Friday, 12 January 2018

I'm five sheets out of seventeen or eighteen in, sketching the picturebook. So far, I think, it's lovely, but you never know what the client will say. Goose is on pause until these based mock-ups are done, then I need about a month to let them simmer and set. As the deposit hasn't been paid just yet, I haven't been allowed to order any gear on-line. But I'm making lists, oh, lists :D And planning SUCH photoshoots, oh! :D

For the budget G is allowing me to keep (he knows me too well), I've assembled a basic studio set, consisting of two tall tripods and the pole betwen them for background (I want them tall and wide, because it's all fine and cute when it's just one sitter, but if you have a band, and you want anyone to actually move or jump, 3meters is not as much as you thought ... And a black background to begin with. I'll add more later. 
      As for the lights... Here are my two problems. I have absolutely no idea about the lights. None. I know I want: a) continuous illumination, because I am not a fan of flash-lights or strobes ... and b) I want soft-boxes, not LEDs. I know LEDs may be better, or even exactly what I want, but I need three decent lights to begin with, not one perfect one. I'll buy a LED at some point, sure. But ... It would help if I had any idea what I'm buying. Which I don't. I spent all my career using two shabby dumpy construction reflectors someone had to hold up and move closer or further out. 

Oh, and I need a bag. Or something, anything, to carry all this shit around in. You really can't be taken seriously if you show up on a set with four construction lights in shopping bags and a background you borrowed off your mother's curtains. I mean, you can. I just wanna see what it's like if you don't. :D