Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Wanted to do this... comparison... of two beautiful cookbooks I got for Yule

... there is another one, a third book by Mladinska knjiga (at least one that I saw these past few days while browsing as a fan of beautiful books), which I will add once I get my hands on it. The first one is by K.Košir, MyDailyBread, and the second one is by Lidl store chains, titled Tomaž... Side by side comparison.

published 2014 - published 2016

The lovely B&W intro with a nice, personal photo side

The full-page dim B&W photo of the creative process...

The beautiful black base over-one-page size photo and text

The beautiful light setting of a retro serving and cute text in two fonts

The other adorable light shot-from-above servings with a touch of homey

And even more 'old times, eighties' vibe to a cushy home-made food

Minimalistic, bright shots and cute text

Cute geometric setting of bubbly round things on a darker background...

.. and so on.
Seriously, is it just me? There are times when you can hardly tell the photos apart.