Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Kicked out of a writing group on FB

Took them less than a day to ban me, but I do realise now I did it for being jealous. I think. I suppose, I can't be sure. I just know that there were people there calling themselves writers who posted questions such as: How do I start the first chapter? How do I develop a character - google is not being much help? A ghetto guy trying to write like a cracker, he all but ended his lines with I do declare. Wanna be street, be street, damn it. Anyway. It was really really bad. I trolled for almost an hour without breathing. I hated them, because I knew for a fact those will grow up to become the future ... whatever the fat chick who wrote Fifty shades, or the ex model who wrote Twilight are ... Rich and famous. Heck, they even banned one of my comments on instagram, though I can't be sure which one :D Probably something to do about India or Pakistan. The places where they're still figuring out human rights and indoor plumbing, 28.000 years of civilisation later. 

On a related note, Venom and The Happy Prince are out, both bad. I need good Tom hardy stuff, I'll have to rewatch Dunkirk and Mad Max and the like. The Oscar Wilde flick, well... I know now, when people say Bosie treated him abominably ... I call bullshit. They were adults. Wilde needed to suffer. We needed him to write such terribly cruel books about him. How DID Bosie end up, by the way? I'm sure I once knew. Google might help.