Tuesday, 17 November 2015

With all the shit that's been happening around the world, in Paris and stuff, I had this really weird reaction yesterday. Mind, I was very tired and stresses as it was, but I was eating at McDonald's late at night (that's not the weird thing; wait for it.) and I thought I saw a woman wearing a long black coat and a black hijab walk in. It made me desperately want to get out of the train station... very quickly. Granted, there weren't really very many people there, strategically it wouldn't have been a good time, but it was in the only train station in the state capitol and I panicked for a few seconds. In truth the woman wasn't wearing a hijab at all, it was just cold and she had a black scarf wrapped around her head for comfort... But in my worn out, fatigued mind, it got awfully paranoid for a moment and I am not normally the paranoid type. It's how terrorizing works, isn't it?