love at first right, which I wouldn't be able to afford on my own. It's called My Daily Bread and it's by a guy named Klemen Košir. He self-published it in 2013, winning the 'most beautiful Slovenian book' award in 2014 and then again the next year with his other self-published book and so on... meanwhile the major national publishing house stole his entire concept and created a magnificent (same, really) book of it's own, which is on my lits, and the food chain Lidl made theirs as well, of the identical format, so that one - this is the one parents gave me - is very beautiful as well. the main theme of all there is taking photos of food preparation from straight up directly down, and arranged with these gritty, old, worn details, old tables, old tools, old pottery and so on... 
Another gift that came into this household yesterday was a small enamel red pot with white dots on it, which i want to serve G's food in, but I'll need a nice wooden spoon for it, as you can't eat from a metal dish with a metal spoon... Instagram site offer by this guy is exactly what i'm after, but locally...

Saturday, 24 December 2016

We learn something new every day :D
I haven’t really reported on our date the other day, how lovely it had been – we went to the capital to see the Museum of modern history and the Ethnological museum, which is taking the top rank of my favourite one, because it is so very beautiful. The director of it was the third person in the past three days to come up to me to shake my hand and ask ‘sup?. The first one was a lady in the bookstore, wishing me the holidays, remarking it’s been a while (they haven’t seen me in a few weeks and they noticed.) We talked about this beautiful book I fell madly in love with upon the first sight, which, guess who is getting for Yule. (Old Man Frost, a Yugoslavian alternative to Christmas.)
                Anyhoo, for all the wonderful thing that I’ve been experiencing, there was a small negative, which is where our story comes in. It’s about my tummy. Since it’s cold as fuck and I’ve been having my period, meaning my immune system is retarded, sometime during our adventures, I began to feel my bladder. Not one of those horrific infections where I go from normal to weeping with pain, pissing blood – just… feeling it, like stuck nut in my groin. So, G brought me some Ursi tea (bearberry, goldenrods, smooth rupturewort, peppermint, bitch) from the pharmacy and it says on the instructions that if you have a sensitive tummy, don’t boil the tea, just leave it in cold water overnight. I think, haha, funny tea, my tummy being sensitive? I’ve been known to at velociraptors and full grown trees without a burp.
                Turns out, after two cups of warm Ursi, the ENTIRETY of my stomach membrane burnt like a biiiitch, the cavern of it tense in heavy, really having reacted to the tea.
                I did not know that.
                That my stomach is sensitive.
                Now I know.

                Bladder better, tho.

Friday, 16 December 2016

#drobTinka raw goodies workshop

I KNOW I've been ages behind, I KNOW. On top of having comp problems, I've also had the General home for a fortnight, which diverted my attention from selfish uptakes, such as promoting my own wonderful existance on blogs and suchlike, to lots and lots and lots of kissing and coffee dates. Meanwhile, Tinka had a workshop in this adorable teeny tiny town of Braslovče, which also has a brand new library. It was awesome!