Friday, 4 June 2010

I wrote a story with old Murphy in it - from when he was still alive. I KNOW... I know that's not meant to happen, but for some reason he's been in my brain lately. Anyhoo.. In the story he is coerced into believing I am better off dead - for him - because it's me who makes him want to die, but of course my big mouth (and a couple of my pancakes) brings me out on top one more time. Poor Council elders - I really cannot be rid, can I? :) Well, no complaints from me on that part.
            We have sex. Once. Just to see what it's like. Good, casual sex while it's raining outside. Naturally, by the time everything is over, the whole story, I am getting really sorry for him, but he's been dead for 15 years no matter how greedy I am to save another lost soul in the fish bowl. It's him who gives me the wolf cub that later becomes Starbark and a few hints lead me to believe the dead lord Murphy remembers everything.
             In this scene I am trekking the Irish landscape at night, enjoying my solitary summer night and he imposes his company on me, again, trying to get me to tell him HOW exactly I cause his death. We are pass threats here, though and he is finding my company alluring already. Me, on the other hand, really wish to be left out of the whole power play. Sucks to be a part of a short sexy story that can't end well because the antagonist's been defeated when I was way too young to know better.