Sunday, 23 September 2012

The conditions of my eyes is so bad, I am actually thinking about going on a diet. Considering how bad I am with dieting discipline, I will go see the doctor (pun intended) to order me into giving my eyes a break. Ears I can be without, but losing eyesight is starting to annoy me. One day without looking at any kind of a screen?? In this day and age? But I plan to do so. Perhaps even two days - from, say, Wednesday noon, whole of Thursday and until Friday noon. But of course that's not gonna be possible. Maybe Friday nine:)))

The General watched Prometheus with me. Not the director's cut, just the normal version. He was oddly quiet during the whole three hours. I think he might have liked it. There were certainly several of the cast to like and the visuals give even me the hard-on...

I've invented two new words. "Fridayshoot" and "greatnessdaughter". Greatness daughter because 'granddaughter' means the kid's kid, whereas as far as Theo is concerned, one would be his descendant, only quite up a bit. Hence greatness, other than greatgreatgrand. 

Grape harvest tomorrow. Maybe Sundays ought to be my visual diet day, but we have the five o'clock panel sessions on Sundays. Buggeration. How would that even work?!