Thursday, 5 February 2015

In preparation of the auto-interview tomorrow, I'm posting a couple of selfies. I did the winter one a little more than month ago, still at the fair, imagining myself trekking endless snow plains of Vos county or wherever. Sometimes alone, sometimes on snow shoes or makeshift skis, sometimes with the kite, often keeping warm with the Orc.

The second one is more springy. paper wears a corset-like vest and a womanly shirt, pushing up her breasts and has very little luggage - just one bag and a large mapping scroll on her back, which i saw the Arakkoa wear in Warcraft. This is all due to the magnificent pencil i bought the other day, which is poetry to draw with. Paper is too young to be a sage and too undisciplined to be a skald. The third part of Goose has a lot to do with her candidating for a story warden and failing to meet the requirements because she is, well, too nasty.