Friday, 18 November 2016

Sorry I've been ignoring you, lately, dear blog. Been trying to learn how to embroidee beads, but in truth, all I do is work on Goose..

72 pages of final editing in...
How I love sexually harassing my own literary characters. :D

PS I also sneezed so hard I cracked one of my own teeth. Pro level sneezing that is.

PPS And when I'm not writing about them, I am drawing them :) Passions, y'know? :D

The paper pagan + buttons

The witch + a random dragon

The General + 20.000 Quills 2 (spaceship)

The demon

The lover + bow

The paladin + principles

The paramour

The philosopher

The maiden mother + a random Oneir

The banner + random Zurnizip token

The story warden + a red string

The king and his broken teeth...


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