Sunday, 28 June 2015

Feel bad that the cat killed the spider. It was a really posh looking spider - I've never seen such a beautiful harvestman, with such long legs made of completely see-through, glass-like tubes and so normal looking, not like a monster at all. I like that there are several under the ceilings to eat the flies and mosquitos as soon as some fly into the room, but this one was huge. He had a very elaborate network of webs between the window and my winter hat and I tore some of it when getting the dog's Chuckit!, which was bad enough. But then the cat noticed sometimes flies get tangled and make for a fun prey and I just knew it she was going to notice the spider at some point. I regret I hadn't photographed it in time, but mostly I don't like when things die. There won't be another one like it anytime soon. :/

That must have been a terrible death - massive knives, coming from a large black paw, tearing through the webs like a deity of a bad day. Whiskers, each as long as any of its legs and fangs, from a foul-breathed hot pink mouth, coming down like a giant breaking apart branches of an entire tree. I wonder what that muct be like, for insects, to live in a world of so many people? ... Alright, most probably never come across the senses thunderstorm earthquakes known as humans, and some probably brag they once saw one and lived to tell the tale. I know I make an effort to avoid harming any of them, but of course that's never quite possible. I step on ants in the forest unwillingly, sometimes on snails or little bugs because I don't see them soon enough, and from time to time the dog eats a bee or somesuch. We are massive, massive creatures by comparison. True, they *could* kill us, if they wanted to, being venomous often or employing our only natural enemy - disease - but mostly, I am sorry to being so clumsy and posing a horror to little things. Best I can do is offer some housing to some of them and hope they have a good time here before the cat finds them. It is a useless cat and it usually takes a while.