Friday, 11 August 2017


Crappy day :/
Somebody actually aimed to kill our dogs. They made meatballs and rolled them in snail poison, which is a sure-kill nerve toxin. One of the dogs didn't eat it, but the other one did and mum recognised the slug pellets and reacted instantly, so as of now, nine in the evening, the dog is still alive, fighting. Whether she'll live through the night I don't know, but she's a stubborn and a large old bitch and she just might be stubborn and bitchy enough to get over this... She's blind and panting genuinely awfully, but she's not drooling or shivering as hard as before, so... 

Dad and I are standing under the canopy in front of the house while a summer storm manics around us, licking the trees and shrubbery nigh out of the ground. If i thought the storms in the city are dramatic, man, they can get fairly mind blowing out in nature ... The dog is too weak to do much but lie in the middle of the porch, where it's cold, she's afraid of indoors at the moment and refuses to let us pull her from the rain. I can tell she wants to cool herself down by any means possible. The other dog, though afraid of thunder, won't leave her side, so she just kind of hides between the wall and dad's and mine feet.

It's going to be okay. 

Though the thought is insane. What in the checkered fuck is wrong with people...?