Saturday, 2 September 2017

Summer vacation days, part 1 :)

Okay, so. In a hurry. Because we couldn't rightly decide whether we want to go to a mountain camp or the seaside, we just tried a little bit of all, more or less successfully :) The first part of the trip was up to the Logar Valley, with an intention of getting over the Kamnik Saddle, sleeping in the lodge and ascending adjacent summits ...

The white mountains of our original plan ...

It was easy enough to reach the first lodge, though G's tempo was problematic for me, but I got a panic attack when I could no longer see him ahead once we began ascending towards the second one. It's what happens sometimes - the world simply get too big for me.

Though indeed very beautiful, as it turns out, I am simply no longer designed for steep ascends up unsafe rocks. Once we climbed up the slope and reached the part where you are supposed to hang off wire, the General declared me unfit to continue and we had to turn around. It's not really a hard place to get to, plenty kids and fit elder people did it every few minutes. But my knees were starting to hurt too badly and I barely managed to descend again. The consensus was we return home and continue the next morning up the other side.

Day 2

So, after coming home at around 6pm, I passed out on the bed. G asked me how long I want him to let me sleep and I said until 6. True to my prediction, I didn't even roll until the dawn next day.
      The next attempt was, if you see the southern bit of the map, to ascent a much more pedestrian and pleasant slope, upping the Large Mount - Velika Planina. 

It was funny, because we've tried to check that one out for a decade and always something came up, and this time we only just barely managed to skid ahead of a valley marathon, before they closed the roads down completely. 

Velika Planina, the Great Mount, is another superior site regarding magical landscapes - it is famous for a place the shepherds of old days used to rally the cattle up and then stayed over the season in these adorable little wooden panel huts ...These days the huts are mostly there for tourists, as are the cows, but the place is still magical and - with a small stretch of imagination - timeless...

Ape, trying to portray a cow

The General, looking like business
Once up the lodge, I saw that they had pie and though the guys ordered beer, I ordered the national dish for G: sour cabbage and sausage. This was a good choice, because it was a well done meal and we were hungry as fuck. In fact we were so thirsty, I had some of the cold beer and went: this is beer??! It's fucking awesome! ... which is what happens when you are thirsty, tired and have muscle ache - beer solves all of those problems for ya. :D

Ape with Budapešt, her charm companion

Ape and the General, kick-ass mountaineers... ( ... well, guess who has to keep running ahead to take their pics, man!)... :P

So pretty it was almost kitschy...

Then we drove home again and Ape and I rode a local bus up the castle to check out the medieval fair event :)