Friday, 16 December 2011

On socks and boobs

It took me about 45 seconds to get addicted to these....


(The grippy knobbies, I mean, not the toe things.) Feeling them ALL the time, walking, flexing my soles - and when you take them off and put on regular socks, you feel like your foot is in a bucket of water. Am seriously considering getting more shoes and socks. I suppose one pair of trekking shoes and one pair of flip flops is a disgrace for a woman. Though if my life depended on it, I am certain I could dig out some army issued ladies heels, boots and of course two old pairs of training bullers.

I have skipped right over this guy, Pejić.

Lovely he may be, but he is also dumb as fuck and I am so over halfwit models. That drawer is stuck as it is with Gackt. (Aware that that man exists brings whole new light to my own species.) Regardless of my turn on for manga (where even the worst of male villains may look like little girls sometimes). I'm thinking Kuja.

I am nigh finished with the latest book, but it's too large to be printed for easy money. Granted, I am a fan of a hard cover, but hitherto I just can't afford it. Luckily I couldn't afford it even if it was half the price, so I merrily sail on, already flirting with the sequel. I stole these planets from Wiki to doodle around with a cover, but I didn't do it because I didn't have a better one, I did it because at the same time the book speaks about distant planets and my great boobs :P