Sunday, 11 September 2016

As nice days go...

Yesterday was a nice day. All of it, for no specific reason. Just a long string of perfectly insignificant, lovely scenes. The General, although it took so much energy out of him he is still asleep right now and it's 10am, made lovely progress on the kitchen, which is a great thing to observe, because he is never faced with a problem he couldn't solve, regardless of how minute or overlooked it was at some point.. I read him a poem, which he thought was a good poem. Then he allowed me to take the dog uphill to my parents*, where I had a nice lunch of sour turnip noodles and beans and pork rinds as spice. This is food as old as time and I eat it rarely, but really like it. They then went to a store and mum bought me a blackboard sticker for my kitchen. I sat for a while on the side of the old family pool, which is now a pond for water lilies, goldfish and dragonflies. General came by to bring the dismantled old furniture for dad's firewood and we had a fight during which I negotiated (demanded, emotionally blackmailed) another three feet of a kitchen counter. When parents returned, we watched a little bit of Dante's Peak on TV, which I always find very funny, watching TV, where pretty much anything feels good enough, because it's just there.. Then I made pancakes and ate two large ones with white chocolate and raspberry ice-cream while two out of three dogs made drool puddles not too far away from me. I watched a YouTube philosophical video on why is it so hard to think in the present – especially when we are happy – we always either reminisce about the past or fantasize about the future.. While parents watched the cycling race, I felt like sitting outside, looking over the hot autumn hills and valleys, drinking coffee, pretending to be smoking a cigarette (avoiding the smoke like a noob), thinking up another poem. Later I just went down through the forest and back to the city, had a long shower, played Warcraft by mining and gathering herbs and watched some of the ’Smoke’ movie. 
…Dunno, have I ever posted this one before? It goes with the scene in Goose where dying Morpheus and Kay talk about the burden of making decisions.

I will give you five baskets.
Hefty, vast, wicker things
One is how much you’ll be laughing.
The other is an ewer of your tears
One is sleep, is thoughtless abandon
One is everything you’ll ever do wrong
One is everything you will ever do right.
Hearts are a fickle thing
They bleed, they break, they stop.
And my five baskets are heavy.

*She was not allowed to go because she had fleas for a long time and it took a lot of engineering to get rid of them in the apartment – which has extremely old, very large and uneven wooden floor panels.