Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Random tv update ... .p

These are some of the things I've seen lately and, personally, I quite liked them. Not so much because I'd be some uiber sophisticated intellectual that only ever watches things like, dunno, old French movies, or Mad Men or something, but because more often than not I simply like things to be entertaining. For super good stuff that's not quite so entertaining, I watch Lie to me or Luther or Da Vinci's Inquest, whereas just to get my popcorn money's worth, there's stuff like..

Prince of Persia - which I liked because there was finally NO blood all over the screen, which is a first in a while; because the city was pretty and because Jake makes for a curiously honest action hero. I am glad he said he's tired of watching himself be so serious all the time :D

I gave it a shot: The Tudors. Knowing what I know of history, I'd say they got it pretty right- mostly they're just fucking one another or fucking one another over. What else is court if not sex and politics - and how is that different today?... Chicks have less clothes on today. I have to say I feel weird about the girls of history - they really were just pushed here and there while their fathers, husbands and /or sons were being promoted or beheaded... Not saying some didn't have good fun, but... Funny why anyone would want a life like that? Guess it's a job like any other. 

Worth watching just for the costumes, if nothing else (historical drama leaves little in a sense of spoilers), and I kind of like they took the 'Memoirs of Geisha' step away from being a documentary and the designer took some liberties. Otherwise, what would be the point?

 Always liked this lady, Katherine of Aragon...She doesn't disappoint here either.

Also tried watching some 'women' shows, like Weeds (gave up after one minute - sorry, but the cast is not so easy to watch with those women with drooping faces and knowing there's Breaking Bad out there....), and sort of got drawn to The Starter Wife (initially because of the cast and later because it's kind of witty). Actually saw the whole pilot episode. Am putting it aside for when I'm feeling particularly female. 

And last but not least, I really liked Going Postal. Finally, FINALLY a Pratchett screening worth the bother (after a couple of ghastly attempts beforehand.) Casting is brilliant (Brits FDW!.. Oh, Jeffrey..), acting is cute (good job, Claire Foy), the whole story makes sense, not much is left out of the spike and if only they've learned something, we may get the witches on the telly during my lifetime, too... *fingers crossed*
LOVE the golden suit :D

.....Oh, and True Blood is back. At last, Godsdamn it!