Monday, 1 October 2012

TV updates :)

Okay. Interestingly enough. The newest Dexter wasn't so terribly bad. Him, sighing relief at the end of the first episode, actually felt really cool. Like surrender into the one thing he believes to be actual goodness. Okay. Looking forward to the second part.

I haven’t done this in so long, have I? I’m not going to be doing it not, either, as I have a coffee date with meh da, but I will, I promise, eventually. Today several old shows re-started their new seasons. Excellent, considering there’s been a painstaking dry spell for ages these past few months…

I’ve been looking forward to the new seasons like a junkie, looking for the next fix through a shopping window. has been super nice, putting up all those polls and cast interviews and the like, making time run faster… And also promising lots of whole new things, which is always thrilling – because as long as the show doesn’t actually start, one can expect amazing entertainment.

As I understand, neither Luther nor Sherlock are going to come back any time soon, because both Elba and Cumberbatch are now so famous, they have schedules from here to here and haven’t the time to do TV. No complaints there. I think Idris Elba is worthy of a fine red vine dinner and seven hour sex and then a long and profound debate about roman poetry and middle Asian warfare. 

Instead, we got Elementary (actually not half bad, even though Lucy Liu could stretch further from her ‘I am so pretty I don’t really have to do anything’) and its odd seeing Miller old and so thin… And there are other shows I may see another episode of, such as Last resort (even if just for the men, helloo?!), Vegas (until Nashville or Longmire start again), though I won’t watch even a single episode of Boardwalk Empire (never got it), Downton Abbey (dunno why, never got that either), Fringe (somehow, even with all that magnificent cast, it no longer does it for me. And I’m the type to bed September.) or  Revolution… It pissed me off before, saying by lack of electricity we go back not a hundred years but four million, and I fucking hate shows that star a bunch of bland teenagers that make Hunger Games look like Oldboy. I’ll skip Revenge for the same reason.

The shows that I AM looking forward to, are Once Upon a Time, because I really really wish happily every after on Rumpelstiltskin and Belle (Never gonna happen, I knowsta, I knowsta); Mentalist (that poor man suffering is just angsty and witty enough to go well with my coffee); The Good Wife (always excellent), Criminal Minds (also), Glee, SNL, ANTM and we’ll see about Arrow. And I am in absolute awe of Homeland, so we’ll see what that takes off as… As for old shows I used to love, but no longer download (I mean watch. Did I say download? I meant catch on meh telly) – Castle, Gray’s Anatomy, Heart of Dixie, Suburgatory nor Grimm… But Grimm because I wanna pile them up. Others cause they’re yawny.

Is it just me or does this look like Spartacus in Tights?

We’ll go through the movies some other time, okaysies? I’m not much for musicals, not eighties punk or Tom Cruise (hammer me if I ever change my mind), but there’s a scene in Rock of Ages worth seeing with him in it. Pretty cool scene, actually. Funny as hell and wonderfully cynical – just how I like it.