Thursday, 11 January 2018

I've been having these adorable gentle sex dreams about Daisy Ridley, at least since I saw her play a corpse in some instantly forgettable procedural series – her tiny boobies and that face just do it for me these days, it seems :) I've also tried watching The Shape of Water: making of Abe Sapien, which for all intents and purposes should be right up my alley: it’s got everything I would ever want from the genre – it’s witty, sexy, original and the lady fucks a creature from the blue lagoon. What’s not to love? She even lives above a theatre…. Kinda makes me question, if a room that shabby got filled with so much water, wouldn’t the ceiling of a hall as large as a film theatre collapse under the weight?
Right. But anyway, they fuck and then she dies.
I am starting to notice, after mother!, I demand more than served-on-a-dessert-plate product from people known to be magical. This shit is good. But it’s Hollywood good. I want del Toro good. I don’t want movies the people who awarded Shakespeare in Love award – I want movies that Jodorowsky and Aronofski would award.