Monday, 16 November 2015

Good news, dad is home, bad news I am so exhausted I'm experiencing a mental jet-lag. In my brain I had to hurry getting dad home from the hospital, so that I wouldn't be late for visiting him at the hospital. it's a very funny feeling. I also keep wanting to curl up in a ball in a corner and sleep for a very long time. 

In truth, dad eloped - he overheard the rounds doctors mentioning his condition has improved so much he may be going home today, which in his mind translated: I am so fucking fast out of here the door won't stop spinning for a week. I had to run there to help him get dressed and he kept telling mee we should hurry, because one of the young nurses is having an exam today and we shouldn't be in the way. We were nearly out the door by the time it occurred to me we didn't sign any release forms. Dad said fuck those, let's just go before they change their minds. We later drove mum to town to get the paperwork. I am so tired that when three people are talking to me at the same time, I get dizzy and wobbly. It fells like three irons (for ironing clothes) were being simultaneously pushed to my head from all sides. 

Today is the last psychology lecture and I really want to go, although the last time I went for detective studies, I was so brain dead and queasy from my stomach iced boiling, it was but a waste. If I don't go, I'll just pass out and sleep through the day, which certainly will be a waste. It's so funny