Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ye Gods, I haven't updated the blog for almost a week. I read back the last post and I always feel like such a long time has passed since I wrote that… right?
I still haven’t been able to move onto my big trek – mainly due to weather, but also somewhat because regardless of how I try to hide under my desk, jobs find me. It’s nice to have jobs, obviously, since they pay for nice things, but I’m a little bit busy at the moment. I took one last gig over the weekend, shooting a concert in the capitol. It was a 12-hour workday with three extra hours of a train ride, which took me another two days to recover from. I’m too old for that kind of parties :D Though I did manage to sneak out for a long lunch-break to visit my once-was professor, who’s movies into a lovely new flat and who I haven’t seen in about three years.
I bought the big hammock with (some of) the money from the shoot, so now my pack is complete. I haven’t tested it yet. Friggin’ rain, seriously, like fates really don’t want me to get going or something. Of course I have a lot of ugly thoughts and fears and whatnot, but I am too young to be afraid of the road and if I die or get maimed because I was stubbornly insisting on wanting to go on a hike after 9 years of cushiness, well… I’ve always said it will be the irony that kills me.
Oddly enough, I have agreed on taking the tiny gas stove thingie – having hitherto considered it waaaay too advanced for the kind of hikes I like to take. But, since I’ve learned to pack and since DM drugstore produces all of my necessary cosmetics (toothpaste and sunscreen) in these really adorable tiny packages, I have an unusually lot of room to spare in ma already small backpack. I can fit a crate of apples on top of it. Am taking Don Quixote to read, but very little gadgets, except for Markie.  I haven’t been able to buy the dog’s saddle bags, so am making them out of one of my old bags.
The one thing I do not have yet, is any real sense of why I want to do this, other than to enjoy it, explore, get fitter and experience some parts of this pretty pretty country that have eluded me hitherto. I’m lacking a deeper, longer agenda. Sure, the Geocaches and the National Geographic article, but … I’ve been feeling like all my stories are in the next room for so long. Interviews, too. I wrote a few such good ones – one of them hit 2000 readers within a day and that’s actually really cool for an otherwise a blog without any titties or puppies or scandalous bullshit. I have a few cool ones coming up as well. Soon. They’re right in the next room.