Saturday, 24 December 2016

We learn something new every day :D
I haven’t really reported on our date the other day, how lovely it had been – we went to the capital to see the Museum of modern history and the Ethnological museum, which is taking the top rank of my favourite one, because it is so very beautiful. The director of it was the third person in the past three days to come up to me to shake my hand and ask ‘sup?. The first one was a lady in the bookstore, wishing me the holidays, remarking it’s been a while (they haven’t seen me in a few weeks and they noticed.) We talked about this beautiful book I fell madly in love with upon the first sight, which, guess who is getting for Yule. (Old Man Frost, a Yugoslavian alternative to Christmas.)
                Anyhoo, for all the wonderful thing that I’ve been experiencing, there was a small negative, which is where our story comes in. It’s about my tummy. Since it’s cold as fuck and I’ve been having my period, meaning my immune system is retarded, sometime during our adventures, I began to feel my bladder. Not one of those horrific infections where I go from normal to weeping with pain, pissing blood – just… feeling it, like stuck nut in my groin. So, G brought me some Ursi tea (bearberry, goldenrods, smooth rupturewort, peppermint, bitch) from the pharmacy and it says on the instructions that if you have a sensitive tummy, don’t boil the tea, just leave it in cold water overnight. I think, haha, funny tea, my tummy being sensitive? I’ve been known to at velociraptors and full grown trees without a burp.
                Turns out, after two cups of warm Ursi, the ENTIRETY of my stomach membrane burnt like a biiiitch, the cavern of it tense in heavy, really having reacted to the tea.
                I did not know that.
                That my stomach is sensitive.
                Now I know.

                Bladder better, tho.