Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gorgi landed :D

Hard to believe, but the Gorgonaut tomes have finally landed, safely in my lobby. (The dog is now barking at the zigurat, unsure of what to think of SpulpF :)) Dad did the heavy lifting, so to speak, driving me there and back again and helping me unload. Later the carrying actually happened on my part, fifteen friggin boxes, and the house renovators helped with some. The books are such as they are, too narrowly cut, too densely glued and occasionally flawed, missing a page or two. It only took them two months, and of course the ones they fucked up, they included into the package, so I now have approximately 180 nice books and a couple of unique ones. I've also made my first sell and warned people that, come January, I'll bother just about everyone I know to buy them. Which I'll need to, because I haven't paid my phone in months and the breaks on the car fell off. 
     Three days to fair. Am very happy with myself today, as opposed to yesterday. Oh, and G passed his first exam. Sweet thing.