Sunday, 20 August 2017

The rain is back; with it my beautiful yearly birthday coffee date with the crazy bitches whose company amidst the humans of this world I enjoy most, and badass ice-cream... Three hours of perfect safety and normality, talking things normal people talk, feeling things normal people feel.

It was such a cute day. I cracked into G's comp to scan his search history, to find if he truly did cancel the book order he mentioned. He was amused by the fact of all the things one might find in search histories, THAT was my quest. Well, I care about books. Don't care about his taste in music (pedestrian), porn (lacking) or cars (close to mine.)  :D 

I'm editing Goose heavily, my oh my, and I found a 1855 book about the history of the Roman empire, that I might just graphically base the fucking thing on, because it looks awesome, down to the unreadable private scribble... I'll show you; gimme a sec..