Monday, 19 December 2011

I am starting to drink beer more than usual. By that I mean I ordered my first beer today. I never even particularly liked it until along came drinkers (and I could say she's a real bad influence, because all we ever do is drink and talk about sex, but then I remember it's me who orders the drinks and always talks about sex and she just listens like friends do, hopefully not thinking about running away screaming :P) and ordered my first grapefruit Radler. Granted, it was during a sex fair and we were very thirsty, but it was still an excellent drink. I wonder how my family will react seeing me drink alcohol on X-mas. 

On a related subject - I have been going way too often to religious events lately as well. It's starting to brew something in me, some odd need to belong to a ritual or faith. As puzzling as it may be how any intelligent person would ever believe any of the nonsense most religions sell, I can imagine why one would overlook the retarded rules (I'm thinking mostly Muslims here and an occasional Buddhist) in order to feel blessed by the wisdom and the revelations of gods and sages. I am happy believing in nature and circle of life and that most things have personality if not soul, which clashes heavily with having to endure General's need for slaughter, but I do miss the ritual. For this reason I may make Gennonsuke, the male lead and love-interest in The Nasty Little Light a shinigami AND Jewish. He's half Swedish as it is. Might as well learn a thing or two from his layer cake personality...