Saturday, 31 December 2011

End of a year of Good Beginnings...

Things that 'started of' this year:
- my photography career
- summat my (professional) writing career
- some other personal serious shit
- my marriage

Today is the last day that I get to work on Nasty Little Light and tomorrow I begin the comissioned book's main text body. It took me a little while to gather all the material, and mementum by finishing 'Heart (working title), so ... here we go. The year of excellent foundation.

On a non-related subject... :)) One of the articles on the Wiki front today is a story of the only regent empress of Vietnam, a lady who was very much not liked in history, as supposedly she only lasted a year before another dynasty took over altogether... For this reason, she was not worshipped as an ancestor and had no place in the temple, only a small shrine near-by. I have to admit, though supposedly mentally unstable, her predecessor obviously did have some wit about him, because if he had not named her but instead someone he actually liked, it would have been HIM that would be remembered as the failing kind and HE would be shunned from the temple. This way he pulled a very vicious, very selfish prank on a girl who probably had no idea what was happening, as at the time of all this turmoil, she was only six years old.