Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Birdies expo

Drej (along with her hubbies and mum) took me to an exhibition opening in Krško, a town otherwise known for our only nuclear power plant. In truth the Old Town is this very lovely one street parallel to a rather larger river than I am used to, and it's one of those old towns getting adorably renovated in retro style. The house we were in was remodeled after the home of a famous owner, and across the street in the similar fashion the local museum was welcoming to the public with a late even jazz concert. I also poked around the place, looking for a geocache, and there was a young opera singer whom I wish sang more than just the one song. And someone made really yummy mini bagels. 

here re all the birdies and some other stuff and I should make some architectural shots as well, as I took several, trying to see if I can use the 50mm to shoot wider.