Saturday, 22 September 2012

The queen of beauty in my crazy boudoir

I was actually scared yesterday, if one can believe it. Me, the infamous communist, anarchist, stoic as of late, scared of being in the same room with a crowned head?! Well, I suppose I wouldn't be, if she was aloof. Then my bile canons come up. But I can understand why people would tremble in awe in front of someone in position, though, now. Truth is, I really didn't want to fuck up. You don't just GET the opportunity to photograph the most beautiful woman in the country and fuck it up. Nor do you just smack the make up you just invented two nights before on her perfect face and fuck (it) up. I imagine I was afraid of making a laughing stock in the photographer and all the Alex Box fans community, out of myself. Namely by having this set and dropping off the par like a rotten tomato. It was fairly wild, the set, joyously so :D Everyone was in my home, artists, direction, all the young models and Bishop was zapping from one bag to the next, one lap to the next, drinking makeup water and paint and stealing pizza :)))
              Nives (that means show, by the way) was beyond lovely. Man, when she walked into the room you could see she doesn't quite walk on earth. She was in fact this tiny, dark eyes brunette in a cute dark dress and a jeans jacket and still, when she smiled, I would start shaking. Beauty, you know? I am the one who can prove to you, anyone, any face can be a model - but to shoot a face that's been shot three hundred times before and make it look better, NEW other than everyone to come and past - now that's a challenge. And if she had not complied, I suppose the chance would pass. But she liked the sketches and she was, like, the nicest person ever. Remove earrings, no problem. Get your face cowered in dark paint? For certain. Get on the floor, while people hold paper napkins all over you and get sprayed with watercolours? Fun, right! Add Bishop, who used her as a playing buddy during and the light.... When she starts shooting, she starts touching her face as if she loved herself, all the while focusing so deeply at the camera, it made my hair stand on end. You could tell she was a model before she became the beauty representative. Yeesh. I am in awe indeed from the experience. Also, I think the pickies came out  fairly cool :D

Posing here for the Audition's weekly challenge of selling the cool wooden-framed glasses and Drej's earrings. Girls were presented with the hard task of upping this :)